Partnership agreement between Assessment and Development Consultants and Beyond Consulting

Partnership agreement between Assessment and Development Consultants and Beyond Consulting

unnamed (2)PRESS RELEASE – In September 2016, Beyond Consulting Limited signed a partnership agreement with Assessment and Development Consultants (a&dc), and now represents them in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Beyond Consulting is a consultancy based in Trinidad and Tobago and has been in operation since early 2009, and specialises in Recruitment and Management Development, through the use of Psychometrics and Assessment Centres.

a&dc, who are based in the United Kingdom, are  the leaders in behavioural assessment and development, and their work and partnerships cover the globe.

Through this partnership, Beyond Consulting has access to a&dc’s extensive product range- which includes assessment centre exercises (hard copy and digital), interview guides, resilience questionnaires and recruitment sifting tools.

In addition, Beyond Consulting will be offering some of a&dc’s Assessment Centres courses locally and regionally. In the month of October, a team from Beyond Consulting visited a&dc’s offices in the UK to receive training, so this could be achieved.

The aim of this partnership is to strengthen the capacity of the regional HR fraternity, and to give companies access to some of the best tools and advice in recruitment and employee development that is currently available.

Both companies have a long history of collaboration, and Beyond Consulting remains the company that has most the experience using a&dc’s tools in the region.

In the coming weeks and months, look out for more information on this alliance, and the ways it can benefit the recruitment and employee development programs locally and in the region.

Beyond Consulting is in the planning stages of running an Assessment Centre course in St. Lucia, early in the new year.

For further information, contact: [email protected]


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  1. This cogently supports and illustrates the argument that partnerships emerge from locals having the necessary skills, talents, abilities and other resources that those in other countries could be attracted to partner with. This is a point lost on those who see foreign investment only as the construction of yet another hotel. By extension, it is similar to those who see employment futures as having largely a well-trained army of maids and gardeners as the majority of those able-bodied enough to work in this country.


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