OECS Bar president wants politicians out of promotions to join CCJ

OECS Bar president wants politicians out of promotions to join CCJ

(SNO) — Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Bar Association President Thaddeus Antoine believes that politicians should stay away, as countries in the region ponder on whether they should make the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) their final appellate court.

The campaign to join the CCJ was dealt a major blow this week after Grenada and Antigua, in separate referanda, voted ‘no’ to joining the Trinidad-based court.

In an interview with MBC Television, Antoine expressed disappointment at the outcomes and is of the opinion that governments should not get involved in educating the public when it comes to matters concerning the courts.

“Sad to say, people view anything coming from the governments with cynicism,” he stated.

He noted that it is sad but it’s just the reality.

“So we have to move away from governments in that respect,” he pointed out.

However, Antoine believes the commonly-held concept that the CCJ could be politically influenced is not legitimate.

“When you look at the construct of the CCJ, the government is not involved in the appointment of any judges,” he said. “People like myself in being a member of the OECS Bar Association are involved.”

When asked whether there are recommendations from regional prime ministers in the appointment of judges, he said there are none.

“No, none at all,” he replied. “We have a Regional Judicial and Legal Services Commission which is made up of different persons from civil society, different organizations like the OECS Bar, organizations like the Commonwealth Bar, different organizations throughout, which make recommendations and appointment of the judges, not on the behest, not beholden to any government whatsoever.”

Antoine explained that the only input that the government has in the appointment of any judge is when it comes to the president of the court.

“And that is only after the commission recommends,” he said.

Dominica, Barbados, Belize and Guyana are the only CARICOM countries to adopt the CCJ as their final appellate court, while the rest, including Saint Lucia, still use the London-based Privy Council.


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  1. sometimes we need to understand who we are and take steps to assure that we progress. We are no longer slaves or colonies. why act like the same?
    We dont need to search for an identity. we have one. accept ourselves. we are a multi-racial bouillon of genes from all major raceson earth. we are caribbean people from the UNITED ISLES OF THE CARIBBEAN (UI). Lets take control of our affairs!!


  2. So Thaddeus is the voice of the CCJ? What a joke. Democracy is government for the people by the people etc they decide that CCJ THING is a joke I hope it never see the light of day. This Thaddeus is not very bright


  3. Antoine has basically likened the appointement of a judge which is subject to a particular set of rules which require that it be made by a specifc group to a referendum by THE PEOPLE as stipulated by the consitution. Antoine, the constiton said the PEOPLE must decide so let the PEOPLE decide. In deciding, the PEOPLE can engage in discourse and lobbying. THE PEOPLE, TOUTE MOUN! It is because of lawyers like you that the profession is seen as a joke. Cannot even make a reasoned judgement but want to hold yourself as an expert. Expert my foot.


    • Everyone knows Thaddeus is a dimwit. He uses an accent, wears suspenders and tries to get involved in everything as if thats going to fool bright people in thinking he is smart. You cannot reason my boy.


  4. Thaddeus? As a Lawyer, you have no shame in coming out with this statement? How can you tell any segment on the population not to lobby for or against any national issue? What will you ?- get an injunction against them?? LOL What a clown! I mean your message would have been very effective had you focused on the negative effects of politiking the issue.


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