Not another cent! Donor fed up with tardiness of St. Jude Hospital construction

Not another cent! Donor fed up with tardiness of St. Jude Hospital construction
St. Lucian
St. Lucian
St. Lucian-born Ken Charles

A St. Lucian-born retired Canadian soldier, who visits St. Lucia regularly, says he is frustrated with the tardiness in the completion of the St. Jude Hospital and vows not to donate any more money for its construction, until a satisfactory account is given to the public as to what has happened to the donations it has received from its various donors.

“I will not donate another dime for the construction of the hospital until the government comes clean on the matter and stop playing the blame game… I am very serious,” Ken Charles told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in frustration.

The St. Jude Hospital, which was located in Augier, Vieux-Fort, was destroyed by a raging fire in September 9, 2009, killing three patients. Since then, the hospital has been housed in the George Odlum Stadium, and has been deteriorating rapidly causing grave concern among staff.

Charles, now a yachtsman, said it pains him to see the condition under which staff at the hospital work and has called on the government to expedite work on the hospital.

“What happened to all the money St. Lucians, both young and old, have donated towards the construction of the hospital?” he asked.

St. Jude Hospital
St. Jude Hospital is being housed at the George Odlum Stadium.

According to Charles, who said his family has also donated towards the construction of the hospital, he was recently asked to make a donation to the hospital at its recent bazaar but had refused to do so.

“No more excuses…tell us the facts,” Charles advises government, adding that the forensic audit carried out on the hospital did not say much.

He said as a St. Lucian who was born in the south of the island, he is very concerned about the effects the tardiness in the completion of the hospital has on the health of St. Lucians, especially residents of the south.

According to Charles, St. Lucians have been taken for a ride by government officials, who in the past, have constantly promised them that the hospital will be completed at a particular date which never materialise.

Charles said he is not worried about his family, but for St. Lucians living on the island and who depend on the health institutions here to provide them with health care.

“It’s just frustrating…. St. Lucians deserve better,” he said.


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  1. Since the time of the ascent of Associated Statehood status, Saint Lucians have never shown any deep sense of maturity and responsibility as a people. And even to this very day, we have not progressed much in any positive direction. Look at the waste of lives by so many of our young people especially the females.

    If we look at the irresponsibility on display by adults so called, we do not behave as though we have aby awareness that foreign assistance has almost dried up. Therefore, whether or not it is our own national insurance funds, the combination of both efficiency and effectiveness must dictate all our decisions and actions.

    When we fail we get the likes of the Frenwell giveaway, the loss of Black Bay lands, and the egregious evaporation of $150 million in the Grynberg sale of our patrimony, parts the sea bed in the north. A common denominator is that the country got into deeper debt, but got nothing in return

    This consternating national tolerance for the continuation for such a series pure foolishness by an unrepentant government is just simply astounding.

    Putting the party before county, those that did not offer even as much as a whimper against this kind of national foolishness should have long ago been shooed off elective politics or into retirement.


  2. Some of the local players in the fiasco and what they got paid. The consultant (Halcrow international consultancy with indemnity insurance so it is possible to get some of the monies back!) were responsible design, construction supervision and authorizing payments to contractors.

    HALCROW: $ 11,544,015.39

    (from audit report)


    • Omg

      Doesn't anyone know what 1 million dollars can do. I passed there and saw 3 little buildings. So these peple that recieved the money can explain to their family and their friends they haven't been paid enough to finish the hospital. All these people have had a lovely time on the backs for sick and needy.


  3. People should be held accountable at least one person should be jailed for this fiasco! Only then we will be able to say we are a progressing society and will no longer tolerate corruption at any level. Right now we look like just another banana republic.


  4. If everyone was like KEN Charles, the Hospital would have either been completed or there would be a reliable time line for it's completion with accounts of the expenditure. WE ST Lucians have allowed partisanship to blind us, making us tolerant of politicians' abuse of power. Politicians, past and present, have taken the populace for a ride. We are no fools people. Wake up !!


  5. Nobody bringin up the private's comin, an then what? Will it pay for the public hospitals? Where will the focus be then?


  6. We need a Misappropriation Bill to take the former ministers to task about the whereabouts of that money. All that money disappeared and no one knows where. No account whatsoever!!


    • And which one of those crooks will draft such a bill. They know they all crooked. Can't wait for St. Lucians to go French Revolution on their backsides.


  7. It's a damn shame how long that hospital has been under construction and the amount of money that has been spent on it already and its still not completed. It's a damn shame!!!


  8. Sadly when our government officials are in need of medical attention they fly to New York or Florida. At least 98.9% of st Lucians cannot afford to fly abroad. I have always wondered if a major event happens what will happen to our people. It's sad that our government chose not to invest in the health of its people. Let's be patient people God is hearing us. Adequate Healthcare facilities should not be a luxury but rather a requirement.


    • God hearing us? Yea sure he is and he is giving us options. But what do we choose to do. Elect the same crooks and ignore all independent candidates. Maybe God is tired.


  9. lol. U gv an administration led by a lawyer your money and expected something in return. SMH. All lawyers in Lucia are trained to take your money n u get nothing in return but adjournment. That's exactly what Kenny did adjourn St.Jude's. You're a fool to expect anything in return gvn those guys money. Another 5 yrs and Kenny and Alvina would stillnot have delivered the hospital.


  10. What St.Lucia needs is a private investigative task force which will look into all corruption aligations and find a solution in such matters.People of St.Lucia your back is against the wall and you have been eating shit time and time again. Politicians in St Lucia is king and can't be stopped but your days are numbered and soon some of you will end up in jail. too much corruption all the time i feel your pain, god speed.


  11. Mr. Charles. I thought that was want the govt was trying to do for you. Give you a proper account. So what is your stress


  12. It pains me to say this but st.lucia is part of the commonwealth countries which the queen is the head of. The royals can claim, own, visit and act like the island is theirs on paper but when the island is in need why are they not the first ones to help rebuild.


    • the foolish decision was to go independent as a nation. If St.Lucia was still a colony Britain would have to come in and help.
      Our french neighboring are smarter and will not seek independence.


  13. They all deserve to go to jail .These politician have no respect for St. Lucian and all the people that donated towards the rebuilding of St Judes Hospital .They should be ask to account for every cent spent including that almost one million dollars wasted on a stupid investigation .Who is paying us that million dollars .


  14. The dipping and placing some in their pockets especially the one from ... that's on the board


  15. O please give my government a break their also wants to see it open it will soon


  16. only bobolist running that government in st lucia...the donation money went towards their personal use. they have big homes and expensive cars to pay for... O oh, don't forget their jabals to support too! it's a damn shame the shit going on with the st Lucian government!


  17. That's the eye of the Tiger question what happen to the monies,so many projects that was mal managed and no one is held accountable for.It's like there seems to be a conspiracy around the board,I don't know if it is a oath the members of Parliament took,that whiles in government they will steal monies,because monies were spent for projects and there are no trace to see what deals were done,projects are being built and no blue print,its like a pay as you go system.We have so much on our plate.The poor always get taken for a ride,all the little people monies the tax payers missing.Because government not only waste monies but also fatten their bank accounts and pockets.They have created fake documents that doesn't represent,what they have done behind close doors.There always have an original and a fake document so,st.lucia government hopefully something will come to light,so we can know what happen to the monies for st jude


  18. While I support your fustration and concern SIR, I would like to say the baazaar which used to be held even before the fire annally was a St.Jude Hospital venture and not a government. The monies raised is to purchase some lab equipment and no monies from that would be going towards the reconstruction.Your donation in that rergard would have done the hospital well as the hard working staff remains commited to us the patients. Like you I am fustrated but have taken a decision not to allow the people in the sought because of politicians.You never know when or who is the next patient with so many of them not able or deliberately not paying their bills. Deal with the hospital direct when giving assistant like I do. They need it. The life you save may well be your own. Thank you for voicing your concern, may be it is time to MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. Well said Sir! Our government should rightly be ashamed of the time and money spent on rebuilding a National hospital. The successive governments have failed the people of the South and St. Lucia in general for it to take almost nine years to rebuild this institution. Not to mention the lack of sporting facilities in the South as the stadium can't be used for sport. Our polititions take themselves overseas for medical treatment or off to a private hospital, whilst the poor and less fortunate have to suffer the indignity of having to use the National hospitals. Where is the care of our people? Where is putting our country's needs above the needs of the politicians?


  20. I feel your pain Mr. Charles. The St.Jude situation is sadly the best example of what corruption and incompetence in government can result in. One of the worst crimes ever committed against the people of St. Lucia!


      • Class action suit maybe! if we have the balls. But then that would mean getting equally crooked layers involved and we know how they protect there own.

        If we can protest for action on DSH issue we can and should on this because crimes have definitely been committed here. Though I think hypocrisy and political tribalism will get in the way again.


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