National Science Quiz concludes

National Science Quiz concludes

(GIS) – The Ministry of Education continues to develop a love for science among students through the National School Science Quiz.

This year, each of the eight districts were represented by one primary and one secondary school. The two-day quiz tested the students’ knowledge of science facts. The Pierrot Combined School and the St Joseph’s Convent emerged as the winners of the the National School Science Quiz.

Curriculum Officer for Natural Sciences, Giannetti George, said: “This year we are particularly proud with the structure of our quiz. We decided to change to a new format which is sort of jeopardy like, and we have our own theme songs which we are very proud of, composed by Jason Joseph, the curriclum officer for music. There was lots of competition and the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

The National Science Quiz was held under the theme “Science and Technology—Pillars of Entrepeneurship and Innovation.”

“This theme is very timley because almost every sector requires science and technology. Jobs of the future will require science and technology, and it is for this reason that we want our students to see science and technology not just as an academic endeavor but as part of everyday life.”

The National Science Quiz was held at the Jon Odlum Secondary School in Marigot, on Feb. 12 and 13.


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