More persons should have been arrested but cops were “unprofessional” with firearms in hand: cop

More persons should have been arrested but cops were “unprofessional” with firearms in hand: cop
Police officers with weapons drawn while arresting the man for insulting the police among other offences.
Police officers with weapons drawn while arresting the man for insulting the police among other offences.

(SNO) — The police officers, who arrested a man for insulting one of their own, among other charges, over the weekend, should not have immediately approached the suspect or the crowd brandishing firearms, according to a senior police officer.

The incident, which was captured on amateur video and posted on Facebook, has since gone viral.

According to reports, police officers were investigating the illegality of a motorbike in Dennery, when the crowd became boisterous. One man stood out in the video, as he was more vocal when he cursed, and hurled insults and expletives at the officers who arrested him shortly but not before a struggle. One of the officers was allegedly assaulted in the incident.

However, a veteran cop, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told St. Lucia News Online that the officers, having already seen the situation getting out of control, should have never approached the suspect with their firearms drawn.

According to the cop, law enforcement officers are not trained to act in the manner in which they did when approaching the suspect, based on the video.

“The officers approached with a firearm, was not what is taught though. The officers had to be more professional,” the officer said.

The cop, like several others interviewed for this story, agreed that despite showing firearms, the officers exercised great restraint with the suspect, when he refused to be arrested and appeared to physically assault one of the officers.

The veteran cop said the “primary offence” was “insulting words” towards the police.

“And when he was being arrested he should have gone,” the cop said, noting that the man is now charged for both insulting/cursing, and resisting arrest.

Another officer told St. Lucia News Online that the video is “vague and I don’t know why the police was there in the first place, but his attitude (the defendant) of cursing and using obscenities goes against the law, and [he] should be arrested”.

A former police officer said he thinks the “officer exercised extreme restraint” though “he was clearly outnumbered and did the right thing in getting assistance”.

“This just goes to prove the discipline of our citizens,” the former officer said. “They were wrong for addressing the officer in that manner. There should have been many more arrests in the situation. The charges he can face are obstruction, insulting words, threats, inciting, resisting arrest, disorderly behaviour, to name a few”.


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  1. It is clear these figs were waiting for the officers to return. And I am sure that the officers saw the danger in going into the crowd of THUGs. Taking into account their personal safety I agree with them going in with firearms ready. Show them that the police are ready and waiting. Goood job officers................................


  2. Why is it ok for those responsible for upholding the law to use obscenity to members of the public but allow their egos to be so easily bruised when these same obsenities are used towards them? Double standard much. Why don't they uphold themselves in a manner to be respected.....


    • Because niceties are a waste in a society with such a low literacy rate. I would rather the cops be the baddest man in the country than the citizens who turn criminal. It's not an ideal situation but until we have a more educated populace or, even before that, a police state then this is par for the course.

      Singapore gave their police force sweeping powers to keep the population disciplined. I would love to see the same thing here.


    • quite frankly the officer has no right to arrest the gentle man..... if you police officers watch n listen to the entire video.. you will hear the police officer cursing the gentleman first... so if you insult me n i insult you back how is it that im the only one being arrest.. not bcuz ure an officer means u can use eccessive force.. that officer is an idiot and so are his colleague for coming to back up his nonsense.... im sure u guys saw the viral video of a white man sitted making so many racial slurs and insults at a black female officer.. and she and her colleagues ignored him........................ wearing a badge doesnt make you above the law and sadly many police officers do not even know the law.......and if theis guy has a good attorney then theres more than enough evidence for a lawsuit against the state


      • You speak like you know everything. The officer had the right to arrest the guy and many others in the video if he wanted to and no attorney can make a case for him because his friends clearly.recorded him committing several offences. Wise up my brother. Stop criminality and support your force. Rather the state be controlled by police than criminal.elements


  3. Nonetheless NONE of you were at the scene and that was NOT the beginning vid only know and see the 1 part of the video.... the Officer Cursed the individual and threatened him stating that he knew where to find him etc that's when the insults started...the OFFICER had his gun out from the beginning...civilians had to calm him down...did you not hear the threats he told the bike owner? And also telling the Arrested Guy "I'm coming back to arrest you" unprofessional yes? ...The midget officer who came from the vehicle with his gun in hand and without introduction proceeded to handcuff the individual. ..was that professional? And to the officer in the peach always have your gun buying FISH looked like a lost child...ignorant of the situation but present! ....DENNERY POLICE especially the midget! Once a Police Twice a Civilian!


  4. This is soo horrible to look at, ppl behaving in such unruly and ignorant way. Let the officers do their job and stop involving in legal matters. This young man behaviour is unacceptable and the crowd cheering didn't help at àll. Now this just makes things worse in that community becaue the police will now wanna go in with full force next time and ppl will get hurt. Now officers please stop flashing the damn guns man wow that was not professional.


  5. The whole damn bunch should have been arrested. Disgusting people!!! The officer was able to exercise self control which was good but an example needed to be made of all those who were throwing insults at the police.


  6. I honestly don’t give the officer or officers wrong,, in this day and age that we’re living in all little bits carry a fire arm. What if during all of that commotion one just decided that since his friend is right he can just fire. It is really sad what our sweet st Lucia has turned into.


  7. I am sure the officer cursed the young man and he isn’t arrested, I hate police for a reason they arrest who they don’t like. They don’t abide by the law and expect us to.


  8. Police should review the video and go arrest the others. Too much lawlessness and indiscipline in that area. Just by their behaviour you can see that they're ignorant and clueless. Imagine some there are parents...leaves you to wonder what examples these poor kids are shown.


  9. One Officer said the video is vague and that he does not know why the police was there in the first place. Well as far as I read the Police was investigating the illegality of a motor bike in Dennery
    so is the Officer saying saying that this particular Officer who was assaulted was at the wrong place at the wrong time? Come on Officers work for the betterment of the Country. Stop this division work as a team


  10. The cops must take control by any legal means necessary. There is just too much blatant lawlessness in this country.


    • Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will guard the guards. The police officers themselves are no bastions of decency and clean language. This is why lawlessness is so pervasive here. Those responsible for enforcing the law are just as guilty as breaking those same laws they should arrest others for.


    • Seriously. They is library are you making use of it . You'll just sit and wasting you'll time and blame it on ppl or socity


  11. Am disappointed that the cops didn't arrest all those lawless individuals who were encouraging the man being arrested, when police doing their work lucians like to get involved, and to those who like to play camera man I hope when you'll see other crimes being committed you'll record and post to, all the drugs that coming into Dennery you'll never record and post on Facebook, is the police you'll against, that thing will bite you'll back hard, trust me


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