Mixing marijuana with tobacco is dangerous and creating “respiratory cripples” — says Victoria Hospital doctors

Mixing marijuana with tobacco is dangerous and creating “respiratory cripples” — says Victoria Hospital doctors

(PRESS RELEASE) – Doctors at Victoria Hospital (VH) are calling on the public, particularly young men and women, to desist from a dangerous practice which is literally killing them but not before making them “respiratory cripples”.

Medical Director at Victoria Hospital, Dr. Lisa Charles, said over the past 10 years she has seen an epidemic emerging with an increasing number of young patients suffering with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD.

She said patients who smoke marijuana mixed with tobacco are developing COPD at an extremely young age.

“We are talking about young men and women in their 30’s with end-stage lung disease. And by end-stage lung disease I mean they are no longer able to carry out any normal activity, such as cooking, walking from the bed to the bathroom because of severe shortness of breath,” Dr. Charles stated.

COPD is an extremely debilitating, progressive disease which directly affects the lungs. The effects of COPD cannot be reversed. Patients with the disease are literally confined to a bed with oxygen tubes up their nostrils 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Because any degree of exertion, any degree of activity causes shortness of breath to the point where you have to stop, you have to sit, you cannot do any of those normal functions that you can do for yourself, you can no longer do them,” Dr. Charles added.

The medical director indicated that available bed space at VH is severely compromised as a result of this increasing epidemic of COPD in patients. “So upwards of 12 patients per day require some degree of treatment for their breathing difficulty.

“In terms of patients who are end-stage, which is my primary concern, we probably have what we call a revolving-door patient population of close to 15 to 20. These are patients who literally come to Accident and Emergency (A&E) either daily or weekly because their disease is so far progressed that they need that level and that frequency of attention in the emergency department and on the wards. We do also have patients who have lived at VH for the last several months because they can’t take care of themselves at home and they have no option but to stay with us because they need continuous oxygen and full care.”

Sherman Esnard is one of the patients who currently suffers with COPD. When we spoke to Esnard he had been in a wheel chair in the A&E Department for five days, completely dependent on an oxygen tank.

Esnard, who earned a living as a carpenter, recalls being an avid football player, things he could do no more.

“Who wouldn’t miss that? To be a young active feller and you cannot do any of these things again,” Esnard said.

The young COPD patient admitted that breathing was very difficult without a constant supply of oxygen. He spends most of his time between his home and Victoria Hospital, and can’t last a minute being disconnected from an oxygen tank.

When asked what he thinks contributed to his COPD, he lamented: “I know smoking has to do with it, smoking has a big part to do with it…I see people smoke more than me but they don’t have that problem.  Maybe our bodies are just different, but smoking has a part to play.”

COPD is not just physically debilitating but financially as well for the patient and also the family.

“Financially I don’t think anybody wants to be like me at this point. Financially I’m ripping a hole in my people’s pocket right now. I cannot afford to buy an oxygen tank. The tank you see behind me I cannot afford that, it’s too expensive…I can go through three of these tanks and $200 for one so do the math. Three of that for a week, for a month, for a year,” he added.


Dr. Charles revealed that cost of treating COPD is tremendous with most of this cost being absorbed by Victoria Hospital, the government and the taxpayers.

“If you just look at oxygen alone without looking at the nursing cost, the cost of physicians, the cost of other medications, the cost of nebulization, the cost of treating heart failure and the cost of inpatient hospital stays, I wouldn’t even know where to start to measure but it’s very significant.”

A visibly emotional Esnard made a strong appeal to young persons to stop smoking and kick the habit.

“Well I know the feeling of smoking, you feeling nice for a while. But it’s only for a while. If you reach that stage where you have COPD, it’s all over. If you’re not strong mentally I think you will be gone even faster too…So imagine you cannot do anything for yourself as a strong young feller, just down in a flash. Smoking is not worth that.

“If you’re smoking today, just take a look at me and just try to drop it, everything, just try and drop it. It’s not worth losing your life, your family or anything so. Just put down the cigarette and make a change,” Esnard said, adding that what he misses the most is not being able to take care of his daughter the way he wanted to as a father.

The Victoria Hospital is optimistic that through public education and sensitization the COPD epidemic will be stemmed, more lives will be saved and less pressure  brought to bear on the health institution.

The Pan American Health Organization indicates that COPD is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the Americas, representing an important public health challenge that is both preventable and treatable.

COPD caused over 235,000 deaths in 2010, ranking as the sixth leading cause of death in the Americas. About 23% of these deaths occurred prematurely, in people aged 30-69 years.


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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJmQ16cGBHU Tashkin proved this to be BS years ago, I am a 26 year daily user and at 67 have had a multitude of lung function tests especially in the past couple of years due to heart problems, my lungs are better than those of most 35 year olds.

    Prohibitionists need to get an education on Cannabis because none know what they are talking about although I could also say that for most who support its freedom.


  2. So in all of that, why do they have to show the man's picture. Lucian "zombie" don't have rights, they're not citizens?


    • Ate you a first class idiot!? What being a citizen has to do with this!? He chose to have picture shown he is thinking maybe if people see the state he's in the message will get home. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, respect to him acknowledging his mistakes many like him would blame someone else for their own inflicted demise..


  3. I am 54 years old and I was told I had COPD 7 years ago. I immediately quit smoking, but as the years pass by my condition got significantly worse, and I started having serious attacks. I used to be able to exercise, but it became so hard because I`m constantly out of breath. My pulmonologist started me on oral steroids to help control symptoms and minimize further damage but my symptoms never stopped getting worse. In January this year, my pulmonologist and I decided to go with natural treatment and was introduced to NewLife Herbal Clinic natural organic COPD Herbal formula, i had a total decline of symptoms with this COPD Herbal formula treatment. The infections, shortness of breath, fatigue, dry cough and other symptoms has subsided. Visit NewLife Herbal Clinic official website ww w. newlifeherbalclinic. com or email [email protected] newlifeherbalclinic. com.

    I have had great improvement with my over all respiration with this product and i breath very much easier, i can never be thankful enough to nature


    • This is 100% fake and a total scam, please do now fall for this visit a real doctor and none of this homeopathic "new herbal" crap they only care about tapping your wallet for as much as possible and you will see zero positive benefits.


      • I mean, herbalism is nothing “new” our ancestors used herbs to treat many ailments. What’s new is white people making money off of it...

        As of seeing zero benefits and tapping your wallet to zero, western medicine is just as guilty. A healthy balance of the two realms is really what we need in society.


    • What did you smoke?was it weed mixed with tobacco or just cigarettes? My wife died of lung cancer disease and she never used tobacco,strange I might add ..now there are folks living in the Himalayas and other parts of the world who smoke tobacco and live through their eighties and nineties without any respiratory problems...just saying.


  4. Despite what comments believe, the entire point is clearly to try to blame this on weed. These effects are already known to be caused by excessive tobacco use, so there is no new information presented. Just another person trying to say 'Look weed caused this!" When the real culprit is all the other shit they are doing, in this case inhaling tobacco for way too long the way you inhale weed, no shit the effects will be worse.


    • Weed actually is not the culprit here. It's the mixing of both Marijuana and tobacco that's doing harm. Mixing the two, say in a blunt produces more tar to stay in the lungs than a cigarette. Weed causes the vessels to expand,(sometimes even burst--red eyes lol) and tobacco causes them to shrink and when you mix the two...you can imagine the stress on the body.


      • Weed does not cause blood vessels to expand. It causes them to contract, greatly increasing blood pressure, similar to tobacco or cocaine.


    • lol pretty sure they said tobacco mixed with weed multiple times. didnt see anything about them saying weed is the main and only culprit either. nor did I see any thing about them saying weeds bad by itself or dont smoke THAT.. maybe weed is bad for you personally, cuz u seem braindead. and if u dont smoke some kind of drugs thats even more sad.


      • You might want to read my post and the original post again instead of making an ass of yourself. These effects are already known to be caused by tobacco so there would be no point in this article at all except to try to group it with weed and say how bad weed is. Just because it doesn't come out and say it, there is no other point of it except for that.


        • In the post they're talking about how mixing the two is harmful. Yes, tobacco itself can cause these symptoms to happen, but mixing tobacco with marijuana can be more harmful than just tobacco itself.


        • My dad died from copd long before his time. He never smoked cigarettes or pot, and lived an above average healthy lifestyle. It is what it is.


      • Yeah, but no one has given ne any data. There is an anecdotal statement given by a patient who said his CIGARETTE smoking caused COPD. I have no evidence to point ne towards believing that marijuana is any more dangerous mixed with tobacco than a normal cigarette other than the title. There's no study, no statistics, not even their anecdotal evidence mentioned anything about this new method of mixing the two.
        It seems like an article that is trying to demonize weed without sufficient data.


        • The article has basically no data. Refer to this study. https://www.mona.uwi.edu/fms/wimj/system/files/article_pdfs/charles_et_al-clinical_outcomes_in_tobacco_and_marijuana_smokers_with_copd_0.pdf


  5. Cant we all play nice?! All you holier than thou nay Sayers are hurting my brain. I don't smoke anything but after listening to all these rants I think I could go for a joint right now just to escape all this crap.


  6. First of all smoking is bad! We all know that. However, I would like to see qualifying data that supports the direct mixing of tobacco and weed is truly causing THIS "epidemic", as the Dr. states. COPD can be the result of MANY different causes, with smoking being the lead cause. Environmental, inhalants, second hand smoke, medical reasons, ect. I just think that her statement is presumptuous..This is just her professional opinion but not based on any statistics


    • There will never be such a study one, it's already known that excessive tobacco use causes this, it's really funny they try to throw weed in there. Of course inhaling tobacco the way you inhale weed would multiply the effects of tobacco, but that has zero to do with weed itself.


      • Your argument just fell apart then.. What other reason would one have for smoking tobacco in the same manor as weed without mixing it with weed ? (I know there are abstract reasons but mostly people maintain weed/tob mixtures.)
        So just because weed itself isnt harmful its doesn't change the fact its the delivery method for this.


      • Nothing fell apart. Choosing to mix them means you will be inhaling tobacco more than you should be. That's a flaw of tobacco that it's so harmful you can't hold hits for long it has nothing to do with weed.


        • My nigga the guy himself clearly says smoking contributed, and the only way I got to this post itself was searching up poppers not weed. The main involvement of weed came from you, not even the post. Their main aim was to warn of the effects that COPD comes with, nothing specific about WEED. Shit the guy himself didn't even mention weed he just said smoking. So take that nonsense about hating on weed, that's almost irrelevant to the entire post.


    • your the one whos going to be like this article pops like really unfiltered tobacco, but whatever its not me


      • Un filtered? Your an idiot. Water is used in medical filtration for air systems, using it in a bong certainly filters more crap out of the tobacco smoke than a fibreglass filter.


        • Are you actually retarded , poppers are groose but I still do em every day and since I have I been spitting out back tar , I use to do green bowls but I wanted more of a head rush and poppers are the worst way and dirtiest to smoke weed


        • Duncan, you are the idiot. Bongs hardly filter a thing out of what you smoke. It's more for cooling the smoke down. You suck the smoke right through the water in air bubbles - it doesn't get pulled directly through water. It is air pockets surrounded by water. Not much filtration going on. Also, the power and speed at which you inhale a popper is much greater than you would when smoking a cigarette, meaning the smoke gets deeper into your lungs and irritates them more.


          • Bongs don't filter everything, but you have no clue what you're saying. Like everyone else agreeing with this article who does zero research for themselves and just says things.


  7. I've smoked marijuana for 13 years and while smoking I use to cough up almost like black tar. Eventually I got into mixing it with tobacco. The black tar stopped coming up so easily and now it is a more lighter brown yellowish color . So it's almost like the smoke from the marijuana doesnt stay stuck on your lungs but the shit from tobacco does


    • Absolutely correct. Marijuana smoked can be lifted of the surface of your lung with cilia naturally produced in the body while tobacco resin hardens and sticks to lungs


    • Poppers are bad, I'm glad I quit when I did.
      It don't filter anything your smoking it bareback in a bong and it ant good If you do poppers I'd advise you stop.
      When you smoke weed by itself you will cough up black tar. (Resain) witch is good. When you smoke tabaco it's bad it sticks to your lungs and by then your f...d. I would advise smoking then separate and not together. It will kill you. Fast. _i had to get sick before I realized


  8. Canada is legalising marijuana under the fake alias called "medicinal marijuana". You people will regret the long term consequences. Watch your children die slowly.

    You people want cigarettes, prostitutes and marijuana. You people vote for it, therefore you are asking for it. Prepare to die from your own choices, your damn drugs, tobacco and sexually transmitted diseases will chew the hell out of you from the inside and choke you out into your graves.

    Low IQ sheeps!


    • tobacco is at fault here, marijuana alone cause s no disease, which was clear before and after reading that article, try reading the whole thing


        • Have fun on your death bed in your early 30's. This is not a life. This is not 'living'. That's young and stupid and you're never going to realize what you've done until it's far too late.
          (Fun tip, if you ever decide to grow up, you could start with learning proper grammar.)


          • You are wrong I'm in my 40's and have smoked tobacco in joints for 20 years now I just smoke pure that's without tobacco. I am perfectly healthy so are all my friends who done exactly the same as me.


    • Any and all smoke is damaging to your lungs, which is what people miss, sitting around campfires too much can be harmful. So smoking marijuana is bad because smoke is bad, but literally ever other form of consumption is perfectly fine and healthy. You literally can not eat too much, you can not vapourize too much, and smoking once a week is plenty time for your lungs to heal. The danger lays in smoking it all the time, and that is it. The amount of misinformation on the subject is staggering, to the point where people use their own personal prefernce on the subject, case in point, yourself, you clearly have issues with it that have nothing to do with health. I say good day to you sir!


    • You sound like a presumptive, ignorant theorist with no facts or data to back up your claims. You should worry more about your flawed perception of the world, rather than assume and criticize the opinions and perspectives of others.


    • You're an idiot. It's happening all over the world because marijuana is medicine. Tobacco and protstitution rarely enter the conversation unless a desperate idiot like you starts in with the random lumping in of weed with everything nefarious in the world


      • why would that make sense? canada is just following americas lead in regard to legalization like it always does with everything. lol


    • There are more America weed smokers then anyother nationality on earth, plus States are started to legalized it one by one. And our children are not dying, std are down and we're still leaders of the world.


      • Another american who doesn't know jack shit about anything outside his own backyard. Other countries legalized first, and Canada had plenty of places where you could smoke freely and be left alone while the rest of the states people were being hauled off to jail for a joint in the ashtray, it was basically decriminalized in Van, this legalization bill is actually going to be worse. If you are going to punish people for selling pot who don't work in a pot store, then it isn't really legal is it. It's just another way for the government to control the drug trade and make money off it. The cops would let us keep our pot. We pioneered safe injection sites, that means doing HEROIN legally, long before any US state made pot legal. You guys always think you pioneer everything, go travel once in awhile.


    • Calling everyone else sheep yet you still belive in goverment propaganda from the 30s and 40 about cannabis. I do think some one here is a sheep but it tends to be the one blindly following what they were told before accepting it for fact and nothing can change that... if you still belive their is nothing good about it and you trust the goverments medicine like chemo ( a mustard gas derivative ment to kill all cells) then keep "bahhhing" on little sheep continue to belive your goverment is doing what's best for you


    • Actually medical marijuana is already legal in Canada, it's recreational marijuana is that's being legalized. If ignorance is bliss you must have reached nirvana years ago.


    • "Prepare to die from your own choices"

      That's precisely what a lot of people want; y'know, freedom to think / act on their own when said thoughts/actions don't affect anyone else's livelihood.

      Why do you even care so much - that you have the need to act like an asshole? Anyone who smokes is clearly uneducated & suicidal & they should just go die & have fun doin' it, good riddance. Seriously? Wow; you're a prick.

      I don't think you realize what you've done with your life, & it's probably far to late to change your opinion or perspective on the matter.

      an income sufficient to live on or the means of earning it.
      "she was struggling to make a living as a dancer"
      synonyms: livelihood, (source of) income, means of support, subsistence, keep, maintenance, sustenance, nourishment, daily bread;

      the pursuit of a lifestyle of the specified type.
      "the benefits of country living"
      synonyms: way of life, lifestyle, way of living, life;

      "living creatures"
      synonyms: alive, live, having life, animate, sentient; "

      Hmmmmmmm, "pursuit of a lifestyle of the specified type." So; if I decided, I care more to enjoy life than to worry about what others say is "bad" for me (not to say it isn't bad; just that's not a problem Im concerned with, I don't care, it doesn't affect my decision) that would in fact be "living"

      You want to bring up education & how oh so much more smart you are? Why are you even reading this article? Since when is this a reputable news source? They don't even have citations, in fact they straight up say "article was posted in its entirety as received" - no indication how or where it was received; & then look at the last sentence. It just ends mid

      You want to talk about being educated; how about you do some critical thinking, maybe some proper research & shift perspectives. Think of some reasons why people would enjoy smoking regardless that it's "bad" for them. Maybe you'd realize that your opinions on the matter are unfounded & unreasonable. Maybe you should lighten up on something that's a simple personal choice & doesn't affect you - especially when it makes you come across as some pretentious, fascist, cockbag who has an unreasonable hatred for average joe's - & was probably a social outcast due to extreme views on simple things.

      Or maybe you'll just continue being ignorant; who knows, oh well. Hope you learned something today; if not, then I guess that's your problem.


    • You know you don't only smoke weed. It's just the fastest delivery system. When ingested there are virtually no long lasting side effects and it actually helps so many people all over the world including children and elders.


    • You are the one with the low IQ. Marijuana and tobacco as a mix is only worse because you inhale the tobacco deeper than you would on it's own. This pulls the fine tobacco smoke deeper into your lungs, and damages them more than smoking cigs on their own. Marijuana itself has no link to COPD.



      • The only way people can try to convince us Marijuana is bad is by mixing another substance it with. They used to try to blame car accidents on weed because the driver had been smoking, but they ignore the fact the driver always had alchohol and more in their system which was the actual cause. You will never find a case where Marijuana alone causes serious harm. Smoking is still harmful to the lungs, but the COPD is obviously caused by prolonged tobacco inhalation that happens when you mix them. It's already been proven tobacco produces far greater carcinogens in the lungs than weed does.


        • lol smoking weed and driving does increase your chance of an accident. if you think otherwise you've never been stoned or youre just dumb as shit


  9. Ive smoked weed mixed with cigarettes heavily for the past 10 years intertwined with periods of smoking only cigarettes. I obviously knew I was doing damage but I assumed I'd have more time to smoke before being at any serious risk of developing anything like this. i just turned 25 and I have lung disease. It's really pretty shocking how quickly you can go from being fit to having your life ruined and essentially over from lung disease. I was more cardiovascularly fit than almost all my friends, my mom was a sprinter, clearly that doesn't mean anything and I'm saying this so other people won't hold onto the same false beliefs I did. If you have eczema, skin that gets red and irritated, usually on your face, ears, scalp, elbows, etc you are at heightened risk for lung problems and you shouldn't smoke. I have no fucking idea why no one told me this before it was too late. My recommendation would be that if anyone is a smoker and reading this, if you start feeling bad from smoking, if smoking starts making you feel bad, like shit, stop smoking, I could tell I was dying for a long time but kept smoking, I'd go and see doctors and they'd dismiss me and I turned on my intuition and dismissed it as paranoia, but the truth is I could tell I was killing myself, I started feeling like shit, I knew I was dying, but I kept smoking, listen to your intuition, you will know that you're killing yourself before any tests will be able to show it, listen to your intuition


    • Glen I took your story to heart and I want to thank you for sharing. This is really an epidemic that needs to be shown to the world and this needs to be taught in our schools that the abuse of marijuana and tobacco has serious consequences.


    • The lesson is tobacco is horrible on the lungs. You cannot blame weed for that. If you're mixing them that means you're holding in tobacco smoke for far too long, that is the issue, not the fact that it's mixed with weed.


    • Hi Glen - I am 22 and been smoking them for 7 years. Feel exactly how you described about feeling like dying. Doctors visits and all. How can I contact you ?


  10. Some people are so classless.. I mean the guy was interviewed and spoke about him not being able to care for his child. I never got from a particular post that the mother of his child wrote on the topic, but the narrow minded and wayward minded people would comment and open up family issues that have absolutely nothing with the young man's condition. For those so concerned what have you done to help him.Are you currently at his bedside consoling him and guiding him in the right direction...NO! HELL NO! YOU AREN'T. So shut the Hell up and don't make the issue what it's not.


  11. If you are mixing two herbs... How can you tell which is creating respiratory problems?
    This may be the most flawed study I've ever come across. It's laughable.


    • It's not the herbs. It's how they are smoked. Basically hammers he smoke into your lungs as deep as possible. I smoked them when I was younger and got so sick I was bed ridden for weeks.


    • You can do a toxic report. Which will determine different chemicals and such. Like idk the periodic table heard of it? Science. Does that make sense? Cause your education is slightly laughable if you can't understand how they'd determine that it the tobacco causing the issue an how they don't ever once say that marijuana alone is bad for you.


    • Visit VH, LISTEN TO THEIR STORIES AND SEE THEIR REALITIES. HOW FLAWED IS IT THEN?? Point remains that smoking causes lung disease and strips you of a bright future. It kills and in our developing nation is a financial burden that we cannot afford! People especially young men need to realize the cat damage smoking does to your health, imagine you 25 and cannot live without an oxygen tank, which can cost as much as 500XCD for a large tank. Excluding all the other supplies and medications needed for daily living. One of the talk shows should really get a group of COPD patients to do an interview.


  12. Study coming from St. Lucia...
    I'm sure there are many educated doctors who choose to stay in the Caribbean accepting minimal pay and incredibly poor fund- I'm sorry, I just can't lie like this article. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *gasp*
    What a joke. Thanks for the laugh


  13. The remedy: In order to bring oxygen into your body you must clean out your intestines where it enters and then bring high oxygen food into it such as juiced wheatgrass, cold pressed fruit and vegetable juice, juiced ginger for circulation and a healthy balanced vegan diet, in addition to this a probiotic cleanse would be very beneficial.


    • I'm no medical expert here, but I'm fairly sure that humans get oxygen from breathing air, not eating wheatgrass and ginger juice.


      • He's actually talking foods that are good for the lungs and circulation, he's correct, just horrible at explaining it. However that alone isn't enough to cure COPD but it would help


    • Who told you that your oxygen comes in through your intestines!? I'm guessing you're not a doctor. You can drink all the cold-pressed juice you want, it won't help you one bit with COPD.


      • Maybe true! But Cold-pressed juice sounds awesome! Like two ice blocks makin' your juice all cold and shit! Hell yea!


  14. Many of these facts are very incorrect. First, COPD does t cause all patients to be bed ridden, in fact they an function with portable oxygen tanks so that is a lie. Second COPD isn't the largest killer in the Americas, heart disease is. Third where are you getting these facts from? Published and rigorous studies containing true and relevant to practice data? No indeed you have cited to articles let alone hospital contact information. There are 3 different Victoria hospitals in Canada... Which further disproves this article.


    • I think from reading all the advertisements that this Victoria Hospital is on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean.


    • This is a very big fad in canada and daily My self and my close friends are suffering from the aftermath of combining these two products in poopers


    • You need to read the article. It says its the 6th main killer not the main killer, COPD gradually gets worse and yes eventually all COPD patients become bed ridden as there is no cure and because they give no indication which Victorian hospital they are talking about doesn't mean the article is discredited. Maybe if you look up where the article is written you'll be able to find which Victoria hospital they speak of.


  15. Hi, I am 18 and I have been smoking cigarettes and weed together for 8 years now. Here where I'm from there called poppers. Along with smoking a pack a day I usually also smoke around a quarter with it. The only only problems I've encountered is mild shortness of breath, the need to spit, brown phlegm coming up in the mornings or after I smoke and once in awhile a sharp pain in side.


    • you are going to be like him one day, not now maybe, but one day, ive had friends who have hit been hitting pips for a year maybe less maybe more, and have told me theyve coughed up big pink chunks that have almost made them puke while trying to spit it out, thats most likely a chunk of their lung, so if they are having these problems now, imagine in 20 years, this man is having problems now, isnt he? its gonna come to haunt you one day.


    • Once you realize that coloured phlegm can be a sign of blood cloughting, drying and rotting inside your lungs maybe you'll also realize that this can lead to Tuberculosis. This COPD is only the first symptom you would recieve. Crippling nerve disorders and possibly painful tumours once the real symptoms starts taking affect. Tobacco contains Tar. I dont want to imagine how much you clean your bowl or tube.


    • At only 18 this doesn't sound normal. Being 18 as well I have been putting my body through the exact same circumstances but I never have "brown phlegm" or any "sharp pain". Don't wan to alarm you but I think your body is trying to tell you something.


    • Ya that sounds pretty bad... I'm 35 and I don't have anything resembling what you are experiencing. 18 is a pretty tender age to start having the kinds of troubles I hear of when people turn 65.


    • So you started smoking poppers at the age of 10 lol tf I started around 19 20 and I'm 23 now... lemme tell you it does mess up your body. Like I don't eat properly and can't eat unless I smoke, which I smoke 24/7 it's just a way of life for me now, I hit the gym regualry and try to maintain my weight but smoking poppers kills my appetite. I cough up some browish stuff sometimes its gross ik... I really don't know how to stop it's addictive as hell. Stopping is the hardest thing ever. One day I'll stop I just hope it's not to late before I do.


  16. I am happy the post is generating a much needed discussion on the medical sequelae of smoking tobacco, marijuana and marijuana mixed with tobacco in particular as it relates to COPD or chronic obstructive lung disease.
    Regarding the need for evidence based policy decision making I could not agree more. The 2009 publication by Dr. Tan of the University of British Columbia in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, April 2009 as well the the paper "Cannabis on your Lungs" published by the British Lung foundation are excellent starts for those of you interested in the science behind the discussion.
    What I can add is that at a recent Conference in Cuba attended by lead emergency medicine physicians from the UWI campuses in Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad there was agreement that the emergence of COPD in young individuals smoking the mixture of tobacco and marijuana was a cause for concern.


    • Do not make this a argument about marijuana, there are plenty of FACTUAL articles written by WELL ESTABLISHED doctors that can show you the many benefits of its consumption. This is a article about MIXING them, or tobacco in general. End it there.


  17. Thank You my Father for Victoria Hospital .Bless the doctors and nurses at victoria hospital. Victoria most of us still love you.


  18. It is a well researched fact that tobacco causes lung disease. and yes it is costly to care for patients who suffer from lung disease. what i don't see is any evidence that mixing marijuana and tobacco contributes any more to copd, than if using tobacco on its own. have the doctors at VH done any studies in that area ? any clinical tests ? Published any papers? I appreciate that this is done out of concern, and it directed to saving lives or at the very least quality of life. But people please. lest be honest about this, and let up make policies that are guided by science and research


    • in a cigarette there is a filter, if you mix weed and tobaco there is nothing filtering the tobaco,


    • Are you stupid marijuana will leave your lungs full of tar. So mixing cancer causing tobacco smoke tarr and marijuana smoke tarr could only mean more problems. The more tarr there is the harder it will be to breathe lol


      • Just because there two different substances inside of it doesn't mean there would be more tar. 50% tabacco and 50% marijuana is the same as 100% tabacco accept it would be less since there is proof that smoking weed does not leave nearly as much tar as cigarettes


    • Marijuana smoke creates tarr in the lungs, tabbacco smoke also does. Tarr + tarr = more tarr. When there is more tarr it is harder to breathe and more problems are caused. Common sense


    • I think the way people smoke tobacco mixed with weed is the problem. People breathe in the weed/tobacco mix very deeply and hold it in as long as possible in order to get stoned. Cigarette smokers just breathe in the smoke normally. Also, there are usually no filters on joints. I just recently (2&1/2 months ago) quit smoking weed. I was only a casual user, averaging less than once a week, but the difference in my cardio fitness is amazing! I notice it in my athletic activities tremendously. Anyone who thinks weed smoke isn't hurting their lungs is simply fooling themselves. Not telling people to never do it, just realize that it is having an effect and restrict your intake accordingly. For me, I feel so much better, I think I'm quitting for good.


  19. so....if weed & tobacco are causing copd, then why is tobacco getting a free pass? It would seem that if weed is so bad, and we all know that tobacco is infinitely worse, then maybe its time to criminalize tobacco.


    • They are legalizing Marijuana in Canada too.... Also I find it funny most people I know who smoke live longer than those who don't...


    • Criminilizing tobacco won't help, neither does it with marihuana oder other drugs. Education is the best and most effective solution to stop people from abusing any substances.


  20. Tobacco is your main culprit here.Chances are these people would be in the same condition if they'd just kept smoking cigarettes at the rate of a pack a day.Besides there's other ways to ingest THC besides smoking.You can vape or you can consume edibles.But these other options or readily available in states where one has safe access.


    • scoots will kill you if expose yourself them to a prolonged period of time. if you think otherwise you're simply being naive. just simply smoke weed without mixing it with tobacco, it will save you.


  21. Its an imperfect world with imperfect human beings. I applaud your courage to speak out Sherman.. You are in my prayers my brother.. God bless..


  22. well the culprit may be the cigarettes and black tobacco and not the weed. More people smoke cigarettes in St. Lucia than they do ganja. The ministry of commerce, yes Emma and company have refused to disclose to the general public the name of the entity importing the black tobacco into Slu. By law, the importer's info, the country of origin and other relevant info concerning the product must be displayed for all to see. Not the case for black tobacco. Why the illegal secrecy? Some powerful people are getting rich off our ignorance and when we're about to kick the bucket they lobby for more aid from Uncle Sam. What a load of corrupt technocrats? My pips wake up, as it is too late. The vampires are out in full force. Beware!!!


  23. Hummmmmm shut your pie hole you dam idiot. Who die and left you boss? If u dont have anything positive to say just get the f. Outta that page you fool. Only an a... hole would say such things about a human being who is sick. Smfh.


    • i think what hmmmmmmm is trying to say is that if one chooses to smoke herb / marijuana they should do so without the added flavors - herb in itself is as it is.... there is no good reason to smoke herb with tobacco - no good at all..... some guys even use cigarette if they dont get tobacco, which is sick

      smoke herb not tobacco.... ive seen too many guys and gals die from use of black tabackkkk....

      legalize it and smoke straight......


    • The truth really does hurt. Doesn't it? @ hmmm - that's the most positive comment i have seen on here. It almost seems like you know the guy. sad state of affairs.


  24. Not just VH St.Jude has that problem to. Smokers please take note don't wait until its to late COPD is deadly


  25. What gets to me personally is the fact that even before you got to this stage, you were being cautioned. You were being warned. U were literally being begged to stop! Did you? no! Instead, you lied about quitting. It's sad that you had to get to this stage and now you are the one begging others to stop. Why must we dig our graves and stop digging only when our coffins have arrived? Not being able to take care of your daughter is not your only regret because before you had this "crippling" disease, you didn't. I have watched her mother cry and agonize over this whole situation and still you refused to stop. Sometimes, people just have to leave others to feel for themselves. You were healthy but you did not appreciate being healthy. You drank alcohol by the bottles and smoked by the packs. Tobacco and Weed were all you cared about. The same people you had no regard for are now bending over backward to ensure that you have a tank to suck from. Now you come crying to others to stop the vice that you so once enjoyed while people very close to you still encourage others in those vices by selling cigarettes and tobacco to them as well. Can't they see how this thing has destroyed you? Do they want to see you die before they themselves can change their behavior? Ask them to stop. If there is no one to sell the drugs, there is no way others can buy it. Sherman. You dug your grave and now you are sitting in it. it was fun for a while. Indeed it was but now reality has hit you real hard. I feel sorry that you have to go through this and all I can tell you my brother is to make sure that your life is good with the master so that you know that your resurrection is sure. I wish you the best my friend. May God be with you during your time of suffering. I hope that some young person out there learns from your experience.


    • My brother was taking care of his child before felt sick so get your facts right...there are 2 sides to a story...so the side u got. maybe the person just needed some fucking attention... I really want u to face me y'all like to mind ppl biz in y'all mother cont and y'all business more dirty...we all make mistakes and eventually learn from it please face me


    • You seem to know alot about Sherman. Ask yourself why did you have a child with him knowing fully well that he drunk by the bottles and smoked by the packs and he was unable to care for a child. You received help from his family for this child. We have to learn to examine what we say about people. Today its for him and tomorrow is for you. Rather than kicking him down any further, why dont you go to his family and say what you have to say, because clearly that wasnt the forum for that.
      One more thing keep your prayers,. Today is not the day.


      • This is so disgusting, where does the child mother come into this, the guy in the interview said he can't take of his child. Why air your family dirty laundry, . this is insignificant. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HELP!! NASTINESSssssssss!!!!


    • You know so much but yet to still had a child with him. You should be ashamed to comment. Going to church every Saturday and thats what you're doing. Where the help you received from his family for the child that you kept away from him even when he was on his feet. Woman today is not the day. Mind your damn business because i dont recall anyone asking you for alms for Sherman. Today is for him and tomorrow for you.
      A word to the wise never kick people down because you never know what will happen to you. It may not be by drinking or smoking.


    • So you bash him first, then you decide to inform people what your idea of the truth is, then you inform him of his judgement, and only then you sympathise with him. WOW FREAKING wow. Shame on you as a mother, shame on you for the vow you took as a professional care giver. AND MOST OF ALL shame on you as a Christian. And before you deny it was you posting this comment you should have kept the personal shit out of it cause this my dear was not the damn place for it. And worry not his back is had.


  26. http://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20120103/marijuana-smoking-not-linked_to-chronic-breathing-problems


  27. Great job Dr. Charles, I happy to know that the persons who are always so quick to bash VH can get some insight into some of what really happens at the institution. Preventative illnesses causing abuse of resources and staff members and very little income from more than 60% of the people who frequent the facility.

    I"m pleading to St.Lucians to take better care of themselves and that of their relatives. Prevention will always be better than care.
    stay off the drugs and avoid the fast foods, exercise people!!!!


  28. Its sad that who can't hear or willing to listen has to feel its years now people are advising you to don't smoke or stay away from drugs but they do it anyway and until it's to late .I never knew something would come out of mixing weed and tobacco today , a lot of people I know say they don't like smoking plain weed.


  29. Some of us give criticize VH heavily when things go wrong or when supplies are in short supplies. How many of our citizens make use of the services at VH and not pay which result in these deficiencies. I understand that some just have no money.
    There are some of us hell bent on our pursuing our vices and ignore family, friends and doctors warning (I'll admit that breaking habits are hard), but when we are struck with illness is the poor tax payers and family feeling the financial burdens.
    I hope persons are reading this and learn from this young man.
    Wish you all the best sir.


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