No peace until DSH project is renegotiated, says Dr. Kenny Anthony

No peace until DSH project is renegotiated, says Dr. Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony.
Dr. Kenny Anthony.
Dr. Kenny Anthony.

High ranking members of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) on Sunday addressed residents of Vieux Fort, calling on the government to renegotiate the Desert Star Holding (DSH) agreement.

This was the party’s first political meeting since losing the June 2016 election to the United Workers Party (UWP).

Former leader of the SLP and Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony raised several concerns about the controversial project and said that there will be “no peace” until it is properly renegotiated.

“If this agreement is not renegotiated or redesigned, if all of the offensive provisions in that agreement are not removed, then I say to you tonight, that there will never ever be peace in this country and community,” he asserted.

Dr. Anthony, whose government were in talks with the developer first, advised the people of the South not to give into the pressures of the current Allen Chastanet-led administration to give up their lands.

He describes government’s move to sign an agreement with DSH as “strangling the people.”

The two-time prime minister argued that the agreement was not properly negotiated by the current government, since it is bound to obstruct many things, ranging from farmers land to public facilities.

“How will you feel when you community is transformed and now the new owners of VF are Chinese investors. Is this what you want for Vieux Fort?…I cannot support this deal,” Dr. Anthony told SLP supporters.

He encouraged the people of the South to direct those persons seeking to have them removed to him. Anthony is the parliamentary representative for Vieux Fort South.

“You cant be asking people to vacate lands that they have been farming for years and you cannot give them an alternative of where their cattle should go,” he argued.

The former prime minister accused Chastanet of affixing his initials to the agreement which has “crossed out public access to the beach, to remove the right of Vieux Fortians and others to go on their beach.”

“He doesn’t have the sincerity, nor the gust, the strength or the courage, to say to the people of Saint Lucia that we are not going to allow them to get Sandy beach,” Dr. Anthony opined.

The opposition MP vowed to do everything in his power to represent the interest of his constituents and by extension the people of Saint Lucia, to ensure that they get the best possible deal.

“I will put everything to make sure that the people of Saint Lucia get a fair just and reasonable agreement. I will put all the skills that I have to make sure that this happens. Vieux Fort I will be standing by you.”

Dr. Anthony was joined by the current SLP leader Philip J. Pierre, and opposition MPs Alva Baptiste, Shawn Edward, Moses Jn Baptiste and Dr Ernest Hilaire during Sunday’s meeting.


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  1. Dr. Anthony, who are you trying to mama-gy? You were in it neck deep from the begininng and championed it when you were in office. Now that you've been turfed by the voters and shown where the penalty box is, you all of a sudden have a turn-coat grade change of opinion and all of a sudden se the error in your ways now that you don't have any power?

    Dr. Anthony, you're a smart man --- always remember, the Internet never forgets --- it's ALLLLLLL out there archived, sitting in boxes located from Boston to Budapest, and all your government's remarks can simply be accessed from these far-flung server farms courtesy of Google.

    This isn't like back in the day when records were on paper and could be burned or otherwise disposed --- they now live forever on the Internet, accessible by all.


    • you stupid fouls we have horses and can't race them them on the track how is that a fair deal you all sick Kenny is the best prime minister ever an the best money can't buy


  2. Since the rise of the so-called intellectuals in the SLP, mostly dumb thinkers with degrees, the social welfare of this country went into decline. We went down the slippery slope with a mass of grass-cutting functional illiterates voting in a socialist clueless dumb government. The rot is deep we have to await the passing of the entire lot of SLP-spawned idiots before this country can get any kind of relief. For this country's stupidity about parties, those forced to live on wind pies and rain juice must endure.


  3. Some people take all of us for idiots. Check this out.

    What do country folks know about international business? l00ks like NOthing. Absolutely nothing.

    Rochasmell bad deal for $48 million with no return on investment, Black Bay lands gone $172 million total loss of assets, Grynburg $150million evaporated as thrown into the air like playing 'opiage'.

    Egregious HUGE financial blunderings each and every flipping time. BUT LOOK now at who is doing all talking about peace. Peace?


    • I get it. The subscript and goal of this public party outing, they called a meeting was "Let's try to keep them all dumb still".


  4. Did they carry the titular leader of the opposition in the parliament to the stage? One wonders whatever was in place was a robot? It sure looked like that at the end of the day.


    • Bravo Kenny!! The DSH Project will not improve the quality of life for our people. The agreement should be renegotiated or rescinded. Now lead the charge and fight for the people of Vieux Fort. Obviously Alan Chastanet did not read the agreement carefully otherwise the farmers, landowners, business people and other residents of Vieux-Fort would not be placed at such a serious disadvantage. We need development in Vieux-Fort but not horse racing and casino gambling. Casino gambling, horse racing and other forms of gambling destroys the moral fabric of the society and leads to crime. Please research Atlantic City in NJ and Empire City in the Bronx. After a few years you will have high crime, prostitution and junkies.
      The beaches belong to the people and should never be sold or leased. Residents should have unrestricted access to all of them 24/7.
      Kenny this is a fight you should continue to fight and win for the people of Vieux-Fort. When you succeed the people of Vieux-Fort will be forever grateful. As a former VFSS classmate of yours I will travel home (from the U.S) and support you any way I can. I will contact you via email.


      • Did Kenny read the fine print in Rochamel and Grynberg ? We will never know because he hid them for years and tolerated zero questioning. DSH has now become the most transparent and discussed project in St.Lucia's history. Funny how people living the life overseas cannot consider the poverty and disadvantages faced by people that can only ever dream of the inside of cheesecake factory.


  5. We are voted the 3rd most ignorant country because our people do not read and we depend on the media and politicians to think for us, Some parts of the contract needs negotiating. Its not about party. So you thing our present PM cannot make mistakes? This one is a BIG one


  6. I don't understand. You mean to tell me amiss all the questionable details of the contract for example, the monies collected for the sale of passports is to be held in a private account by DSH and our gov't don't have access to it.... You the citizens don't see nothing wrong with that? and you talking about Kenny? Kenny has nothing to do with that. Its all about our present government. Kenny made bad decisions and the UWP is making a bad decision right now.

    That's why it is said that some parts of the contract needs negotiation and that's what all the opposers have been saying.. Stop the biases it's not about SLP or UWP it's about what is right.

    Farmers in animal husbandry within a 3 mile radius have to stop their farming and you say see nothing wrong with that? The farmers have not been consulted and measure have not been put in place. The gov't is now scrambling to put measures in place. The ground work should be put in place first. That was not done. Land owners don't have to sell for the gov't do you understand that based on the law of the land and the kind of development.

    People READ the contract with an OPEN MIND PLEASE READ. If you are honest some parts of the contract needs to be negotiated and that is the concern.


    • Some parts may need renegotiating but in my opinion Kenny Anthony should have been the one leading the charge, Not Chastanet (within a few months of his election).


      • Kenny leading the charge? that is funny. Kenny's words mean nothing and are falling on deaf ears just like his time as pm. go back to sleep Kenny. nobody important is following you anymore.


  7. The opposition to DSH project has been gaining some traction. Nothing better now for an opportunist to come out of the closet and jump on the bandwagon. You people will be tired at some point to opening doors for Kenny Anthony.


  8. Some people are debasing the value of UWI credentials when they are continuously, the purveyors of utter rubbish in lieu of defendable debate. What?
    Are we now going to take to streets with marches led by the neanderthal SLP, as a substitute for employment? One has to be a real counoumoonu to even think about doing that.


  9. that is exactly why st. lucia was voted the 3rd most ignorant country in the world.. our rep for vf was also the prime minister for two terms,vf should have been way ahead of where it is now. kenny has made vf a dependent on short term employment, a hand me $30 for a tank of gas , basically a begging community. high unemployment a nothing to do place after 6pm. there isnt a swing park for kids or a decent beach to go to. sandy beach was ravaged by two huricanes and remains the same way (as if they care about the beaches so much) every development that was ever brought close to vf was either dead or became a white elephant. (the two hotels in laborie, the one in mon repo, the abbatoir, the stadium, etc). nobody gives a shit about vf or its people. their poverty and ignorance is the proverbial horse that politicians been riding for years. now finally a massive project that will put vf on the map , create employment for us make us the talk of the world, now these same slave-masters are coming out of the woodwork to stop it smh. kenny you had that on your table as like many other project how comes we never heard about it. you move in stealth and deception. just like the seabed you sold we didnt know to allow us a chance to protest. no project can do to us what vat has done to the entire country. nobody fights against development only a fool. if that project go through the ppl will never allow labour to win vf again thats what youre afraid of. we will take our chances with the chinese barbados and trinidad already own most of the enterprises in st. lucia with no protest. vf ppl that work in castries you will soon come back home , no more traveling or renting expensive houses in castries lol


  10. The problems with kenny is his credibility, deception and thinks with a Phd. in law he is smarter than everybody else in st. lucia. Thinks we are all fools and must bow to his know it all massa mentality.

    He asks that allen chastanet should have consulted him or Hilaire on DHS. Did he consult chastanet in the two years he was playing with the DHS proposals?

    Did he consult anyone on the Roachmel guarantee? In fact his cabinet of ministers knew not about it.

    Did he consult on Grynberg? Only earl huntley knew and again his cabinet knew not about it.

    Did he consult on Juffali? Only hilaire knew and is the same hilaire that chastanet and the nation begged for answers but to no avail. The same hilaire he is now saying chastanet should have consulted.

    But kenny the opportunist thinks st. lucians are fools. Sorry Dr. Anthony we might not have PHd's but we have brains and common sense which teaches us to recognize a bluffer and opportunist when we see one.

    You coward, unable to function if you are out of office so you run and hand over to pip. Is only that now he see that DHS will threaten SLP's safe seats, already weakened, in vieux fort he wake up to oppose the project. But our eyes open. For twenty years some as prime minister and minister of finance he did nothing or very little for vieux fort. The very st. judes hospital to provide health services for his constituents he allowed to be a disgrace and fiasco. Now he want to play goody and in the people's interest. He think he smell an opportunity with DHS so he suddenly busy trying to cause confusion. Well chas busy trying to cause development. So man outside! deh war. you started running so continue running.


  11. I don't believe in this politricks, however i believe in my children's future, meaning education , jobs and recreation. i believe for them to feel or have knowledge of what the wet lands is, what is that natural habitat which fishes comes to spawn/lay eggs. this is our future generation food sauce. i believe in moving forward in our country growth is always welcome by me but with pride and dignity.are we all forgetting what those words mean't" Sons and daughters of Saint Lucia,
    love the land that gave us birth.
    Land of beaches, hills and valleys,
    fairest isle of all the earth!
    Wheresoever you may roam,
    love oh love, our island home.
    there is something for us to think are we taking care of our island, our mother which gave birth to us or just abusing her and selling her parts next to nothing. this is our lands our home. Sir john would love to see us unite and stop the fighting. lets make thing work out for this country and stop pro-casting negative forces in our lives.


    • I guess then you have a problem with the Rodney bay marina. Enough about Sir John, do you know he was the architect of the Marina Project?


      • Wam There if you have a house with a huge kitchen are you gonna renovate it or you going to just destroy your children bedroom to build a bigger kitchen?
        there is no problem with the Rodney marina. did you know that the majority of the fish source in Vieux fort is from this areas, i believe this area is suppose to be conserve and not destroy. we can not destroy every mangroves in St.Lucia. yes i agree with the race track or any progress for job recreation, but not destroy our natural habitats. this is what i would love to see happen is that this mangrove areas be conserved and educate our children, granting them tours to those places to learn and keep protecting those wetlands.


  12. You can see that Kenny Anthony is still in charge of the labour party. The party's protocol says that the party leader is the last speaker to address the public meeting . Pip was just sitting there in Vieux Fort as a mascot and never acted as the leader of the party .


  13. KA is famous for making irresponsible and reckless statements. I totally agree that there is need to renegotiate the project, but good riddance, stop misleading the poor people of Vieux Fort. Some politicians certainly believe that the best way to lead is to "MISLEAD!"


  14. so its ok for the chinese to get your land for 99 years to do what they want because trust me, you fools will never quite know what they up too while they blind you people with horse shit. when they bomb your asses from the big north for you all stupidity some years from now.i hope i will be far from that place by then. you all have been"spooned" with that agreement


    • It was under a previous 99 year lease and guess what? We now have an international airport, four lane highway and the caca bef for drag racing. If you just see a horse race track as just that it is clear that you are the one who has horse shit for brains.


  15. Whats with the war words? Labour have built a legacy of being at perpetual war whether in power of not! Remember when the laborie chavez thought so little of lucians that they would not elect chastanet over his dead body? The project is going to occur and you cannot stop it from occurring. Make all the noise y'all want. 30 years in exile! And dont even think about taking over the party!


    • This is so typical of stupid people. We should be discussing whether the deal is good or needs improving but instead we make the discussion about Kenny Anthony. When will we grow up and talk on the issues




  16. Our former PM had to come out of retirement because the guys he left in charge seem to be a bit lost without him (just saying...).
    But on another note Mr. Anthony, your administration implemented the Citizenship by Investment Programme and you all were sitting on this DSH thing for a while... Why is it that this project is something that you use to gain political mileage? You should have been the one leading the charge on this.
    Projects of that magnitude are NEVER easy to implement but that doesn't mean that you should run away from it, it has the potential to "inject life" into our economy, not just for Vieux Fort but the entire island.


    • I agree. Why didn't KDA himself negotiate the best terms for St. Lucia? After all it was his baby, instead he threw out the baby with the bath water. So who has the interest of the View Fortians? Is it KDA?


  17. "Former leader of the SLP and Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony raised several concerns about the controversial project and said that there will be “no peace” until it is properly renegotiated."

    I can see the VFort Catholic Priest applauding.


  18. “How will you feel when you community is transformed and now the new owners of VF are Chinese investors. Is this what you want for Vieux Fort?…I cannot support this deal,” Dr. Anthony told SLP supporters.

    What nonsense from an educated man. is it because you believe all VFortians are stupid? "Community transformed?" Is the transformed Gros Islet owned by the investors there? What makes the owner of a Horse Track, a Marina and an Hotel, give ownership to a community? In other words your intention was to leave VFort as it was 20 years ago. BS. What say you the VFCCCC?


    • Yep. Those damn politicians capitalise on people's ignorance and lack of education. They are pushing so much negativity painting a picture of doom and gloom when they know it will be the total opposite when this project gets on stream.


  19. It is so shameful that you left no legacy or change of Vfort landscape and a positive mindset of Vfortian (empowerment), during your 15 years as PM and MP of VFort. The reason was well articulated in January 28th Issue of The Star newspaper entitled "Did DSH Threaten The People’s Dependence On Short-Sighted Politicians?". You and the SLP will do anything to prevent the empowerment of the young people of Vfort and the southern SLP strong hold. Almost all (if not all) the structures built in your era were more for contracts (money for the boys) which created no sustainable jobs. The VFort Square, the so-called promenade, the many walkway especially the New Dock Road walkway, etc. VFortians has paid enough in your deliberate attempt in keeping, especially the humble, backward. This time you will not succeed. We cannot afford to suffer because of your personal dislike for Mr Chastanet or because you believe he will be doing in 1 year, what you never did in 20 years.

    Bye Bye Kenny


  20. Every time labor is in office they always insite some kind of instability of pur country, In 2006 Alva said they would take back they country by what ever means. Now a former PM talking about no peace due top a project. you killed Vieux fort, We stand strong for the DSH project. your lies about shanty town and the beach is so absurd. JJ and the rest including you never cried about LA paridie in monrepo where all the birds migrated too, sold our sea bed , hit us with vat, St,Jude hospital not finish, now you all talking. It was so much better not hearing your voice. Gosh!!!!!!!!!!


  21. St.Lucians voted for Allen Chastanet and the U WP .If Kenny can say there will be no peace I will be disappointed if Chastanet does not guarantee peace by whatever means necessary.


    • View Fort I will be standing by you. Kenny you have been MP for Vieux Fort for 20 years and you have not stood by them. You have been laughing at these people and calling them stupid. A $20.will feed their children??
      This is not about Vieux Fort; it's all about YOU.
      Go back in hibernation Kenny.
      Vieux Fort DON'T NEED YOU.

      Go back


    • It was actually initiated by the SLP government. However, the negotiation was still in progress as there are many areas which required review. The current administration has simply rushed into signing a 'yes deal' with investors which could potentially leave the country at a severe disadvantage.


      • It was at a stand still because Kenny was trying to negotiate another deal with another investor in the UK. Apparently for 1000 acres of Vieux Fort land.


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