Man seriously injured in Laborie accident

Man seriously injured in Laborie accident

ambulanceAt least one person sustained serious injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident at Sapphire, Laborie yesterday afternoon, May 9, 2017, according to police and eyewitness reports.

The injured person, identified as Dave Charles, a resident of Riviere Doree, Choiseul, was transported to St. Jude’s Hospital via ambulance after the car (PD8578) overturned on the Laborie-Vieux Fort Highway, around 2:30 p.m., police said.

Police identified Charles as the driver. However a relative said it was not Charles who was driving.

According to reports, two other passengers were in the vehicle but the police were not able to provide any information about their condition.

However, an eyewitness said the other passengers escaped with minor injuries.

“There were three passengers on board. Two escaped injuries while the other (the driver) sustained blows to his head and was extricated out of the vehicle,” the eyewitness said.

A relative said Charles, who is his 30s, complained of pain in his neck, head and chest.


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  1. He wasn't the driver. The main driver don't have drivers license hence the reason he said he's the driver..officers do you'll investigations..


  2. You'll cannot stop speeding, its Drinking,Gazing,Texting you'll on you'll'll just speeding away in the wind,there must be Turbulence.wind and speed dont mix unless you on a race track Speedway,and you'll not.Stop killing people slow the hell down and keep you'll peepers on the roads.


  3. Drivers are just driving to to hard to fast we have slot of corners so there for more caution must be taken, to much over taking ,uselessly,


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