PM does not believe gov’t should be paying for SLNT’s recurrent expenditure

PM does not believe gov’t should be paying for SLNT’s recurrent expenditure
PM Chastanet

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has confirmed that the government has proposed reducing the subvention to the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) from $700,000 to zero, but pointed out that a number of other similar organisations have experienced financial reviews since his administration took office.

Chastanet told a press briefing on Monday that government has a cash problem and “every single cent” is under review.

He explained: “… Generally since I’ve come into government – and even in the opposition – I have talked about a zero-based budget where everybody has to justify every single cent that we are spending. Right now we have a cash problem in the government. We are not generating enough revenue to cover all of the costs that we have. We have to prioritise where we are going to spend our money.”

Chastanet said the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, the Jazz Festival, Radio Saint Lucia, government printery, the Post Office, the Saint Lucia Marketing Board, and the Fisheries Department are some of the organisations that are under review.

He said government spends or transfers almost $114 million annually to different entities “and every single cent that we have is under review”.

He added: “In the case of the National Trust, the intention is that I don’t believe that the government should be paying for the recurrent expenditure of the Trust. So if the Trust has a business plan and wants to make an investment then they are free to approach the government and make that request and we will invest it on the basis of the merit of the project.

“As I indicated to you previously, the Trust had submitted a plan to Cabinet of which Cabinet is still awaiting final information of (the) feasibility study, which called to convert the current museum into a conference facility, and the restoration of older building to become the office of the National Trust on Pigeon Island.

“So I am still waiting to see whether that makes financial sense. They talked about having to sell a piece of land that government gave them in town and to invest over six and a half million dollars, so again I want to be very, very clear because I have heard some of the rumours going around and some of the statements that  I am upset with the Trust and this is revenge. Furthest from the truth. I have continously said the Trust is an advocacy group and I support and respect them as an advocacy group. At no time has my government on any occasion try to bypass the Trust.

In fact, the dolphin park investment that came, went to the Trust. I didn’t make any pre-announcements. I didn’t lobby anybody. It’s for the Trust to make the decision. All I have indicated to the Trust is that a vote by the membership is not a sufficient answer, that they must give us in writing the pros and the cons of the project and tell us what their position is, and so that when Cabinet now sits down to make a decision that we have that information… in order to be able to put into our decision-making process, so I am not vex with the Trust.

Chastanet reiterated that the Trust like all other entities in Saint Lucia are required to justify how they are spending their money.

“There are too many Saint Lucians who are suffering. Too many who believe that Government has abandoned them and too many who believe that the decisions that Government makes on a day to day basis don’t reflect their needs. We have to prioritize how we spend public funds given the fact that there isn’t enough money available,” he said.

In a statement on the proposed elimination of government’s contribution to its financial coffers, the Trust called this move “an unprecedented, unjustified and exceedingly unfortunate measure” given the organisation’s record as “Saint Lucia’s leading quasi-governmental institution for conservation”.

The Trust said the cut will also greatly stymy the Trust’s efforts in heritage conservation and urges all members of Parliament to insist on the reinstatement of its normal subvention for 2017-18.

“In the interim, the Trust will continue to carefully study the implications of this proposal and options available to it within the short term if this proposal is enacted.

“As such, the Trust will be hosting an emergency membership meeting at 1:00pm on Saturday 29 April at the Pigeon Island National Landmark to discuss these matters.

“The Trust will also seek the support of its international partners, civil society and the entire Saint Lucian populace, home and abroad to advocate on its behalf,” the statement reads.



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  1. Why are St Lucians making noise for an entity that making so much money. I have never entered pigeon island park for free. Loads of weddings , parties, and events take place in there.(Not for free) We have become too lazy and wait upon subvention to live large. By the sweat of thy brows thou shall eat bread.


  2. It appears that the PM has adopted a business approach to running the country, in that he is seeking to achieve operational efficiencies in the areas for which he has oversight and I think this is commendable. The timing, however of the withdrawal of the subsidy, seems a bit suspect, as it comes on the heels of the publicized position of the National Trust regarding the proposed DSH project. If the former is a direct consequence of the latter, then this is merely an indication of the character of the PM and should be a cause for concern to the electorate. Perhaps he needs to learn to take the emotion out of his decisions? I can't say that there is much of a distinction between him and his predecessor though, and I am a supporter of neither party. It is simply evident that whichever way the majority vote swings, the leader at the helm apparently is at liberty to exercise their reign of power carte blanche. I suppose we will never see the day when successive governments understand that they are employees of the people, and execute their mandate accordingly.


  3. The SLNT needs to put on their big-boy pants.

    The article states:
    (The SLHT) "urges all members of Parliament to insist on the reinstatement of its normal subvention for 2017-18".

    --- The SLNT is a legal entity created through an Act
    As such, it is not some type of welfare case or, pardon the pun, some type of spoiled 'trust fund baby' that gets a "normal subvention". Normal does not exist in the budgetary management of government. The SLNT needs to do a reality check.
    --- As a legal entity of government, like any other government agency or department, there is a requirement each fiscal year to do a business plan --- a plan that articulates it's priorities in support of the government, the results that will be achieved, how these results will be measured, and a break-down of the financials required to achieve these results. Budgets for departments and agencies vary from year to year based on a number of factors. Bluntly put, each department and agency has to sing for their supper.


  4. Bad move Mr. PM. I understand what you say you're trying to do but this should have been a phased process where they lose funding gradually. To take everything at once is just not right and smacks of victimization.


  5. Allen Chastanet you doing gr8t job. And i realize that a lot of st.Lucians who is in jobs for long time need to go back to school.

    St.lucians afraid of changes. Some of them is to convertible in their jobs and sit on their ass not doing anything whilsts new students who needs job can be more productive.

    I support Brexit lol


  6. Everyone has the right to their own opinions, thoughts and decisions. Everyone has the right to be for or against a statement or a policy that affects them or their country. I realize that a lot or us forgot that. in other words........"Let people words fall...."


  7. I mean EC $700,000 wow. Where is the break down and why so much money. I think half of that should be ok. What a waste. Good Chastanet.


    • Hey runaway!

      This administration just paid $900, 000 + to ONE MAN for one month of work that resulted in a report worthy of shelving and 700k is too much for an entire non profit organization.

      Stay foreign plz!


      • The report looked into the possible misuse of over $100 million of taxpayers money. It also allowed the government to assess the status of an important project that is years behind schedule and for which few records existed. The project could not move forward without an audit.


  8. I'm not a fan of the current PM, however, lets be practical. We cannot just keep borrowing money and not justifying its use. Like the SLP borrowing money to give government workers a raise, that tells me we could not afford the raise, but they were trying anything to stay in power, even getting the country in deep financial trouble. Think about it for a minute, how was SLP going to repay that loan? We have to get away from the welfare state mentality. Throughout our short history these politicians have been telling us that they would take care of us if we voted for them. Like Trump says, if you repeat something enough people will believe it. We need to get far away from that mentality. On the other hand if this PM wants to raise revenue I think he should at least raise it gradually, not jump from Zero to $63 on the airport tax. You have to find out what it can support. You don't just do these things just because you can.


  9. Just to make it clear I don't trust politicians but I will use them to further our interests. I don't care about political parties neither and i also see that as a waste of time and resources including intelligence. Who cares if Chastanet has etiquette. I didn't and the majority of St. Lucians did not vote for that. However, I agree with most of what he has done, if he does it to spite people that is his business because all politicians do it. I have also stated my opposition to Chastanet for not passing the UN's Anticorruption Act, the Freedom of Information Act and reviewing the work of a previous DPP. So don't come around saying that I support everything that the current government is doing. Ofcourse I would like to see our environment preserved but we can do it though other means instead of bleeding a dying cow. To me it does not make sense to ask a cow politely can I kill you? I mean so many times successive governments have called on these organizations to be self sustaining we still have to ask politely? I bet now they will put on their thinking caps. I am also aware that political lobbying and maneuvering takes place in our environment. I don't play novice like all these other hypocrites. And maybe if I were in his shoes I would take out the first who would impede my progress because eventually I will still have to take out all other such government funded agencies. Maybe if the NT came to me with tangible reports of the environmental impacts and proposals for alternative ways to effect the development I would consider. But you come out opposing in a rum shop attitude you don't expect to be dealt with in the same rumshop. I am just saying (speaking politics).


  10. Can we call for a re-election any time soon? This is beginning to get really annoying. This PM acts like a spoilt brat...he doesn't get his way and so he throws a tantrum. This is not the way of a true Prime Minister. He came with his agenda and really believed he would not get resistance. Move deh!


    • Resistance to what? Your own foolhardiness? Why hasn't St. Lucia progressed all these years? Because you have continued to oppose or resist your own self development. Dam that Dam!! Got Hospital??

      You all have continued to saddle the country with debt, asking all countries for aid while instituting a welfare state. All people and entities have their cup in their hand begging. SO WHO IS THE SPOILT BRAT???

      You don't know that the day would come when you would have to f----ing work and make use of your own resources?? I am sure everything would be ok if it was Kenny cutting the NT subvention. A man gotta do what an idiot wouldn't do. Go ahead Chastanet you have my full support to cut the rest which don't have a viable plan. That's what we need in this country, INNOVATION, probably they were just babbling it out following catch phrases but not really understanding what it meant. Even Tulsie didn't say that the Trust would be broke after the withdrawal of the subvention. He just said that it would be harder. Probably harder on his brain to be innovative. Time to do some brain work, no time for "vive moll."


  11. So what is all that negativity about? The trust budget was slashed under the Kenny administration and so was the A&H Society. The Trust has millions of dollars of St. Lucia's assets under its control so what is preventing it from becoming a financially viable entity? It makes no sense to bash the PM because you are Labor because it creates an atmosphere of unfairness. A Dolphin Park was earmarked for Pigeon Island under the Kenny administration, all of a sudden its a bad idea because Kenny is not the PM? How Ludicrous can such reasoning be? It makes our countrymen look like a set of lunatics.

    So if you don't want to step on a lizard neither put a dolphin in an aquarium then why you want to come beg the government for money? Why? IS it because you are lazy and have developed that kind of "vive moll" mentality or just seeing how far you can enslave people in St. Lucia? If the Trust was seriously into conservation, many acres of land was placed under their care by the Denehys in the Praslin Bay under the express condition that it be a Nature Reserve. Alas, it was converted i to "Le Paradis" and in the process chasing all the endangered species that lived there without a word of opposition. In fact the Gentleman, now deceased Mr. Peter Ernest (god bless his soul) used to stop all Praslin area residents from even collecting crabs there, a source of their livelihoods for generations. Nobody claimed conflict of interest when he himself was given the task of compiling the favorable impact assessment for the Project, which implied that there would be minimal damage to the environment. Go read it for yourself if you can find it because critical documents has a way of disappearing or being kept at people's homes. So what has happened to the Praslin Bay Nature Reserve now? GOT PARK????

    I get it that we will allow Kenny Anthony to do anything with us but when anybody else tries to do something all of a sudden we realize we have a brain (and a bad one at it). Shifting now to the DSH Project. Do you remember when the Kenny administration gave under a "disguised guarantee gone wrong" millions to Rochamel? I know those of us with convenient memories will not remember (instead, lets bash Chastanet). The hotel on the constucted on the causeway (no opposition again) was bought by Burch Stewart. Although we had lost millions PM Kenny's explanation was that at least there will be St. Lucians working there. Where was the "better deal in that situation?" They sat on DSH for a number of years so why didn't they negotiate the "better deal" they are now asking from Chastanet? Why? You had the country so much at heart, something come up for VF (your own constituency) and you reject it, why didn't you persue it and look for that "better deal" for them? So I am the idiot!! Maybe they were looking for a better deal for themselves?

    Where is the "better deal" in Grynberg? Where is the Daidetic Research Centre in Juffali? Instead we had been enslaved working for the VAT office and WASCO so we could be given STEP. People that's why you voted Kenny OUT. Now you letting those same idiots use people cut your bananas again and tell you "fig fini." Up to now Dam eh dredge yet, no hospitals and no new airport. No, I am the idiot.

    Development comes with sacrifices and am afraid if the National Trust doesn't realize that then crapo will smoke their pipe because they cannot employ all the job seeking youths as tour guides. What do you bring the Tourists and see? All the countries have flora and fauna and are beautiful but if you want to make a profit at Tourism you must be ready to push the envelope. Why don't all you that go to all these Parks overseas don't stay in St. Lucia and tour Maria Islands? Why? Did you even know where was Maria Island situated before the announcement of DSH? Why couldn't the Trust make a business of it, market it round the world, make a roller coaster ride circling it or a reverse bungy ride from the fort over the islands an back. Singapore has one. Why not cable car tours over the island? No, bread must fall from the sky, lets bleed those stupid Lucians because "look at the amount of cars they buying."

    You all are fools and pawns for a political agenda that has never cared for anyone but for seeing themselves in power. Sir John had warned you many times. Carry on with your stupidity and continue taking loans and begging for aid "hot kaye wear laytar choo hot tarlear."


    • You sound like a fool more and more for posting garbage no matter what the current administration does. What Chastanet has done is idiotic plain and simple and there is a huge difference between cutting back from an important organisation like this and withdrawing funding. It is vindictive and arrogant of him to do. And St Lucians are never in favour of politicians displaying these tendencies. And to defend this government at any cost says that you are a typical hack that does not give a damn about anyone except your own self interests, whatever that might be. This is the problem with us here when it comes to our nation's interests we should fail to see colour or party. I am not in favour of the SLP. In fact I think they suffer from the same malaise that Chastanet displays and even more so, but I do call out BS when I see it no matter who is in power at the time. If this man is unwilling to govern as he should then the baton ought to be passed on to another member of the house to conduct the business of the nation.


      • Who says that we have to fund NT? NT has the means to fund itself. Say that to the thousands who are unemployed. I say again we wanted to see a shift in that mentality where every entity has to find innovative ways to fund itself. So what about that makes somebody a hack. You cannot come with one tangible reason for criticizing my statement. That's what we young people are about, we don't oppose for opposing sake. Vindictiveness is a subjective word and it depends how you look at it. We are not here for feelings and emotions we are here for straight common sense approaches. He cannot govern? Well he has the balls to lead us out of this mental slavery that you are quite comfortable with. . We can always debate on who is the idiot as it is now you have only expressed your opinion without one single reasoning to back it up. It tells me that you never attended a university since you would get ZERO for your essay. Join the NT and be of some value to your nation.

        Mee lee la, Brexit en chooooouuu. Come again


        • What an ahse! i did not know that only people who attend university supposed to talk about the country. and not going does not mean I dont have a voice. you are a bigger fool than i thought initially. many of us did not but it does not mean we stupid like u. salopwee for so. what a waste!


          • Yes i know that you would pick on that statement about university. I put it in there deliberately just to get a reaction from you. It was just a test and confirmed that all facts that I spoke about is irrelevant to you and sums up the way people like you think. Trust me I really don't care about whether someone went to university or not but i am always interested how they use information to solve problems. People like you are more party hacks who think with your emotions and pay less attention to real problems facing you and how to solve them. Next time look before you leap. Most of my family didn't attend a university you think that i wouldn't take advice from them? No name calling cause I am not about that.


    • A bet none of you can refute anything I said. So come and challenge us. Hide behind your thumbs down because it signifies where you all are taking this country. A waste of 15 years. What do you have to show for it? We are the youth we are tired and jobless and don't have anytime for your stupidity. Go and dance your quadrille by the Folk Research Centre as even them will have to look for a way to lure tours up there too. Enough with your Foolishness. National Trust is a membership organization why don't you all join and contribute to the subscriptions?


  12. Wait ...

    What is the process for revision of the expenditure of statutory bodies? Does it involve completely removing their subventions? How do you review without discussion? Even Tulsie in his interview indicated that he was not privy to any discussion or information to change the subvention.

    Lies and more lies from the PM. He is destroying Saint Lucia and has to go.


    • Was there any review to close the copra factory, Beausejour Agricultural Station and the Development Bank (during Kenny's first term in office)?? They were all essential entitles that were sustaining themselves. You all really think the youth are idiots. This is why people like Trump and Marine Le Pen are popular today. We need an alternative to harmful secret and under hand dealings by career politicians who have never entered a courtroom to defend a mouse yet know all ways to subvert our Constitution and our laws for their own interests. I like that the line has been drawn, the gauntlet has been thrown down, the dice has been cast. Face up or starve. We the youth don't really care as we are already starving. Got Jobs???


  13. Yea there is a new sheriff in town, time to stop wastage. It's time St Lucia has a surplus. I believe you cannot have a house and your wife going on a shopping spree everyday ,you will be broke house. Thanks you Mr prime minister for cutting things we don't need. We need to put our house in order.


    • What has Chastanet done that Kenny has not surpassed. Are we dealing with any secretive deals? Are we paying millions in lawsuits that not even the parliament or GG knows about? What about the Airport Development money, WASCO money? Do you know? Got Hospitals??? Stop talking foolishness.


  14. I'm not getting the argument for or against. People are taking positions based on allegiance and emotions. What will the country lose or gain by this move. With all the resources the Trust has or manage can it not stand on its own? Being nonprofit does not mean it is not allowed to generate monies to sustain itself and its operation. The Trust have to come up with business ideas to make money. I see no devil in that.

    On the other hand, I believe, it needs to be consulted first about the impending cut and that the cut be made incrementally, allowing the Trust to pick up the slacks in time. I believe that's the way to go, with the Trust and every other entity under review. Assess their resources and their capacity to invest them to generate funds to offset what Government can contribute to them (in reference to their individual capacity)

    I don't believe, however, we may be able to implement a zero budget in one year, it should be spread over a 3-4 year period. To attempt to do this instantly will disadvantage too many persons and state institutions. But it must he communicated that this is the goal and that in increments, the cuts will be made; thus, allowing these entities to manage their affairs more efficiently.


  15. Anybody knows how much it costs to have a wedding in there. It is damn expensive. For tourists and locals to enter they all have to pay a fee. Any function they have inside there it is expensive for the ticket cause the ppl promoting the activities in there have to pay a lot of money. And u telling me the trust cannot take care of its self. Well any business that cannot manage on it's own shouldn't be running.


  16. The trust is like a 42 yr old person dependent on its parents. If it cannot turn a profit or foot its bills from from 1975 despite all the subventions donations and overseas aid, rentals etc it attracts then they should dissolve it.

    Any entity that needs money needs to start operating like a business - especially if they public funds to stay afloat had better think twice, we tax payers cannot afford a LIAT in these organizations


    You are a destructive force Mr. Chastanet and your kingdom will fall sooner rather than later because the writing is on the wall.


    • You don't remember that the Governor General is also the only authority that could give mineral mining licenses? The office of the GG was already cut off not even from funding which is a less important matter but the more fundamental issue of exercising is its function. Nobody cut off the functions from the NT. But why did you have to go there???? You see the previous admin has already made everything that was fundamentally wrong look right. You are speaking about being a patron which is neither here nor there, however what I spoke of goes down to the very heart of our Constitution and laws. Now Counteract that since I am a party hack. For those who lack facts to support your arguments there is what we call Wikipedia you know. Everywhere have internet.



    "We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

    Sir Derek Walcott said;

    I watched the doomed acres
    where yet another luxury hotel will be built
    with ordinary people fenced out. THE NEW MAKERS
    THAT WILL MAKE THE ISLAND A MALL, and the breakers
    grin like waiters, like taxi drivers, THESE NEW PLANTATIONS
    BY THE SEA; A SLAVERY WITHOUT CHAINS, with no blood spilt—
    just chain-link fences and signs, the new degradations.


  19. This is a slap in the face to the Governor General who is the Patron of the National Trust.


  20. This prime minister is full of crap thinks he voted himself into office victimizing these same people who voted u in office but smell the coffee chastnet at the polls lucians do the most damage


    • Saloppp La, but it right for lucians I want him to do more to them before he leave. Not coco mackacri deh like and acting ignorant uh . Meee cricket man'je


      • This is incredible! And overtly wicked. It means anyone who speaks out will be silenced. Democracy is out the door in Saint Lucia.

        We cannot wait for the end of the electoral term for the Chastnets to inflict more damage. Any more damage may be irreversible.


  21. St. Lucians don't understand English Chastanet that is the problem.
    They think things just run without money and the so called organisers (trust) thinking they doing a good job when on the other hand ppl a suffering because of the bad decision the government made.


    NO ONE against the trust Chastanet ask a questing answerer it. and when you can not answer it don't say his vax. ignorant st.lucian



  22. Mr pm use that same yard stick on your self and your minsters and all other intuition that the government gives a subvention too. So don't single out one organization because they disagreed with you on a project and then come and make such a statement ..


  23. Mr pm use that same yard stick on your self and your minsters and all other intuition that the government gives a subvention too. So don't single out one organization because they disagreed with you on a project and then come and make such a statement ..


  24. Is the trust not a non-profit organization? So why the hell do you want them to start creating business plans? "That making sense?"


    • Non profit profit simply means that any profits made must go back into the organisation's operations.....not as profits to individuals. And yes they need a business plan


    • Don't tell me that we have 28 other idiots that don't know what "non profit" means! You see how stupid you can look when trying to defend the indefensible?


  25. Chastenet you are a bully and dictator....all this so you can repay Butch Stewart for your campaign funds that you used to buy votes! You need to go now!!!!!!!


  26. But Guy Joseph can get $900,000.00 from the minister of finance to pay to his friend for carrying out an audit that revealed nothing that​the general public didn't already know . I would like guy Joseph to tell the public weither he is a shareholder in that three story building in Goodlands .


    • Yep! $900,000 went down the drain thanks to that genius, Guy Joseph. Talking about accountability. When is he going to release the results to the people?


      • I take it he is waiting for one of the idiots that you call "Parliamentarians" to ask him so he can reveal it in Parliament. That matters because as it is, all you people out there are just "Paarlay-mentarians." I think Guy is smart enough not to do like Kenny and disclose official business on the Markets Steps like is a set of rum drinkers that you talking to in a rumshop.

        Why do you think Kenny said all what he said, implicate all he could implicate from the pulpit of the Market Steps? Immunity, it all can go down as political rhetoric that he is not responsible for. While you can go and allege everything you want on a political platform you cannot place things you cannot prove on the parliamentary record. I guess not even his fellow parlimentarians he instructed how to use it properly (thats to show you how selfish he is). Stanley Felix tried it with the DPP in the IMPACS issue. While he could have simply asked all questions in Parliament or even at Cabinet since the DPP has to report to the MInister of Justice he chose like his boss to ask on the Market Steps. Well we all know that he wasn't prepared for the answer in the same public forum by the DPP when she exposed them for not providing evidence. That's the way smart politicians are using foolish people to put forward their agendas.

        That cannot work on the youth today, we understand law, we understand politics so don't try to use what the masa used on our forefathers before. Everywhere have current now so go back with all the talk about "majee nwear" and "la diabless." We know that a politician cannot be held accountable for platform talk. Many of you idiots don't know. So why you think that Kenny is so silent now in Parliament and only speaks through his lawyers? I challenge him to say anything about the $900, 000 audit in parliament and I challenge you too. Now go ahead and hide behind your thumbs down. Wait, take some time and watch where it pointing!!!


        • Wam There,
          You have definitely drank the yellow kool-aid. You have clearly displayed your reasoning prowess for all to see. You have earned a top grade of zero. Why must parliament ask for the audit report generated by him with the people's money? Your Simpleton logic is that he has to hide it until called upon to fess it up. How absurd. If Guy has the goods on anyone, why isn't he running around with glee? There is a sucker born every minute.


          • First of all lest us understand that I pledge no allegiance to any party. If you are against the actions of the last administration that doesn't make you UWP. Flawed reasoning. To answer your question, I agree that nobody has to ask that the Minister lay the audit before Parliament, however I was speaking having regard to the political maneuvering which goes on in St. Lucia and like I said in an earlier comment we cannot play novice to that aspect. I went on to illustrate why certain postures are taken by politicians in Parliament. I was also speaking in response to a particular statement therefore it would have certain overtones to counteract the statement in the context that it was made. That said, I do agree that he should make it public as soon as possible so we can make our own judgement because its public money. It also raises the argument that we shouldn't say something is not worth the money until we have examined the contents. I never implied that he should hide the report because it would be totally against what I stand for. I appreciate your comments but not necessarily your labels.


  27. The trust needs to sell some of their properties they do not occupied to St Lucian business owners. The government is trying to save money. Plain English


  28. Does this man reflect the conscience of the St. Lucians? A prime minister with zero regard for the heritage of St. Lucians. I'm surprised he was even elected, proves the backward thinking of st. lucians, still living in chains of mind and spirit, forever slaves!!


  29. Vat cutter! Big businesses save millions whilst the common man saves 2 cents on each purchase. Now "subtle" austerity measures are being put into effect!

    He made reference to fisheries, govt printery etc etc are under review- while you are at it Mr. PM, you might as well add
    1) RSLPF- issue more tickets, sustain yourselves;
    2) Ministry of Infrastructure; add a toll to major roadways like millennium highway- sustain yourselves;
    3) Ministry of Housing- build and sell houses- sustain yourselves;
    4) Ministry of tourism- increase tax on hotels- sustain yourselves!

    Way to go " jack" !


  30. Can anyone tells me the returns from the National trust? Money going down the drain what does the national trust have to show for all that yearly money they receive from government? As far as I can see lots of lip service from the SLNT not good enough from my government and I agree with this move.


  31. The national trust is ensuring that Maria and Rat Islet , pigeon point remains untouched. Chastnet you're a mess . All your interest is in tourism , wish you could think of agriculture since most of the populist are farmers.


    • You are categorizing your population as farmers? This may be incorrect since more workers are listed in the hospitality sector. Don't use incorrect statements or evaluation to validate your incorrect pre-established ideas. You people say that tourism is the main income earner yet you malpalay it when its convenient. You see the double standards in our reasoning? It is a given that Agriculture cannot be established on the scale that we would like to drive the economy because of our topology, land tenure, available arable farm land and other competing variables such as forests, water, housing etc. However, it can be a valuable linkage industry as with all other industries. As it is two monies or revenue steams will not fight but only serve to increase our wealth. This is the type of discourse that we should be having.


  32. Chastnet just be straight forward, your intention is to get rid of the national trust . You're trying to sellout pigeon point and Maria Islet . The fisheries department know fully well these are fishermen landmarks and also both pigeon point and the islets are breeding grounds for fish including balawhoo, sardines, barracuda etc . Most of all the frigate and other sea birds nest there . These same birds help fishermen spot schools of fish.


  33. Mr. Chastenet, if this is indeed so, then why is it that the two other organizations listed under the same category as the trust in the draft estimate of expenditure, were able to keep their full subvention in spite of the fact that one of them has not presented audited statements to parliament in years... and to date, the national trust continues to deliver their financial statements/reports?


  34. You 'support them as an advocacy group' I recall I heard them say in an interview they have been trying to meet with you to discuss there conservation work since you went in power but up to now you have not made the time. We see right through you, bloody dictator! I'm not worried about the Trust because they get funding externally what I'm worried about is your next plan to desecrate our resources...only the Lord knows what you will conceive next! I'm also saddened about those clowns you have around you not one of them has the decency to speak up and say what's wrong. Woe be onto you all, remember your day WILL come!


  35. I'm with you not a cent for so long the trust in operation they cannot find a way to make money and sustain themselves. SRDF can make money that can't? 6 million project in tulsie want to live large at point in a brand new office. What about the speed boat why did the trust sell it.


  36. I agree with u pm although is only now u hear the noise about Maria and other heritage sites before the dsh everything was dormant .With all the concern what they in the national trust doing to make this a money making venture. Are we to believe that we should just protect our heritage sites and that should speak wonders of our country I think we all have to think outside the box of protecting our heritage sites and let's make it a money making venture if that's all we have to offer.let's stop the politicing and let's put more emphasis in selling our heritage sites to visitors as a matter of fact let's make it more attractive if that's all the petty talk is all about. Unless we in the national trust can do this I will support the DSH all the way.


    • I can say Nemiah you are a pure jackass. You must not support a party for support sake. Imagine the PM is giving the owner of DSH passports to sell worth US$2.6 billion and DSH will use that money to build infrastructure in St Lucia. So whose property it will be? It is our passport that generated the 2.6 billion. For what? a few jobs? Rochamel and Grynberg is a joke by DSH. Wise up and tell Chastenet that it is time he stop that crap. And the sad thing, he actually believes that he is doing St Lucia a big favour. DSH is the worst thing that will happen to St Lucia. Tell Mr. Chastanet I need a few passports to sell since he is giving them to foreigners under the guise of investment. DSH is a ponzi scheme.


  37. What is the country's return on the $1,000,00 you paid Ernst & Young to do nothing.....


    • A proper budget I am expecting. All previous budget has been just a show or formality. $30 million for Education. During the year there the schools are in a deplorable state and there is no finance for the school renovation. It has happened in all Ministries in both Government. Need to stop. Lets just wait an see.


    • ...Yes, he needs to go deeper into those coffers to find out where the gravy is at. The train is there and visible, but they are swearing blind that there is no gravy. No gravy. More fool me to believe that!!!


    • Yes. I agree that Chastnet needs to go in order to preserve a future for Saint Lucians. What are our legal options? How does the motion of No Confidence work? Can someone who knows share?


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