Robert Mugabe left behind homes, cars, land and £7.7m – but no will has been found

Robert Mugabe left behind homes, cars, land and £7.7m – but no will has been found
Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe died aged 95 back in September

(SKY NEWS) – Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe left a multi-million pound fortune, several houses, 10 cars, an orchard and a farm upon his death – but no will has yet been found.

The politician, who was the oldest head of state in the world until he was dramatically forced out by a military coup after 37 years in power in 2017, died in Singapore aged 95 back in September.

Mr Mugabe was accused by his critics of accumulating vast riches and presiding over grand corruption during his reign, and the first official list of his assets to be made public reveals an exhaustive collection of properties.

According to the document, detailed in the state-run Herald newspaper, Mr Mugabe left a number of homes and a whopping 27 acres of land that included the orchard where he was buried.

The Mugabe family is known to have seized more than a dozen farms from black and white farmers over the years.

Also on the list are 10 cars as well as £7.7m, but lawyers are still searching for a will to determine whether there was anyone in particular who Mr Mugabe intended to leave his assets to.

If no will is found, the law states that they will be inherited by his wife Grace and his children.

There was no mention of any overseas assets in the Herald report, but it is thought that Mr Mugabe also owned properties in neighbouring South Africa and in Asia.

It is likely that he would have intended to leave all of his assets to his wife, 54, who Mr Mugabe wanted to take over as president before he was ousted and replaced by Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The current president is said to have done little to improve fortunes in the country, which the United Nations has said is experiencing an increasing hunger crisis.

In a report published on Tuesday, the UN World Food Programme said seven million people – or half of the population – was suffering severe hunger, with women and children hit the hardest.


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