Pregnant woman stabbed in Marchand

Pregnant woman stabbed in Marchand
Nadia John sustained a stab wound to the chest.
Nadia John sustained a stab wound to the chest.
Nadia John sustained a stab wound to the chest.

Saint Lucia almost recorded another homicide.

A pregnant woman was stabbed in the chest by a “known male” in Marchand, Castries early Sunday morning, April 16, according to relatives and official sources.

Nadia John, 35, who is about six to seven month’s pregnant, is currently in serious but stable condition at Victoria Hospital.

The mother of five was allegedly stabbed by her younger sister’s ex-boyfriend around 1:56 a.m. Sunday during an entertainment event in the inner-city community.

Curlin John, one of Nadia’s sisters, said though she was not present when the incident occurred, she received information from her three sisters, including the injured one, who were present.

Curlin went on to explain that according to information received, her younger sister, Mervina John, who is about 21 years old, was at the bar liming with her two sisters when her ex-boyfriend approached her.

Mervina allegedly refused to entertain her ex and this led to a physical altercation which prompted the pregnant sister (Nadia) to intervene, Curlin told SNO.

“She (Nadia) went to put for her,” Curlin said.

It was during this time that Nadia allegedly sustained the stab wound. Curlin said a female friend “ran home” and informed her about the incident as soon as it happened.

Nadia’s baby is not in any danger, Curlin told SNO.

“She (her sister) is doing ok but she is still at VH (Victoria Hospital),” Curlin added.

A police source confirmed that Nadia was stabbed during a physical altercation with a “known male” who is still at large.

The source said the suspect was in a relationship with one of the persons involved in the dispute that occurred near a bar in the community, but could not provide additional details at this time.


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  1. Their mother is sitting in the UNITED STATES HAPPY and her children giving people and government endless problems in st.lucia .


  2. So when was the blackmail situation with ubalus urll said the name why yourll not putting the criminals name too?


  3. Speedy recovery to .
    Curline ,why aren't your siblings like u . They are so much trouble . .
    God put a hand with these girls .
    These Marchand Boulevard girls are problems to society .


  4. Lolol, some folks do not read to COMPREHEND..Gee whiz!!!! Shame on some people..They are so quick to bash..mwe mem...


  5. That foot looking like Nia's foot. Not now them girls always in war with people. People grow the f...up. Big hard back like Nia you still doing that state? What example you setting for your six children?


  6. Wen dem women pregnant dey really think dey unstoppable..bcuz you pregnant u think u can jus walk up to some one and play a role ..thing don't work dat this point in ur life u shud b at home u shudnt b getting involved in trouble..she probably think he wouldn't knock her


    • Are u sn idiot?? Pregnant or not if u see your family in trouble you will assist. What a dumb comment to make


  7. All of you sound
    Like you"ll retarded ,it's a simple issue and a big fuss over it. Be thankful the 7 months pregnant woman is still alive. why don't you"lol say she should be home resting at 1.56am, that community don't have a name.


    • gimmy i agree with you why wasn't this pregnant woman home resting and looking after her FIVE children


  8. when god is not in our midst these are the things that's need to prayyyyyyyyyyy!!


  9. I saw the incident , what I saw is the two sisters running after the guy attacking him in front of dax supermarket. I can't say if there was some problem which led to the incident but when I saw the three they were in an argument and he was walking away from them, then pregnant one had a long weapon which looks a a fork. They were hitting him and so on, making him look like a Hilary, so he ran across the road and grabbed a box cutter knife from a friend and came after them , he saw the pregnant one first so he stabbed/ slashed her. Then ran up marchand, and a crowd was following. What I am saying is that you are pregnant, this is not your case, seek police assistant if he is harassing y'all. You don't go about attacking him. I wish her a speedy recovery though.


  10. I believe the first sentence is silly. "ST Lucia almost recorded another homicide" What or when is it almost another homicide? We always have stabbing the does result in death.


  11. Come on lucians...there is nothing wrong with the headline. was a no brainer for me...the fact that a pregnant woman got stabbed in the chest is extremely frightening and sick. It ALMOSTa was double homicide


  12. Right now is stab everybody want to stab or kill people. Let try and avoid trouble by walking away somebody life can be safe in the end.young lady speedy recovery .


  13. Y'all have to be there know what's going on I was right there when her sister was looking for trouble with her bf the pregnant one who push the fight the boy keep walking away when they went an take a bag of bottles for him the boy keep running from them an yet still the two sisters not backing down the pregnant sister is stupid well what can I say she is an ass whatever she get hold


    • I saw the whole incident too!! He walked away!! More than once!! Am not saying he was right to do what he did... but they were on him with a knife and bottles.. smh...


  14. st lucians. are quick to correct with every thing but we need to correct our selves first before we can do it to others


  15. Vitalis pay attention to the details. It stated that "st lucia almost recorded another homicide". It does not state that there was another homicide.


    • Sorry, Tara, I read the report fresh from the horse's mouth - just published. To my knowledge & sighting, "almost" was not there. Since this is an on=line report, it could be easily altered and I would like to actually like to examine the Template & Motherboard of your computer before I accept that I was wrong. How far do you want to go to prove that your original report was not accurate?


  16. I'm happy she is ok but there are a few questions which i would like to ask.
    1. What is a 7 month pregnant woman doing out at minutes two in the morning?
    2. Where were her other five kids, who was looking after them?
    Situations like these trouble me because the highlight the little ways society is breaking down.


  17. Attempted murder lock the bastwred up and throw Away the keys! Another criminal walking amongst us!!


  18. S.N.O, how could this be another recorded homicide if the victim is in a stable condition St V. H.?


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