Male tourist, female expose their private parts at street party

Male tourist, female expose their private parts at street party
WARNING: Partially graphic photo.

A sexually explicit video has gone viral on Saint Lucia where a white male tourist and a black female, were seen exposing their private parts.

The video which was uploaded on social media website, Facebook, has been shared and viewed hundreds of times within minutes of being posted.

The unidentified duo were at the Gros Islet street party, when the incident occurred.

The video shows the man pulling out his penis, and the female pulling down her pants and underwear, exposing her buttocks. The man then proceeded to place his penis on the woman’s naked buttocks and rubbed his genital against it.

This all happened in the midst of a large crowd at Friday night’s event.

Some people have expressed disgust at the incident, stating that it should be investigated by the police.

Some people have suggested that the two be charged with indecent exposure.

Section 503 of Saint Lucia’s Criminal Code says that a person can be fined of $1,000 for indecently exposing his/her genital organs in a public place or within view of the public.


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  1. Hence the reason AIDS and all types of sexual transmitted diseases floating around the island get it together people.


  2. We are a nation with problems like any other,the couple should be cautioned as a step to avoid more cases of that nature.Remember too much liquor consumption makes anyone a fool.This incident like others, does not define my St.Lucia.
    If you're perfect in your own world,Then let St.Lucia be judged


  3. Sick St lucia no law food rum drugs anger hate material things jealousy killings now sex on the streets you go st Lucian's sick minded people


  4. They should both be fined to serve as an example. That way, others would know what to expect. Whether they were drunk on high, it's not an excuse. Imagine this, "Officer I hit the pedestrian but it wasn't my fault, I was drunk."


  5. respect that has left the society . ministers exposing privates // sex in public ,, students assaulting police ..anything goes /mind set ..our iq pah meley


  6. so when ladys rubbing with their ass on the man penis to the music and make him hot. who to blame now, the music, the ladys, the men?


  7. I hardly believe that our pick problem is two idiots bumping genitals. If you wanna talk about nastiness in public, lets talk about the nasty smell of pee that has flooded the city! Every corner you pass reeks of stale piss! For goodness sake if you pass near First Caribbean Bank the smell is unbearable!

    Start charging these nasty people for peeing on the streets, and use that pee money to install public restrooms! damn man basic things that can drastically improve the quality of life.


  8. i do agree this is disgusting and the two of them should be charged for such a act but i must say yall are too HYPOCRITE cause the amount of malpopte that those happen especially at carnival and those disgusting songs being played on radio and parties degrading women now as people expose their private parts yall have a problem with that. yall have a culture of exposing yall self so the tourist themselves will see it as nothing and do it to maybe much worst in this circumstance.


  9. The police and ministry of tourism have a lot of explaining to do. If charges are not laid they have both facilitated the promotion of st. lucia as a low level tourist destination. Lewdness at a public tourist attraction. Will that be our new sell? St. Lucia simply lewd.

    Will not get that in any serious country where a foreigner can come in and assist in degrading the image of the country. Question is how serious are we?


  10. So therefor all the men and women in St.Lucia that urine anywhere should be fined under the indesently exposing his/her genetical organs in a public place or within public view a $1,000 fine from the section 503 St.Lucia's criminal code. So those money can go towards fixing our roads, health or person's in need perhaps. So please help me understand how you want this to be investigated by the police or be charged by indesently exposure? Castries will smell much better than!


  11. Let me clear the air out on this. I've heard people saying the DJ and MC are the ones encouraging this behaviour. I would like to let everyone know (and clearly if you were there or seen the video with audio), you would have heard the MC said to STOP. STOP the music , STOP what she was doing. But instead , she refused and continued doing as she pleased. A lot of people are bashing the DJ and MC without realizing they did not forward the actions of the lady. Please people .... before we speak , we need to know the truth. Stop bashing those who tried to stop the actions. Instead , go ahead and blame the young lady and guy for their actions even after they wère told they were DISQUALIFIED from the dancing contest.


    • First, stop the double standard, it's ok for people to behave like this if not worse at carnival? 2nd we as a Caribbean nation have lost our souls to the devil, some of us have no class and will do anything for attention, stop the slackness, but then again you want to condone the rastaman who listens to music and smokes a little herb. I never ever in my life seen a ras behaving like this any where, drunk or not. Lastly, Courtney you don't have to be making foolish comments on every article you view, if you have so much to say (which you do) help the country not hinder it with your lame comments.


    • He did not display it in public, but in private to her. Much like any other person would display their nakedness to their partner whether jabal or not. But interesting question that you raised. Maybe this could be another charge laid against the young woman if it can be proven that she published or caused to be published the pornographic material. And would that also cause a separate but related charge of distribution of pornography to be laid against her as well? "Whosoever diggeth a pit, shall fall in it, shall bury in it."


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