National Security Council hosts inaugural meeting

National Security Council hosts inaugural meeting

The Government of Saint Lucia has formed a National Security Council to co-ordinate the activities of the state agencies engaged in maintaining the security of the state. Cabinet gave its approval for the formation of the Council in January, 2013.

The Council consists of the following representatives:

Prime Minister (Chairman);
Minister for National Security (Deputy Chairman);
Minister for Tourism, Heritage and the Creative Industries;
Attorney General;
Cabinet Secretary;
National Security Advisor;
Commissioner of Police;
Comptroller of Customs;
General Manager, Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority;
Director, Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA).

Cabinet agreed that the chair may invite additional persons to attend meetings of the Council, when and if required.

The main functions of the National Security Council include:

Acting as a body for ventilating different views on security issues and developing consensus positions;
Elaborating a strategic framework for dealing with current and emerging risks and threats and structuring longer-term planning, including resource allocation;
Devising policy options and recommendations for Government on specific matters;
Coordinating the activity of Government ministries and departments with a security role;
Taking the lead for the Government in a state of emergency;

The inaugural meeting of the Council will be held today, Friday, September 13, 2013.


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  1. We need to start operation get the politicians, persue both major political parties because both feeding the country rubbish...


  2. The country would do better with the LPM party plan for a national consultation on crime. Where are the people how comes they are left out. This is my two cents.


  3. As the saying goes in my opinion this is not even worth the paper it is written on. Expressing concern is fabulous but it will not make our citizens safer or more confident in the justice system. We need to see heads getting rolled for lack of efficiency when a crime scene has not been investigated thoroughly. We need precise and swift justice for the 23 homicides this year and not to mention the backlog from all the years gone.

    We dont need more people sitting down and writing legislation that is never enforced. WE WANT TO SEE ACTION. words does not heal a mothers broken heart or make her feel safe in the home she worked her fingers to the bone building. Evey body getting verbal diarrhea will not improve the sad state of affairs we are in. A strong and clear message needs to come from the top that we will not sit by and allow our nation to be ran into the mud by criminals and I think to say the very least after 23 body have gone down in the ground that that is our response. Get real!!!!!!!


  4. so setting a committee is going solve the problem , that the biggest BS i heard so far and UWP was power before and they were full crap.


  5. It is the same about nothing,,,,these are the same guys who are failing us...well we are now constitutionally doom.


  6. Where are all the people who always thrashing the gov't for not doing anything to curb the uprise in crime, waiting for some tragedy to occur and its because this and that....??


    Am I the only one in here???
    I guess everyone's Internet connection is down!!



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