PM says Speaker of the House is “doing much better”

PM says Speaker of the House is “doing much better”
Speaker Leonne Theodore-John
Leonne Theodore-John

Statement by Prime Minister Honourable Allen Chastanet on the status of Speaker of the House Leonne Theodore-John who was hospitalised after she suddenly took ill during last evening’s sitting of the House of Parliament:

“On behalf of the Government of Saint Lucia and the Honourable Members of Parliament, I wish the Honourable Speaker of the House Mrs. Leonne Theodore-John a speedy recovery following yesterday’s House of Parliament session.

“I have since spoken to the Speaker of the House and she is in good spirits and doing much better and we continue to pray for her full recovery.”


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  1. The house is a serious place and must be respected. When ragamuffins are in there with their base, childish and stupid behaviour it is such that brings unnecessary pressure on mannerly and decent persons who also have to operate in the house. Many of our politicians, a disgusting batch of ego seekers largely sedeking their own fortunes


  2. Stress can kill but you know what, just let me be speaker for a day and i'll walk in with a big stick to woop ass No joke!!


  3. Dear Anonymous @ Nov.1st - 1:42 pm.
    Thank you. Cant think of a better motivational adviser cum teacher than you at a time such as this.
    Let's all put politics aside for a moment and put a little love in our hearts, we're all St. Lucians.


  4. The Labour Party with 5 non Ministers refuse to appointy a deputy speaker. What crass political mischief. Then after their vulgar social media sickos dirty the internet with their NASTINESS they then come out as if concerned about the Speaker.
    Luckily only fellow fools follow their nonsense.


  5. May you recover speedily, Madam Speaker. The job is a very stressful one, so please make sure you take all the needed time that your body may need to bounce back. Also, even as you start to fell better please make sure you do a complete or thorough health check-up to ensure that there are no silent health problems lurking around. Lastly, listen to your body--and believe what your body is telling you! If it tells you it needs more sleep and rest--believe it--and give it the required sleep and rest it needs. If it tells you it is overly stressed out--believe it-- and give it the necessary stress relief it needs. If it tells you it is currently undertaking too many tasks--believe it--and cut down the tasks to manageable levels! Why do I say all of this? There is no greater teacher than personal experience--enough said! All the best to you and your family.


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