Not all police officers are “bad eggs” – Acting Police Commissioner

Not all police officers are “bad eggs” – Acting Police Commissioner
Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander.
Acting Commissioner of Police Errol Alexander.

Saint Lucia’s acting top cop Errol Alexander has said the recent incident involving three police officers being charged for stealing is unfortunate and paints a bad picture of the force, but there is still hope.

“I want to propose to those who feel skeptical about such developments, that not all our men and women have been proven to be bad eggs,” he told a media conference today (June 2).

Alexander said a majority of his officers are upstanding, ethical, disciplined and law-abiding servants.

However, the acting top cop said this matter should serve as an example to police officers that they should not engage themselves in this kind of behaviour because it will not be tolerated.

“We must always subject ourselves to the guidelines, procedures, rules and organisational core values which govern our profession; our actions will always be subjected to review,” he added.

Alexander went on to state that the public can be assured that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has no reservations or difficulty in allowing the law to take its course in the matter.

Meanwhile, he said the matter was unearthed during a financial audit conducted by the Ministry of Finance.  A document was then sent to the Office of the Commissioner of Police (COP) for investigation.

An investigation ensued shortly after receipt of that letter in 2013 and the findings were submitted to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for a ruling.

The force only received the ruling about two weeks ago.

Asked whether he feels there needs to be a change in the manner in which finances are handled by the police, the acting COP said there are guidelines that are already in place.

“It works for us. It was just a result of the officers not following those guidelines, that is why they got into the trouble they did. In addition to that, we have the Finance Act which guides us again,” he added.

Questioned further on whether he thinks there are lapses in the system, Alexander said he doesn’t believe there are any lapses, especially since the Audit Office does spot checks often.

Additionally, the police force, he said has an inspectorate system, where all inventory are checked every six months.

“We are in the process of seeking inspectorate accreditation from the RSS to enforce our Inspectorate Unit and make it more efficient. With that, our people are going to be trained in that field,” he said.


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  1. Like the acting police chief I don't believe that all police officers are bad eggs and I do support the prosecuting of those who are suspected of being engaged in wrong doing. However, I find I find it extremely difficult to believe that all three officers stole the $4000. It is clear that someone did steal it but the million dollar question is who did. I am certain that some persons in the high command know the perpetrator as this is not his first time

    This certainly is not how the justice system operates. Persons are not jailed simply because they were present when something went missing or happened. If this were the case several of us citizens would have been in jail. There must be evidence to connect someone to a crime. In as much as I want to see corrupt officers get arrested for their wrong deeds, I think the DPP's office and the police force can do a lot better than just cast a wide net hoping to catch corrupt officers, with or without evidence.

    Why wasn't this matter dealt with through the internal disciplinary process in the force, knowing that there are two innocent officers whose reputation will get tarnished forever? The easiest thing to lose is one's credibility but, like feathers in the wind, the most difficult thing to regain. So I appeal to officer FAINT STAR, do the right thing and admit to your crime thus allowing the other two innocent officers to walk free. This is what happens when the force fails to deal effectively with issues if corruption. This officer is no saint as he has done this before but agreed to repay the sum when the situation came to light. Unfortunately, unsuspecting officers like yellow who discovered that the money was missing was made to repay the sum along with faint star, who actually stole it. I have been reliably informed that this situation is not new to the force and over the years, has occurred in almost every police station. Some of the accused are now in khaki uniforms. If this were the case, why haven't those officers responsible been arrested? Or were these three arrested because the audit department stumbled on it? Mr. COP there must be equity or a semblance of equity in the dispensation of justice.

    Now that the COP has began his timely cleanup campaign, I want him to deal with other areas of corruption within the force. There are instances where some unscrupulous officers overcharge is by thousands for providing security services. On some instances even charging for officers who never worked. This too is theft. Why haven't we heard about the $14,000 which disappeared from the Vieux Fort station. Shouldn't there be a criminal investigation even if the money was returned albeit bearing different serial numbers? What about the thousands discovered missing from the Writ department about two years ago, some of which were allegedly returned. Why hasn't there been like in this case, a criminal investigation? Also it is rumored that one officer collects three lunch meals a day from the training institution for his personal use, over a period of fifteen years and at the expense of us the tax payers. This practice has continued even if this officer is no longer attached to the school. I want you to do the math Mr. COP. $ 45 a day, $225 a week, $900 a month, $10800 a year and approximately $162,000 (conservative figure) over a period of fifteen years. This money in this guava season can surely purchase a new vehicle for the force, train several police recruits etc. etc. this action too I find corrupt and no different to the stealing of the $4000, albeit by other means.

    I want to say that I fully support the actions of the new COP but just want him to get it right. I want him to continue with his clean up campaign and like in the case of the stolen &4000 I urge him to thoroughly investigate all other cases of corruption within the force, starting with the meals, the easiest to conclude and bring the perpetrators to justice. YES ALL OF THEM.


  2. The officers whose names were release if not guilty should sue the Commissioner of Police and the media houses who release their names. Right now the public will see these officers as thieves and they have not been found guilty of any crime. I strongly advocate that the names of person who has not been found guilty of any crime should never be release because one is innocent until proven guilty. My concern has been if the persons who have been charged, the evidence proved that they have no knowledge or any involvement in the crime how then can the media or the Commissioner right the wrong that have befall them. Their lives would never be the same because their names have been tarnished. Just saying.


  3. In my opinion,the Royal police force have lost decipline,respect,and supervisory update to gain control of the men,talking as an X-police,in my service as a cop,we had the (SO's)senior officers,to walk the beat to see,and inspect,that we do the job right,once a month,they travel to the out district police stations to inspect and see all is in order,we had no choice,the decipline was drilled into us,but like todays police,they have little to go by,supervisers or senior officers do not have the ability to control the job which they are assign to do,so the force is broken down to officers do what they want,without thinking,


  4. It's taken near enough two years for a charge to be made. And some say there are no lapses in the system! I beg to differ.


  5. After,i have been clummering with an incident i went through with a female police officer,picking on me in a frisked body searched on the airport in Vieux-Fort while, i was travelling to a country where caribbean people doesn't travelled to compared to ENGLAND,CANADA,and AMERICA.It really surprises me to hear such an incident involving POLICE OFFICERS who has stollen money.What can i say nor do in that,regard?To me their should a special department outside the force checking on the behaviour of the POLICE and those usual senerio's police investigating police.Who they caught in the mouth of the DRAGON let them pleaded for their bad DEEDS.To often the POLICE are picking on other people as thieves,drugs smugglers,and they are not picking on themselves.Acting commissioner Errol Alexander.That is what needs to be surveilance at all times.


  6. Sepp who are you to judge. You find that $4000 was to little to steal? The officers should have stolen millions instead?

    We should understand that the police force is a microcosm of our society and therefore the level of corruption which exists therein equates or surpasses the level of corruption in the wider society. So therefore Sepp you should stop pointing cause if you look closely you will notice three other fingers pointing at you. And do us a favor and RESIGN!!!! Lol


  7. The bottom is a reflection of the top.Part of the monies were returned by the officer.But guess what? The monies returned were of different serial numbers to what is recorded as exhibit.If the richfond officers are charge for stealing the same should apply to this officer.


  8. tell us about the $14,000.00 exhibit in the case of robbery at the mon repos credit union


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