“My teacher thought I was dead” – A YPG story

“My teacher thought I was dead” – A YPG story


My life since growing up was not nice because of the difficulties I was facing at home, the poverty and the struggles to make ends meet.

I decided to leave my mother`s house at the age of fifteen to go and live with my father. At this age all that I wanted was to go out and party with friends but my mother never allowed me to do that. I thought that if I go and live with my father things could get better and I could do whatever I wanted.

As I came to my father`s house I still was not finding things easy, I was empty, confused and angry. The respect for my father was not there, and the love had vanished to the point that I was not seeing him as a father but an ordinary man.

Being so young and already influenced by friends I learned how to smoke and drink. When my father got to know all that I was doing, he came from work one day very angry to the point that he pulled a cutlass and ran after me. It was terrible! I thought I would have died that day.

I used to smoke ten joints of marijuana per day. I was so young and full of myself and didn`t respect anybody. I joined a gang and I thought I had friends but I was alone. One day I tried to kill myself but it never worked. At Clendon Mason Secondary School in Dennery I thought I was the boss, the teachers said I wouldn`t reach my twenties. When I meet one of my teachers a few weeks ago she cried because she thought I was already dead.

I told her what made me to change and the decisions I took and where I found hope to keep me going and this is what I will tell you as well. I found the YPG Saint Lucia (Youth Power Group), they listened to me, gave me directions and taught me how to be a better man in a society that walks upside-down. I learned to say “NO“ to all kinds of bad influences that was destroying me little by little. Today I have joy, peace within myself, love for my family and the anger against my father and mother has gone away. – Yanic Charles

::Good to Know::
The life story displayed here is real and if you want to meet Yanic Charles, he is available every Friday to talk to you. It is free and private. Contact us at:

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