Music students meet Latin artistes

Music students meet Latin artistes

(GIS) – Music students attending secondary schools on the island were recently exposed to a Latin-based music workshop.

The workshop and mini concert took place at the National Cultural Centre on Thursday, May 10, and targeted primarily students with an interest in the Jazz genre. It was made possible through the collaborative effort of the Mexican Embassy in Saint Lucia, the Government of Saint Lucia and the Saint Lucia School of Music.

Richard Payne, Executive Director of the Saint Lucia School of Music said: “As you may be aware, there is a legacy, as there is an education component to it; and so the Saint Lucia School of Music is always happy to partner with those agencies to give those rare opportunities to our students to see those wonderful and spectacular musicians.”

The event also got the blessings of Curriculum Specialist for Music in the Ministry of Education, Jason Joseph, who noted that the workshop also provided an opportunity for the students to practice their listening and analytical skills, two very important components of the CXC Music Programme.

“I think it’s a very important workshop,” he said. “We embrace such opportunities for students to interact with international artistes and talent so that they can be inspired to continue with their music.”

Joseph added that emphasis was also being placed on music literacy. He said such collaboration could only augur well for the development of music in schools.


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