Men: What is destroying them in our country?

Men: What is destroying them in our country?

unnamed-2PRESS RELEASE – Since 2016 we have heard about many men that have committed suicide, others were killed and many have lost their job and because of that we have seen men with low self esteem and families being destroyed.

You are not Superman, but even he has a weak point: kryptonite.

However much of a superman you might be, there is a part of you that is weak

If you men pay attention on the list below and identify your weakness you will not be overcome by it. No one in this world is invulnerable.  What is your weakness?

Here is a list of 10 common weaknesses (there are many more):

Emotions: sadness, anger, feeling depressed, feeling you are being given little attention, low self-esteem, hatred, grudges, being touchy, timidity, embarrassment.

Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and other addictive substances: your escape valve from reality.  Video games and other similar games can also be included because of their tendency to remove us from reality.

 Women: some men find it hard to have only one.

 Money: you do everything and more for it, even if it is illegal or compromises your principles.

Pride: a weak point for us all. There are so many ways to wound it… being ignored, when others fail to recognize our worth, being corrected, when our mistakes are pointed out, the embarrassment that comes from asking for forgiveness, a comment about our appearance, being outdone by someone better than us… The list is long. We can even be proud of our humility.

Sex: pornography, masturbation, having multiple partners, being obsessed with sex.

Our childhood: not always easy to detect, an unstable, incomplete, abusive childhood, or one marked by the absence of parents that serve as good role models, can all open the door for various problems as an adult.

 Being prone to doubt: a person that doesn’t know what he wants, whose opinions vary, who is indecisive, being overly dependent on the opinions of others.

 Fear: to make a mistake, to lose what you have, of the future, to be alone, to lose control, of what people think, to appear ridiculous… Fear, like pride, affects all of us to varying degrees. It is the absence of faith.

You have at least one weak point.  This doesn’t make you less than anyone else, only human.  What you cannot do is ignore it.

Identify what it is, recognize it as a weakness and develop intelligent strategies to overcome it.

You don’t have to be weak because you have a weak point. Just be smarter than it.

We will be having a meeting only for men in Castries at High Street opposite Courts from 5PM to 6PM (Only Men can enter!!!)

If you know any man (young or elderly) that is struggling in their love life, health, family life, spiritual life and finances motivate them to join us, it is totally FREE.


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  1. 'We can even be proud of our humility' ......that says allot and its does not only apply to men! Its a cultural thing.


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