Police said 9mm firearm recovered from individuals in deadly Castries police shooting

Police said 9mm firearm recovered from individuals in deadly Castries police shooting

(PRESS RELEASE) — On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, about 10:30 p.m., officers attached to the Special Services Unit, whilst on mobile patrol, received information regarding a suspicious motor vehicle, at Reclamation Grounds, Castries.

The responding officers made attempts to stop a white Toyota Lancer, registration number PE3191, but to no avail. The motor vehicle in question failed to stop, venturing through one-way streets about the city, contravening traffic regulations.

During an attempt to apprehend the individuals, one individual was fatally shot, whilst a second was non-fatally injured. A third male was arrested without injury.

One nine millimeter (9mm) firearm was recovered by officers from the said individuals.

Investigations into the circumstances surrounding this incident are ongoing. Anyone with information regarding this matter is asked to contact the Major Crimes Unit at 456 3754.


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  1. I will repeat this one more time. St Lucia is very small. The police knows all the criminals on the island and the criminals know all the police criminals on the island.


  2. Congratulations to my brave police officers , the law is there for a reason and if not enforced then this country will be like Jamaica where much senseless killing happens on a daily basis . If the law has received intel about suspects and they are a threat to human life , bearing in mind not just the officers but also the public and therefore the officers have the right to eliminate the threat . That is what the rule of law states .


  3. The police never said they were being fired upon while in pursuit, so get your story straight before calling a professional a moron. no wonder the impacks report will never be solve. The government and the police force are too damn crooked. We need new faces in government and new blood in the police force, then we will see a change in the criminal element and a reduction in crime. THE PLOICE KNOW THE CRIMINALS AND THE CRIMINALS KNOW THE POLICE CRIMINALS.


  4. Well what they fail to mention is that during pursuit the occupants of the vehicle actually opened fire on the officers. So I would say those officers were more than justified. And for everyone crying for them, when it is your loved ones killed by the hands of these criminals I'm waiting to hear you cry police not doing anything. Too many excuses to continue living a life of no value and that always leads to a road of destruction!!!


    • Well they failed to mention it because these were not the men being pursued initially. The truth will be revealed. And believe me these men will pay for killing the innocent child and shooting an equally innocent man.


  5. Good work officers next time try to stop the vehicle with a grenade those bastards


    • If the person had stopped the vehicle with a grenade they would have killed three innocent men because the men shot at were not the same people involved in the shooting altercation. The truth will be revealed.


  6. The police is now our judge jury and executioner. those police men should be on leave while this matter is being investigated. we have criminals ,yes, but the police should not take the law in their own hands, they are not above the law. what if there were hostages or children in that vehicle. We have too many criminals in the police force.


  7. Did the police see any firearms in the vehicle before they open fire on that vehicle.? What does the police mean by fatally injured.? If you are on mobile patrol and receive information and engage in a pursuit and attempted to apprehend suspects where one was killed and another fatally injured which I do not know what that really mean. You are now asking the public to come forward with information regarding this matter. Mr. police man do your home work well before you come out with a garbage story like this.


    • They're in a moving vehicle (at high speed,no less)......did you want the cops to drive around shouting stop to them? It's morons like you who encourage the despicable behavior we see in our country every day. Dayban sitoowez!!


    • The guys were firing shots at the police so they were suppose to not shoot back. Choops Tan. I disappointed that those remaining alive are not cripple.


  8. Who da ---will hve information urll intercept da car urll askin for ppl with info to come forward smfh ask d ppl dat give urll d tip off.


  9. Just a hypothesis. The police may have saved lives by stopping those so and so. My guess is, they may have been waiting for others to show up, in other to blow up their heads. Who knows, judging by the large number of unsolved murders, how many they may have committed. Why were they on the run to begin with ?


  10. Cool, the Judge will let him out on a small $5000 bail by later next week. Good work officers, Its a shame the justice system doesnt appreciate your efforts and release the fag gangster, side purse wearing scum back onto the streets.

    Bring back opperation restore confidence! Purge the City and streets


  11. Those who live by the gun's will surely die by the guns.Crimes doesn't pay, I strongly urge our young gernations to find something meaningful to do than trying to live a life of Crime.Crime doesn't pay, you will surely die young.The law is clear that you must have a license to carry a Firearm, once you don't have a license you'll surely find yourself in trouble with the law.So parents speak to you'll Children.


    • u is a ass?.....THE ...POLICE ARE THE SAME ONE GIVING DRUGS AND GUNS TO THE SAME YOUTH!...Wen will u wake up from u dream idiot.. its all a link starting from the yute on the street selling weed rite up to chastanet...BTW the yutes are bombarded with all this OTF drug guns nowadays rap..the system is designed to kill and destroy...why shud u wait until the tree is grown and hard to cut wen u can just kill it wen it sprout....we we not born in the bob marley or hippies era...we are melinials...the world we get today wasnt designed by us...soo dont blame us for our lifestyle..it was indoctrinated in us


      • Excusese,excuses. Indoctrinated my foot. The youth of this country, especially the males, refuse to remain in school and make a decent effort at securing a future. They leave school and again refuse to work hard to earn a decent living. All they want to do is take the easy way out, and what you see happening to them is the consequence of their choices. So don't come with that crap about the system and indoctrination. We as black people seem to be unable to take responsibility for our actions and choose to blame everyone and everything for the fate that befalls us.


        • urll children dat der so i quess urll should be blamed.the system failing the yutes.the children are influenced by main stream media and the politicians jus tiffing the money.


        • what urll have in place for vulnerable yutes.the system fail the yutes.they act the way they do because they are uneducated.and what happens to those who rob the country purse


      • yute u must b sniffing the same drugs u selling to speak such nonsence. I'm a ghetto yute just like u but the difference is I chose a different. N please if u have children please do not brain wash them with the crap u wrote..


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