Pregnant goat ‘Snow’ and kid stolen from Marigot residence; family believes their property is targeted

Pregnant goat ‘Snow’ and kid stolen from Marigot residence; family believes their property is targeted
A photo of Snow or Snowie when she was much younger.
A photo of Snow or Snowie when she was much younger.
A photo of Snow or Snowie when she was much younger.

A Marigot family is seeking the assistance of the pubic in finding two goats that were stolen from the property of Eldon Francois about 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 9 by three individuals, according to daughter Nisha Frederick.

“Our home is a target for thieves. They always break and enter but this time they decided to take the animals,” Frederick told St. Lucia News Online.

She described one of the goats as pregnant, “plain white”, “very spoilt” and responds to the name ‘Snow’ or ‘Snowie’. She said the other goat is a kid (baby goat).

According to Frederick, the family heard dogs in the neighbourhood barking ferociously and decided to investigate.

However, by the time they went outside it was a bit too late.

“When we look they (three individuals) were already at the bottom of the steps running away. My dad quickly open the door and ran, but they ran somewhere in nearby bushes which lead to Fond Mange, which is another close-by area,” Frederick said.

The family is disappointed with the response of the Marigot police.

“We called the police immediately… said they were on their way and never showed up, but they called one hour after, asking if everything is okay and that they couldn’t make it. The police said they would have come in today (Tuesday) and still never showed up,” Frederick said.

“My dad drove around but found nothing,” she added.

The adult goat is one of the family’s prized possessions.

Thieves cut the rope and took the goats.
Thieves cut the rope and took the goats.

“She (Snow) was supposed to give birth next month. She is very spoilt and she does respond to the name Snow or Snowie. The other goat is a baby and it follows Snow all around, so when they grabbed Snow it ran too. They also cut the rope that was tying the goat where it was on our property.

“Please let the public know in case those thieves try selling her or just in case someone sees it anywhere around. Maybe, just maybe, we will know by the comments of the public,” Frederick pleaded.

Anyone with information are asked to call the family at 716-2317.


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    • Is zack from the surrounding area?or does he have a habit of stealing goats /animals ??


  1. I must say when our goats were stolen the ALR Police came because we found the goat and the thieves. Praedial Larceny is a waste of time and they don't do shit!!! Hope you find those bastards and make them pay. Put in up on Facebook too!!! Good Luck!!!


  2. lol this is so funny and ridiculous first someone stole a bouncing castle now yall stealing goats, goats for goodness sake.

    sakwe de ban de ban too ban voler.

    and for these damn police i am sure an i am positive if the father had shoot one of the three bastards and killed them you would see how fast these police coming. and when you hold the thieves burst their ass they want to come and talk about vigilante justice. if the police has this damn attitude how the hell the public is not going to resort to vigilante justice when the police dont do their job efficiently and the law self is a waste of time and slow.

    the same way they could have shot and killed a guy in marigot for running from them but someone call yall for a goat but yall dont have vehicle!!! and i dont care if it was police from another area police is police . do ur damn work. and further more they have their personal vehicles park hard by the station so none of yall can use your initiative to use ur own vehicle once in a while. jeez yall SUCK


  3. In this story there is need to separate the stolen goat(s) from the uniformed sheep at the Marigot Police Station.


  4. That's why I hate police officers in this country. They are lazy, out of shape, always have an excuse for not doing their jobs and commit just as much crime as the criminals themselves. So because it is a goat y'all decide not to come but if it were drugs, y'all would come in squads. Y'all suck!!


  5. Typical Police response! Tell you they're on their way but never show up! How is the crime situation in this country supposed to get any better, when the Police don't show up to the scene of the crime until two days later!!??


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