Man shot in Mon Repos

Man shot in Mon Repos

shooting-6A man was hospitalised following a shooting in Grass Street, Mon Repos last evening, police said.

The victim,  48-year-old Herbert Ferdinand, a resident of Grass Street, Mon Repos, was shot once with the bullet going through his finger and lodging into his thigh, police said.

He was transported to St. Jude Hospital in stable condition, police said.

The shooting occurred around 9:50 p.m.

No one has been arrested and the motive for the shooting is not yet clear.


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  1. Hey, at the rate they're going, soon than later there will be no one left in St Lucia to kill!!
    Sad to say, but I'm glad that most of my families are out of St Lucia and we will stay out until the government do better... "Bring back the NOOSE".


  2. Stop giving vency weed for gun ...that same gun now y'all using to kill ur brother they using ur weed to mediate mmm..


  3. Stop giving vency weed for gun ...that same gun now y'all using to kill ur brother an they using ur weed to mediate mmm..


  4. Cuz the stupids give away weed for gun ..they give weed to vency and the vency guys give them gun...




  6. Stats my ass, you can't compare at.lucia with their or Canada. I hate it when we do that.. there are wayyyyy more criminal activities in Canada n the us than there can ever be in st.lucia. it is scary tht this is happening back in st.lucia but tell me how exactly you suggest the police get a hold of all those with guns and eradicate crime? I hate it when others feed stupidity to people who don't know better. St.lucians are a bunch of individuals who hate to reach and question what information they are given.


  7. Morne repo community has the police police maybe am wrong but so I've heard and yet still the micoud police officers haven't found these guys ,they are known to the public and police in that area yet still nothing is being done what if they attack Simone else and this individual stand up for their self now they will come and arrest you and rough u up hmmmmm I must say micoud police station is like sesame street a bunch of jackass asshole jokers jus sitting on their rare end.................papishow


  8. The word investigate and investigators go hand in hand and St.Lucia in lack of either one, I say to this government is it the time for our good citizens to take over this basic necessity. ST.lucia need real investigators to get those illegal guns off our streets and eliminate the source. Am i asking too much. OH, AND GET RID OF THE CORRUPT COPS WE KNOW, AND THE GOVERNMENT KNOW THEY ARE WITHIN THEIR MIDST AND CAN IDENTIFY THEM,


  9. i guess they need to build a larger ER room...all they do is killing and hurting each other. i guess no one believes in god anymore! lots of hate and no love.


  10. I guess they need build a larger ER room.... all they do is killing and hurting each other. i guess no one believes in god anymore, no love but lots of hate.


  11. Mr. Editor, let me augment further, please Sir/Ma'am, violence & ambush & hurt is easy & cheap. What makes you a man (or makes her a woman) is the restraint, the self-control, when you (may) have the full right and opportunity.....and you walk away from that, you take that to the chin, your hand and soul aloof of any tarnish in or contribution to this wickedness...


  12. Per population, St. Lucia has too many of these gunny-gunny-shooty-shooty-killy-killy incidents. There are cities in Canada, in North America, of over 200,000 in population, with less than 8 killings or shootings this current year, commencing January 2017; (& North America is "The Mother of Guns). The socks of St Lucia, in this respect, has to be pulled up. This is a demonstration of pure pure ignorance at the heart & fabric of society. Embarrassment!!


    • I am aware of the stats in other countries and have to agree with you. This is heart wrenching. We are having way too many of those shooting incidents.

      Wake up my people.


      • The cops in St Lucia most of them are dirty cops, they don't go after the bad guys because the bad guys are the ones helping them make extra money. That's the problem


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