Laws against buggery and prostitution in St. Lucia will not change: Flood-Beaubrun

Laws against buggery and prostitution in St. Lucia will not change: Flood-Beaubrun
Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun.* File photo
Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun.* File photo

External Affairs Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun has reiterated her position on the changing of buggery and prostitution laws in Saint Lucia.

Speaking at a Caribbean Center for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM) meeting last week, the minister said that government will stick to its decision to refrain from decriminalising buggery and prostitution despite mounting pressure from international countries and organisations.

During her delivery at the meeting, she quoted an excerpt from a speech presented by ex-United Nations Special Envoy on HIV/AIDS, Dr. Edward Green, who had called for a regional approach to decriminalising buggery and prostitution in the Caribbean.

She said that after hearing Dr. Green’s speech she contacted fellow board members of CARIFAM and said that St. Lucia will remain resolute in its stance and, “even if it’s a long struggle in some countries, this is one country that we will continue struggling…”

“The CARICOM countries are coming under increasing international pressure to do that… He is saying ‘politicians remain wary of losing votes’. Now I have left politics, but once a politician, always a politician. So I was thinking, politicians remain wary of losing votes?”

The minister also questioned Dr. Green’s “bizarre statistic” that 20 percent of the population of Caribbean countries is gay, and called upon him to explain that disclosure, as have been asked of him in the past.

Flood-Beaubrun is the founder of CARIFAM, a non-profit charitable entity, which looks to protect the family, human rights and dignity.

Since first opposing a change in buggery laws, the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender( LGBT) community has criticised her on social media.


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  1. MUST watch Video .......This is what happens to a country which follows this wickedness


  2. Judging from the replies and the up votes in the comments.... It can be safely stated that the majority is on the side of keeping the laws as they are. So Ms Sarah is indeed acting on behalf of the people... And doing a great job at it.... Keep it up!!

    This isn't an issue of hatred, laws inevitably determine how a society functions and is structured. We see this homosexual fruit ripening in other countries. Tolerance for LGBT quickly amounts to intolerance for every one else who has a different opinion.

    Like many have said before... This is a matter of what goes on in your bedroom, there is no effective method of charging anyone for "buggery" (unless it's unwanted of course). So carry on with your lifestyle in secret.... St. Lucians really don't want to know about it in the day time. And no stating your opinion on that lifestyle does not make you a closet homosexual or a hate monger, it just makes you a person with a contrary view.


    • You need to take some time out and learn your laws. We have no privacy laws in this country. If the police suspects that you are in your home engaging in the act of bugger they can enter without a warant buy just on suspicion and arrest and charge you. All thr LGBTI community is asking is protection and not having their rights infringed upon by the rest of society. Same way we want to be safe the same way they want to be safe and they are not safe especially if our laws don't protect them


  3. It is not the State’s business to police the sexual conduct of consenting adults neither is it your business or mine! To still have antiquated laws and hold fast to them criminalizes the LGBT community and that is not equality. This is making me think that government ministers are using sexual issues as a distraction because they are clueless at handling more pressing social and economic issues which are blighting the country. Instead they appeal to a base primitive mentality of the masses who relish when someone else’s neck is in the noose.

    Antiquated laws that criminalise and insight hatred are not worth defending or keeping. If people invest in their personal growth and allow other to do likewise the Caribbean would be a harmonious place where differences are tolerated.


    • Is it the state’s business to “police the sexual conduct of consenting adults” if the adults are father and daughter, mother and son, etc? The advocates for such unions find legitimacy from the “rights” granted to lgbt persons. If “Love Is Equal “ then any sexual act two or more consenting adults do in lust or love should not be prohibited by law. So incest should be legalized and so should group marriage (polyamory), because it is a violation of people’s rights to keep it illegal. Do you really believe that? If not then as far as the incest and polyamory advocates are concerned you are “criminalizing and inciting hatred”.

      Are you aware of what legalizing buggery leads to? Like the 50+ genders, being fired or sued for not agreeing to bake or cook for, or photograph a gay event, being suspended and compelled to undergo counseling because you referred to a girl as “she” but she is “devastated” because she believes she is is a he. You do follow international news, right?


  4. Stay strong Sarah, you are on the right side of the Kingdom and it is a strong Kingdom.
    Don't bend for this lost world; just few are chosen, hang in there: great blessings to you.


  5. We can have a referendum and settle the score. I say if 50 % say "yes" then lets have it but i doubt you will get that number.


  6. Rrsearch has shown that those who show hate towards the LGBTI community are usually the hidden homosexuals who experience inner turmoil because they haven't accepted themselves and they are in a constant state of self hate and this manifests itself as hatred towards others


    • Please cite this amazing, fallacious research. Research does show that 75% of gays were sexually molested as children. That includes Don Lemon and Guy Anderson. If you have the courage and truly care ask 10 gays yourself.


    • Research shows that people who feel a certain way project it unto others ..I guess it also show research can be selectively used and true facts conveniently ignored.








  10. all of yall that are against sarah and want this law changed are nothing but a set of nasty de ban too bans.

    there are much more important things to discuss than these immoral activities.

    there are children their fathers not even taking care of them and the family court allowing you to pay about two hundred dollars for the child which is no money at all yall not making noise to change that law but is that nasty lgbt thing yall want to put in.


  11. Well said Sarah! Stand up for whats right. And to our lgbt brothers and sisters I say Repent... time is coming to a close.... you now have a chance to turn your lives around, you have not gone too far ...everyone sins but this is an abomination. #prayers. Oh, and everyone keeps shut about the prostitution? Not me... close down these evil strip clubs with your sex workers nonsense. Lets stop encouraging men to lust after women and commit adultery and fornication...smh... let these men turn to God! #nostrippers #nolgbt. Good job Sarah. Blessings


  12. I support you Sarah. Stay true to your principles. I may disagree on some areas of your position but I admire resolve to prevent our country from being influenced by foreign cultures and morals.

    20% Gay? I wonder where they are getting their statistics. Maybe they are getting it from the US or the LGBT activists. We can still protect the rights of the LGBT community (as human beings) without endorsing every single policy passed in Eurocentric nations.


  13. “Dr. Green’s “bizarre statistic” that 20 percent of the population of Caribbean countries is gay,” in my view is an underestimation. It is more like 25 percent. At least 5 percent are still closeted and are the most vocal against gays and LGBT!


  14. Stand for what is right. May God be your guide. We can't bow to the devices of Satan. We wondering what's happening in our nation? All this is part and parcel of it. Human rights or God's Holy Spiritual rights? Choose this day who you should serve


  15. Leave the law as it is don’t go and change it for no lgbt. Don’t try and bring that nonsense home, America go and legalize it and look at their state now, their country in a mess, when You’rll finish You’rll want to try and bring that lgbt thing here. St Lucians zot pah lass, You’rll eh tired of sinning, if You’rll bring that home watch and see how things going to fall, god watching and he sees everything. IF YOURLL WANT TO GO AND BULL, BULL SOMEWHERE ELSE OR BULL IN SECRET. YOURLL HAVE BEEN BULLING IN SECRET FOR SO LONG YOU THINK IS NOW THAT WILL CHANGE SMHH!!!


  16. Very brave decision; one which could truly define this Government as a "clean". The richer and bigger and more liberal and more permissive governments must realize that everywhere in the world is not like them and that some nations do have a limit as to how far they should go. They must understand that some governments on this planet do not want to be held responsible for upholding debauchery and wicked sexual practices and inclinations that ate just too mortifying to even speak of.


  17. Where do people get that thing that we are a Christian society? Out of 170K people how many take any religion serious? A small percentage I know. Sarah a a servant of the people and should not impose her religious beliefs on the nation.


  18. all a yall need to shut up. sum of yall men doin other men undercover n yall eh even kno. sum of them in hotels at lunch time with young boys etc. let ppl live ther lives n watch urs!


  19. poor souls of St Lucia their comments so sickening it's sad in 2017 people are so ignorant with lack of EDUCATION.. even though buggary law changes the state of mind of these people are still drained by imperialism laws forced by Catholic church the biggest hypocrisy ever..sad St Lucia will always remain in stay sad state of affairs#HYPOCRISY AND CORRUPTION


  20. Sarah go seat your irrelevant butt down. Instead of worrying about lbgt focus on all the unsolved crime tht is plagueing the land. Foolishness! What 2 consenting adults do behind closed doors is their gotdam biz.


  21. Proud of you, Mrs Beaubrun! The clear evidence over the years shows that repealing laws against buggery is only the first phase of the plot to legalize “gay marriage”. With “gay marriage” comes no more male and female but 50+ genders, lawsuits for not baking for, photographing, or hosting lgbtqraoprzikumn events. If “Love Is Equal” thus giving gays the right to marry then siblings in love or five people in love or parent and child in love would have the equal right to marry. Twisted.

    With “gay marriage” comes teachers being suspended or fired for calling a boy “he” because he believes he is a girl or is pangender or skoliosexual or no gender at all, or for simply saying “I believe homosexuality is wrong”.

    The Caribbean is proud of St Lucia’s stand.


  22. This is the right stance; dont be fooled caribbean people, their own people in their own countries are not pleased by their gay and LGBT agenda . so dont be fooled when they come down here to say crap. ask them why their countries are resisting. the downfall of Rome. 20% of caribbean people are gay! wow! that must be in this guy's wet dreams and he should be called out for such. his fantasies about caribbean men should not get in the way of his work. these countries now have HIV rates growing big time now, anal cancers on the rise, but they trying to hide all this to suit their agendas. i dont have a problem with a gay person but i have a problem with forcing gay or any other agenda down my throat.


  23. Sarah....please remember tha you and you alone do not make up St. Lucia. You.are a servant of the people. If the citizens want the laws changed, they will change


  24. Poor Sarah, that's a tough one to handle; I bet you, not too many of Ministers
    be it of a SLP or UWP Government will want to tackle this one.
    To some it's like a Witch hunt; to most it's like, who to burn first, the crowd is
    waiting outside to watch, most in red dresses red shirts, some in yellow or gold.
    They're all in one voice calling ' yo tout se Bulla avec zammie' woy, woy, woy.
    Now isn't that St.Lucia where we are happy? let's have one on this, wot yu having?
    Good luck my dear Minister, what ever happens we are with you. keep smiling.


  25. To be honest they can remove that buggery law because what two adults do in their bedroom is nobody business as long as they dont hurt anyone. Yes, we are a christian society but religion and government should not interwine. Look at the Middle East to see some of the results of that


  26. Dr Green does not care about the LGBTQI community- he cared about his pocket.

    We are still a majority Christian region. The LGBTQI community needs to stop trying to force down our throats what they want.

    Stop trying to force us to change our beliefs and morals- they want us to respect them but they do not respect us.

    EVERYONE has human rights and human dignity.


  27. The law is the law , besides this gay and lesbian nastiness is un natural. High time st.lucia Stand up for what is right ,and don't bow down to international pressure. How can a man look at another man and bull him ? How can a woman look at another woman and use a fo Lolo on her ? Smh


  28. yes we will face the struggle for what is right #no buggery #not bullin/grubbing all of yall lgbt can suck salt we not bowing down to yall nastiness


    • In matters of the heart, we can’t be bleating like sheep, conservative biblical views in public, and are true in the privacy of our bedroom as gay, lesbian and bisexual. To be oneself is truly liberating whatever that self is along as it does not infringe of the rights of others


      • yes but we dont have to amend no laws for yall saloptay. it is wrong and it is wrong and there is nothing that can make it right. if this law has to be amended then laws for thieves, rapists and murderers have to be amended to


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