Saint Lucia named one of the ‘world’s most beautiful islands’ by CNN

Saint Lucia named one of the ‘world’s most beautiful islands’ by CNN
CNN used this photo in their article showcasing St. Lucia

Saint Lucia has made the list of ’10 of the world’s most beautiful islands’ in a CNN article published on the news network’s website on Tuesday, September 23.

The article, penned by Jen Rose Smith, states: “Bbright-painted houses are strewn like confetti across St. Lucia’s steeply pitched slopes, which veer from rocky summits to the Caribbean shoreline.”

The article continues: “A matched set of volcanic peaks, the Pitons, are the spectacular centerpiece of this beautiful island. Lush forest at the base of the mountains, which are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, give way to miniaturized “elfin woodlands” at higher elevations. Here, look for fairy-sized hummingbirds, delicate ferns and trails shrouded in mist. Go to: Hike to the summit of Gros Piton, then enjoy post-trail rum drinks at nearby Sugar Beach — or from a private infinity pool with views of the mountains.”

The other destinations that made the list are (as indicated in the article):

Milos, Greece: Whitewashed houses with blue doors pepper the coastline of this famous island, where the Venus de Milo statue was discovered in 1820.

Bartolomé, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: Named for a friend of the naturalist Charles Darwin, this island is home to the only penguins that live north of the equator.

Fregate, Seychelles: This private island, with its sea turtle visitors and white sand beaches, is a quiet haven from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Seychelles.

St. Lucia, Lesser Antilles: The Pitons, a matched set of volcanic peaks, are the spectacular centerpiece of a UNESCO World Heritage Site on this spectacularly beautiful island.

Jura, Scotland: With bare summits and clear-flowing streams, Jura is among the most beautiful islands in the Inner Hebrides archipelago of Scotland.

Komodo, Indonesia: Go now to spot the Komodo dragon on the island named for the world’s largest living lizard. The island is closing for 2020 to help preserve its habitat.

Senja Island, Norway: Round-the-clock sunshine shines on this island in summer, while winter brings a flickering display of Northern Lights on this dramatic stage for the natural beauty of the Arctic.

Mo’orea, French Polynesia: While Mo’orea is just a quick ferry trip away from the famous island of Tahiti, the smaller isle is far less developed, which means fewer crowds as you roam white-sand beaches and swim with humpback whales.

Palawan, Philippines: This island’s most remarkable hiding place might be in Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, where an underground river runs through a maze of limestone caverns.

Kaua’i, United States: Cooled lava forms tubes on the rugged Nā Pali Coast. The rest of the island is pretty spectacular too.


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  1. The island only looks nice. Everything here is overpriced, most of the people are only nice to foreigners, the government could care less about whether we eat, live or die unless it affects the tourism sector. There are no opportunities for the upcoming generation, in fact, a lot of them talk about leaving the island, myself included.
    To reiterate, the island looks nice, but only people with money, status or connections can really flourish here. If you dont have any of those get ready to work like a dog for ungrateful business owner, who like the government, dont care whether you make enough to feed yourself or child/children.

    That being said, the landscape is nice if you ignore castries.


    • Go to school and get a degree so that you can have things for yourself!! Quit looking for a handout!!


  2. I hear st Lucians talk about health care and tourism that’s like seeing how well hot oil mixes with cold water( go ahead try it) ppl don’t come to st Lucia for its health care I know it could be better I’ve seen with my own eyes but st lucians have to start doing things that benifit is all and not just make a few of us wealthy and to hell with the rest that is a st Lucian issue they vote party and not integrity until then this will always be an issue. We could blame the ppl who have yet to see a natural wonder like ours all we want that will not change the fact st Lucian are responsible for the state of st Lucia


  3. St Lucia is one of the most Beautiful islands. If you travel to the various islands, you will experience that for yourself.
    FYI: CNN is located in the USA. Do you want to hold them accountable for your broken system? The post is not talking about healthcare, broken schools, hospitals or crimes. Take that up with your Government. You are the ones who take the $100 bribes and put them in power.
    You guys complain; but what are you doing to help your country? you fail to realize you as a people are the ones destroying the place.
    ST Lucia is one of the Most Beautiful islands in the world...Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!


  4. Our healthcare system is in shambles. Please help. There are only 3 incubators at The Victoria Hospital. Please send help. Our government only cares about tourism and carnival.


    • What a joke there are plenty of much more beautiful places that actually work. Do gullible tourists know that there is high crime and unemployment and wasteful organisations? Then you have places like the OECS Commission paying their top dog 40,000 EC a month tax free and car etc when that money could be used to help poor people. Stand up people and demand better you can't live in a so called paradise which is actually hell for a lot of people!


      • First of all they’re talking about the actual island. Anything else it’s the government fault ??‍♀️


  5. what are we shouting about . the country is beautiful but health care is in the gutters. country beautiful but people on hospital floor. country is beautiful but rain wetting children and ceiling ready to fall at a primary school in the Babonneau area. what the he'll is beauty and the people are suffering.


  6. Would you rather have absolutely no tourism as an industry, have hundreds of mothers
    unemployed, taxi drivers on hard times and ofcourse your white rum much cheaper?
    Think again, with less employment, population rise, higher crime rate, Jail house full up
    less revenue from Air and Seaport Customs, local Restaurant and small shops closed, think again.


    • unemployment is not the cause of those issues, its being idle. Im unemployed but i dont go around robbing or killing people cuz i have OPPORTUNITIES to do lil jobs about the place thanks to the many friends i made and the VERY few family members that try to help however they can.
      Look at the crime rate over the past decade, you think its just unemployment that contributes to it? People need meaning in their lives and if they dont then they need to something to do. Its even worse for teenagers and young adults who have almost no interesting after school programs and the ones that are available can only support so many.

      Those mothers and taxi drivers would find other work to do if the government cared to innovate enough and build new industries apart from tourism which is seasonal, people need to eat every day. And what if we get hit by a barrage of storms throughout the season as we expecting in the upcoming years as global warming gets worse? you think the tourist going to go out of their way to come here? Stop thinking like sheep.


  7. I think these news and report are being paid to generate or just a whitewash statement. I have no 2nd guessing that St. Lucia is a beauty naturally, we don't want anyone to say that. What we want is accountability, where are all the monies gone when all these millions of tourist coming to this shore, where is it? our road infrastructure are beyond comprehension where the Government dispense premium money to build. Our health care system can now be consider dilapidated, the government cannot find money to pay the staff and secure proper wages for its population, cost of living is sky rocketing, bounty rum become more expensive... where are all the monies gone? - STOP GIVING THE HOTEL 15yr TAX EXEMPTION it is criminal..


    • Some of you all deplorable St.Lucian idiots are never thankful. Always looking out for hand out from Government why not try doing for you'll selves,you two are despicable go get you all own lives day ban in wo wa.


      • Kabuit. the government is supposed to give hand outs to us. And its literally not a hand out because its OUR money in the first place. Where you think they get money from? god? Its very obvious you have no understanding of how taxes and governments function with that idiotic statement.

        You just want to pay taxes and get nothing from the government? We still pay for almost every public service, We still pay for primary education, we pay when we get sick which makes no sense cuz the money we pay to NIC can easily be used to fund the healthcare system along with VAT.

        Yall just letting the government ride yall for nothing and still turning around to tell them thank you


        • If you don’t work and pay in taxes, then it’s NOT your money!! Get a JOB and provide for yourself AND YOUR FAMILY!! Nobody wants to “help” someone who’s capable of HELPING THEMSELVES!!!


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