UPDATE: Morne D’or homicide

UPDATE: Morne D’or homicide
Glasgow was a former barman at Sandals resorts.
Glasgow was a former barman at Sandals resorts.

Police are investigating the shooting death of a 57-year-old resident of Morne D’or, Anse La Raye.

Reports are that Hippolyte Glasgow, a former barman for Sandals resorts, was sitting at the side of the road about 09:40 a.m. Monday, when two unmasked men opened fire on him.

The police said in a statement that Glasgow sustained a wound to the chest area, reportedly by the two males who were fleeing from Elcock’s supermarket after an alleged robbery.

Elcock’s supermarket

Just minutes before he was shot and killed, the Morne D’or resident had left the supermarket after purchasing flour.

Residents in the area believe Glasgow was targeted because he may have been able to identify the criminals.

The police said this is the twenty-ninth homicide for 2016.


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  1. I feel sorry for us St.Lucians all we do is play the blame game and before we know it five years come and go......politicians get FAT and we are back to square one, while we there fighting red and yellow....MARKACS!!!! It is time we begin to think critically for ourselves and remember that elections are OVER!! No politician gives a damn about any of you !!!!IDIOTS!!!!!


  2. I think it's so ignorant of us to blame either politicians, or police for crimes.... none of them can prevent crimes, if that was the case and we all we psychic, you all would find yourselves in the places where your men and women secretly go to catch them too. So why don't you guys SU about which party could can or can't prevent crimes, you ignorants from both parties need to SU.


  3. One thing for certain the Police cannot be everywhere. As a country we have to come together what ever color it may be to fight this evil force stamping its authority on our nation.. The engine stops running we all sinking together. This has nothing to do with politics and which government is in office. We as a people have to protect this land. It does not belong to the politicians. We put them their to serve us and to make life better for us.they are our servants for 5 years.they will be gone if they fail to work. But for crime, it's everyone's business.


  4. WTH politics have nothing to do with violence grow up pel !!! It good happened to anyone...no one has no control on people's thoughts.R.I.P MY DEAREST FRIEND...NEVER WOULD IMAGINE THAT'S THE WAY U WOULD GO.


  5. Sad to know a productive citizen was killed by those parasites. It's tough for victims families to deal with such situations. Someone snuffed out just going about everyday business. I don't expect a decrease in crime, because a strategy for putting gun criminals away for a long time is nonexistent. When rate apprehension is low, you go to the other end of the scale. It's obvious to all that the criminals are not afraid. Gasson, you eh have deterrence.


    • [email protected]
      Lucian in new York that's exactly what we need. Operation Restore Confidence. thats the only way we can decrease crime.you give them training to develop a skill they don't sign up(NSDC). you give them job opportunities they don't apply. some say they need their fathers but most of those I know grew up with their fathers. they say its poverty but most of those guys have the most expensive everything...so what exactly is the problem?....the problem is, they are criminals and the RSLPF is afraid to face another IMPACS. so screw the us, lets face another impacs and protect our country. if we are to be honest with ourselves,we will admit that the only way to curtail the level of crime in St Lucia is to kill the cause of the problem and the cause is the criminals.


  6. Glasgow was such an honest individual who cares a lot about his local community and beyond and his untimely death has left a vacuum. He was such a good friend who was only trying to protect his people. Rip Hippolyte.


  7. We are in a cess pool of crime ,, I don't want to hear about SLP ,, all I want to hear is how the government intend to get a grip of the terrifying situation.


  8. Why politicize crime? I believe a lot of this type of crime is committed by ex-convicts
    let loose in a community with nothing to offer, no work, and driven by lack of welfare
    and maybe no one to help. But, why kill? it wont make things better for you, except
    back to jail and this time, for life. So many Souls are ruined due to lack of knowledge.


  9. Dem likkle fagets need to stop robbing poor people...thats ultimate judgement robbing a struggling citizen of his bread...i have no mercy for that...they should castrate dese guys


  10. What's going on may I ask? Where is the LOVE towards our brothers and sisters? The Monsters hearts is as cold as ice with no empathy towards humans,can you all sleep tonight? Can you all go on you all daily business as though nothing happen knowing you all kill someone ,I do not know the gentleman but my heart bleed for his family such senseless loss. You two pathetic dirty low life I hope the police hunt you all down like wild animals, they must leave no stones unturn they have to apprehend you two and make you all pay ASAP. I know you two are reading the comments and watching the news about you all despicable crime may you both rot in hell. Stop preying on innocent people get a life you filthy cowards lazy ass bums day ban voler I TWAVAY. sa tee.


  11. Bring back ORC, all our experience and fearless police were removed on the front line. inexperience and fearful cops have no clue what to do. The criminals are not afraid of no one. also bring back the death penalty.


  12. Wow, this is a another sad story. But what we in our society must understand, the crime we now face in our homeland has increased due to greed, anger, jealously, revenge and pride. Some of the young men in our society consider crime before trying to get a job. They believe the rewards will be greater in addition, they have no fear for the consequences because there aren't any. We need to stop feeding them our fears. That is why they have all the power. No police or government can rectify the problem, it has gone too far. We the people are the ones that have to bind ourselves together as a community and show no fear.


  13. Agreed, the great white hope promised us change, so, change the situation, now that it's time to do some actual work they quiet, if the other party was in power they'd be talking loud, I need to hear what going on, I have kids, my wife, where can we hide? they have more rights than us, smh, you have to live in fear, smh.......


  14. I agree Pel. I am not political but call on all responsible parties to deal with crime in St Lucia. Criticism is always good once it motivates them to take a proactive approach to crime.


  15. One thing when SLP was in power...all crime was their fault! Now it has risen significantly in the last half of the year and everyone quiet!!! Deux Ban Viciez and Hypocrit! Chastenet please enlighten us on your Crime Strategy because it is getting out of hand. Elderly victims being raped and murdered! Where is Hermangild Francis, Where is Mary Francis. Yall take moo moo tablets!




    • @ Pel.....It's best to be thought a fool,then open your mouth and remove all doubts. Stop the barrel scraping comments thanks.


    • So what you re saying that a change in government should slow down already existing crime? Glasgow was my friend and I can tell you that the police were so unsettled and neglected over the Labour party rein that they cannot be as effective at their jobs.


    • This is not the time to play the blame game, crime among young people has continued to soared globally being it's a small island like St Lucia or the continent of America. Globalisation has benefited a few where as the majority has been left behind and this is having a very negative impact on the population. I personally cannot see an end to the problem created as a result this monster. There are so many interconnected factors at play here that it will take another generation to untangled this mess. My advice to you in the meantime is to be at peace with your self and respect your neighbor


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