Public schools to reopen second week in January

Public schools to reopen second week in January


PRESS RELEASE – The Department for Education, Innovation and Gender Relations wishes to inform school personnel, parents and the general public that the date for the reopening of school following the Christmas break is Monday, January 09, 2017 and not Wednesday January 04, 2017 as previously announced.

However, principals and teachers are required to utilize the period January 04 to 06, 2017 for planning and preparation for the Academic Term. It is highly recommended that activities such as Parent-Teacher Conferencing be held also during the period of January 04 to 06, 2017.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development, Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert will meet with all principals on Thursday January 05, 2017 from 9:30am to 12pm.

The meeting will focus on current issues in education including safety and security, curriculum and instruction and school leadership. The venue for the meeting is the Finance Administrative Centre – Pointe Seraphin, Castries.


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  1. You parents think teachers gave birth to your children. Teachers spend more time with your kids than you do.Do you know what a full day with over twenty kids in a classroom is like?.
    Imagine doing this for months on end.Give teachers a damn break.They are not donkeys.
    Use this as an opportunity to spend more time with your kids. Choops!


  2. Parents, you are tired of your kids that much that you believe 4 days away from school would interfere with their education? Give me a break! Do what my mother did. She had me read and complete some exercises from my text books at home. I had a schedule to follow on those days...


  3. Well the education system is so F... up in St.Lucia. Please Do Not Compare Norway and Swistlan with St.Lucia it takes a Fool to say or do such. We have too many schools that are already training institutions for criminals. Yet still the Government find it must ignore the the right foe students to have full time to learn and be prepared for their future. Parents are being short change in the name of Entertainment. Lord Help Them. Our country is being run by L... and B...n so anything is possible to do now .


    • How can a school be a place for training criminals?.. do they teach kids how to pick a lock a fire a gun?.. what should be put in place is more technical and sporting programs for these kids to develop their skills and passion.. not everyone is academically inclined or are bookworms.. it's a societal issue.. why wait on the government to do something.. why as a people we choose to sit on our ass and do nothing then blame the govt.. why can't communities form a committee to raise funds and take it upon themselves to engage the youth instead of peeping through their window and talk about "the troublesome boys stealing wifi"


    • OH hush.....go parent your kids and stop leaving it for teachers. What you know about standards. Standards start at home not in the classroom.


    • Places like Norway and Switzerland have shorter school days and no homework yet their academic system is far greater than ours..
      longer school days doesn't guarantee success.. stop sounding ignorant


      • You dont have to go as far as Norway and Switzerland...just in Dominica they have school from 7:30 to 1 pm and their students perform far better than ours at CXC. The teachers in St. Lucia are just seen as our "glorified" babysitters. We dont want to do any of the parenting work ourselves. Selfish and lazy bunch!!!


    • My dear, spend a day with your child in the classroom and see how often they interrupt the teachers (and other students who want to learn) because of their "mal mess." This is what will call interrupting teaching time. Please do not talk about things you know nothing about.


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