Prime Minister to address strategic areas for growth in first budget speech

Prime Minister to address strategic areas for growth in first budget speech

unnamed-6PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister Honourable Allen Michael Chastanet and Minister for Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, External Affairs and the Public Service, Honourable Allen Michael Chastanet will on Tuesday 09 May 2017 at 5:00 p.m. table the Appropriation Bill 2017/2018 and deliver his first Budget Address.  

At the House of Assembly Meeting the Prime Minister will present a roadmap for the country and focus on the implementation of programmes, projects and policies to “Build a New Saint Lucia.”

The Prime Minister will lay out the Government’s specific plans for this year as well as the strategic priority areas for the next four years including Creating Sustainable Employment, Social Reengineering, Tourism, Agriculture, Security and Justice, Energy and Climate Change.

On Wednesday April 26th 2017 the Government announced an expanded capital programme in support of stimulating economic activity. During his summary on the Estimates of Expenditure the Prime Minister proposed expenditure amounting to $1.513 billion dollars.

The Prime Minister will tomorrow evening outline the medium to long term fiscal strategy which includes the announcement of tax reforms. Notably, the Government has already announced increased injection of capital into agriculture, infrastructure and social programmes.

The Debate on the Appropriation Bill follows from Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 4:00 p.m., Thursday, May 11 and Friday, May 12, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.  

Live coverage of the House can be viewed at:

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  1. Right on wam there! I believe they have been bewitch in their minds ,pray that they be deliver. I hope Allen don't listen to those losses who want him to fail. I know is courageous man and God has design those stupid giants to be his bread.let those nay saying stay in opposition.


  2. People can be so stupid, they don't have any money but they want to tell you what you can and what you cannot invest in.Take your money and invest in what you want and I will invest in want. The prime minister is doing a very good job so far, better than former one. May he be bless with wisdom from God.


    • Some things are obvious and have been proven not to work. Try defying the law of gravity!


    • He probably have advisors but since is the brightest genius on planet earth he doesn't need them because only what he thinks goes!


  3. I thought Allan was all about change and doing things right? Who continues to issue policy statements after presenting the figures/budget. Pissing in our eyes again politicians. You debate figures and pass the Bill then you want to tell us your plans.
    NONsense, we need to know your plans, your policy before the estimates so we can know the statements you made are backed with money NOT hot air. smfh.


  4. Am verg optimistic about my country.St.Lucia fear change and this will be our downfall,and we let politics runour lives.We eat,sleep,and shit Yellow and.Red.Half of the people population of St.Lucia know about investments,investors and trades.Now we living in a world of many are call but only a few a chosen.Look how man just because he have a personal vendetta againt Allan Chastanet made certain that he brought in the aspects of Nature and connected the DSH project and what a hazard it would be to nature the mangroves ,the different species etc etc. I mean Nature was there befire we came into this world.It will be there after we leave.The earth is about evolutio takes care of it self.Now is time to take care of the people,human lives.God take care of all.Bur people comes first,because Jah Jehoviah Emanuel.Adoni Elshadi, Jesus,Allah,gave man dominion over all things.I come before any species or animal.People want jobs.And you'll been eating Dolphins Sharks wales and Turtles so i keep coming back to whats the point.How about these creatures they not part of nature Dolphins,on you'll plates and you'll have noshame still fighting on the streets.Hypocrites practice what you'll preach Heathens. MR.PM I WILL BE Listening and picking up,because some St.lucians cannot pick up.They dont know how to pick things up and put them down.They are demon possessed,not their fault.They need spiritual bath and anointing with olive oil.Their minds foggy and Kenny brain wash them with voodoo.These people need cleansing,spiritual cleaning for growth and development of their minds.You'll not going nowhere,not with Kenny leather face Anthony.Might as well just die.Well God knows.


    • That is too dense and too crowded to read. My God, you are hurting people's eyes with whatever you have to say. Your teachers never told you about writing sensibly with paragraphs?


    • How about you getting involved in your country's growth and doing something to create employment?


    • Well I hope the one thing he doesn't do is to do like his predecessor and mention small construction projects undertaken by private citizens like Dayana Mall and hotel (Dive St. Lucia) as his major strategy in growing the economy. Up to now I don't know how St. Lucians accepted that from a PM for 15 years as their main economic prospect. Neither was there any upheaval for destroying mangroves at Rodney Bay. I take it that the mangrove in the South is benefiting from affirmative action because it is from the South and severely disadvantaged. This is what really gets to me, the inequality in judging accomplishments of leaders of our country.

      I mean on one hand we pander to a leader who has done secret deals with our patrimony, we are still continuing to pay for the miscalculations of this solo deal. He is also the leader who has imposed the most taxes on St. Lucians, and the most debt on our born and unborn. What is most reprehensive to me is that he refuses to advise or take part or in any other way contribute to any direction, advise (he has categorically refused to) that may benefit St. Lucia while in opposition. On the other hand we are fighting another leader who is trying to reduce the tax burden, develop the South of the island and reduce debt to the tax payers.

      So my fascination is with what would make some people so loyal to an individual with such traits? Maybe my answers lie with our culture and the effect of slavery, flower festivals etc., or our education of seeming lack thereof. Maybe just politics, but that's a childish way to deal with essential matters. A few days ago Emmauel Macron was elected President of France without even a party behind him, I then look at this and say maybe the end is in sight. After all if we don't want to change the world will force us to.


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