Marbeq Edgar shatters St. Lucia’s 800m record

Marbeq Edgar shatters St. Lucia’s 800m record
Marbeq Edgar
Marbeq Edgar
Marbeq Edgar

St. Lucia’s top middle-distance runner Marbeq Edgar has broken the men’s national 800 metres record which stood for 18 years.

Representing Texas-based Wiley College, at the Tom Tellez Invitational yesterday, Edgar won the two-lap event in one minute, 47.83 seconds, erasing the 1:48.9 national record set by Miguel Lambert in 1999.

In the process, Edgar also shattered the meet record.

At the same US meet, the Choiseul native was a member of his school’s victorious 4x400m relay team, which produced a meet record of 3:09.35.


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  1. Great job my St.Lucian brother reach for the stars, yes you can. When Jesus say Yes Nibidy cant say no . Job well done . May God guide and keep you always.?????? all the way.


  2. Do not get in over your head stay cool and calm and destroy them all. good luck stay healthy you will need .it.


  3. Wow! that is amazing. Congratulations to you and your family. Keep up the AMAZING work.


  4. Piaye Secondary School salutes Marbeq on his achievements. We are proud of you and you continue to make us proud. BIG UP


    • Why would any one not agree with the good coments about this young man.It has to be jealous losers.....Heyyyyyyyyy you all jealous losers stop d hate and try to reach for yuall own star. PROUD OF YOU !!!!!


  5. Keep reaching for the stars Marbeq! Never doubted if given the opportunity that you would accomplish great things. You continue to make us so proud, may God continue to bless you.


    • I do not see what was said in the above comment for someone to touch the 'dislike' button. Some people are just full of hate, dislike, and jelousy.
      Congratulations young man!


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