OECS Commission welcomes new Martiniquan Communications Officer

OECS Commission welcomes new Martiniquan Communications Officer

doris-nol-oecs-martiniquan-communications-officerGIS – In light of the accession of Martinique to associate member status of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), and the pending membership of the French territories St. Martin and Guadeloupe, the OECS Commission welcomed Doris Nol, a national of Martinique, to the post of Communications Officer on April 24.

Ms. Nol will help increase knowledge-sharing and foster an inclusive atmosphere with the francophone member states of the organization.

Ms. Nol began her professional career as a communications officer after completing a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Management in Martinique, and a Major Degree in Communications in France. Over the past seven years she has worked in the tourism industry in Paris, France; at a non-governmental organization in São Paulo, Brazil; and at the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique.

In her most recent position at the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique, Ms. Nol assisted in the communications strategy to coordinate international events such as the accession of Martinique to the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) in 2014, and to the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) in 2015, in addition to signing ceremonies of cooperation agreements between Martinique and other Caribbean states.

Ms. Nol is an autodidact in digital communications and social media strategy, she founded the blog www.caraibexpat.fr. She also has expertise in working closely with journalists, public organizations and international relations representatives.

OECS Director General, Dr. Didacus Jules said the Commission was delighted to welcome Ms. Nol, as the OECS seeks to enhance its capacity to consolidate ties with Caribbean French territories through its communications program in both French and English.

Ms. Nol said she has maintained a strong interest in socio-economic interactions between Martinique and Guadeloupe and other Caribbean Islands and was looking forward to contributing to the communications program.

“I really look forward to working with the communications team to craft messages that will deepen relations with French territories and other OECS member states,” said Ms. Dol.

Commissioner to the OECS for Martinique, Murielle Lesales, said the addition of Ms. Nol is fitting as this is the first time, since Martinique’s accession to the OECS, that a Martinique has been recruited as a staff member of the Commission.

“Although staff of the Commission service the entire membership of the OECS and not any particular government individually, membership provides additional employment opportunities for the nationals of a country, and it is important that each country gets a chance to seize that opportunity,” Commissioner Lesales, said.

“We are confident that with Ms. Nol’s skills in communications she will be instrumental in bridging the gap between the three main languages (English, Creole and French) spoken in the various territories of the OECS. Ms. Nol joins a very dynamic team and brings a unique skill set that will be significant in information sharing throughout the region. We congratulate and warmly welcome her on her appointment.”


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