Prime Minister speaks on tourism industry upgrades

Prime Minister speaks on tourism industry upgrades

(GIS) – Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet has announced major plans for the expansion of port facilities in the south of the island.

One of the components of the port facilities expansion project is the construction of a home porting facility in the town of Vieux Fort which is expected to attract large cruise vessels.

“The Hon. Stephenson King, two other ministers, and myself will later this month travel to Miami to meet with some of the cruise ship companies to hopefully finalize their commitments to the expansion of the cruise facilities in the south,” Prime Minister Chastanet said. “Already we have been in advanced discussions with Carnival Cruise Lines, so the goal is to move pretty quickly with the idea of trying to get this done by 2020 for the earliest, but with the possibility of 2021.”

Meantime, the prime minister has described 2017 as an amazing year for Saint Lucia in terms of its tourism performance. He said plans are afoot to increase the room base by 50 percent over the next three years.

“We saw a 10.5 percent increase in our stay over arrivals, and a 14 percent increase in our cruise ship arrivals. We have a new hotel that has been opened called Harbour Club with 170 rooms; Coconut Bay in the south has added 37 suites; Windjammer has added another 30 rooms; Beljour has just recently opened, and we have also seen major upgrades at a lot of the hotels.

“I am eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Rex Property; we have been in advanced discussions with the possibility of getting a Hyatt Hotel at Choc; and we have already gotten commitments and plans are going into the DCA for a new Fairmont Hotel, a new Ritz Carlton Hotel, and also Dreams and Secrets.

“I just want to ensure all Saint Lucians and I also want to ensure our international partners that this is just the beginning of much, much more to take place in Saint Lucia over the next three years.”


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  1. January 24

    New Testament Verse of the Day:
    "For as the lightning flashes in the east and shines to the west, so it will be when the Son of Man comes."

    –Matthew 24:27


  2. What about the infrastructure that will be severely undermined due to sever weather? If we have all these hotels are developed, yet the proper infrastructure is not in place it would deter people from visiting/ staying on the island. What happens to the hotels near the sea which cannot withstand severe weather?

    It's all well and good for more developments on the island. More job for people; however, let's not forget the devastation that mother nature so unforgiving deals SIDS.

    What's happening to keep safe what we are trying to build. This should go hand in hand.

    I applaud your efforts. Let's not make those efforts go to waste.

    We can't control mother nature, but still what can we do to lesson the potential devastation?


  3. Please.. for those in authority!!look into the schools closer things are happening that I am not even sure is known to the heads of department.. I am a parent also.


  4. Jobs are needed on the south side of the island.. it's awfully stagnant on this end..there needs to be a skills development centre for the young people whether graduate or drop out. Every child should have the right to proper education no matter up or down town.. status should not be a choice issue.. the young people should stand out anywhere they go.


  5. Selling the island, no beaches for locals, most money is taken offshore so doesn't really benefit the country. The infrastructure cannot support such growth, look at the roads, look how Wasco cannot supply water to a lot of communities on a regular basis. All I see is greed instead of proper management.


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