Saint Lucian journalist Miguel Fevrier apologises for his “carelessness”

Saint Lucian journalist Miguel Fevrier apologises for his “carelessness”
Miguel Fevrier
Miguel Fevrier

MBC Television Senior Reporter Miguel Fevrier, who was recently incarcerated at the Bordelais Correctional Facility, released a statement Tuesday evening, apologising for his “carelessness” while expressing gratitude to those who stood by him.

Feverier was reportedly arrested for failing to comply with a court order regarding a criminal matter that occurred many years before he entered the media. He was released from prison days ago, according to reports.

Below is the full statement:

On Wednesday, 25 September 2019, I was taken into custody with respect to an outstanding matter which had its origins some years ago. I take full responsibility for the events which led to this unfortunate situation as it was my carelessness, most of all, which contributed to this.

For any embarrassment caused to my employer, MBC, its management and staff, I am deeply sorry. You have stood by me from the very beginning and more so over the past week. Your support never wavered and from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

To you the loyal viewers of MBC, please accept my apologies. Notwithstanding the grief I caused you, not once did you abandon me. Daily, I received word of your unflinching support and I promise to do better in the future.

To my media colleagues whom I will continue to support and defend vociferously, I thank you too for your many messages and words of encouragement. I know this must have been difficult for many of you but your concerns for my welfare will always be cherished.

To my friends, you will never know the full extent of my appreciation for how you reached out and rallied behind me. I am sorry for the pain I caused you. Please know that my circumstances were made that much easier knowing that there were people like you out there who were so willing to forgive my error of judgment and help me go forward. I am eternally grateful.

To my family, and my father in particular I apologise for the anxiety I put you through. Still, you never abandoned me and my love and appreciation for you has deepened beyond words.

To my attorneys, who worked tirelessly to ensure a positive outcome of the unfortunate situation, thank you for your hard work and dedication. You went beyond the call of duty, night and day, and I truly appreciate all that you did.

To everyone both here and overseas, who in one way or another assisted, whether you donated to the cause, whether it was by way of enquiry or if you simply just said a prayer and thought of me, I will be forever indebted to you. It is you who have made it possible for me to be here and it is your example I will hereon in seek to emulate as I go forward and put the past behind me.

Thank you all and once more my most sincere apologies.


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  1. We still in the dark about the other do called "journalist" who was arrested allegedly for making bomb threats. The media, except for Rick Wayne, remained quiet and is still quiet.


  2. That’s so unfair I spend 8 months in jail for 300 dollars Because I stole from someone in front of me that forget they card in the atm . I couldn’t pay back in time then they send me bordelais, my parents try to pay them after I was in jail . They never release me earlier . And that lil man getting away with 28 k . Smh . Seems that in st Lucia they have two justice.
    Plus he always accusing ppl how he want , misleading the less educated.
    Unfair he should stay in jail and do his time . And for all his supporters I really hope one day day he will accuse y’all unfairly .


  3. Bro if I should ever be happy you went prison it would not be nice . I can remember being wrongfully accused of having a gun, and you did your job well, my name was drag in the mud but God is good am a free man today. Keep doing your job and do it well . You have been to the prison and see there is a lot of innocent man there help to get their stories out there.God bless you and your family . #cleanheartyouthsproduction


  4. we all have done things in the past, some worst than others, he made his bed now he has to lay in it.stop playing as if you all never mess up.


  5. So he was careless. That is amazing. He stole $28000 from a bank and instead of going to jail like any normal person, he was asked to pay back this stolen money that he had already spent. He got off easy and was asked to pay $700 a month for his bank robbery. Apparently he was careless and didn't pay it back. I want to see if he stole any one of his sympathizers car and scrapped it for parts if you would be so forgiving.
    I want to know if he broke into the SLP offices and stole $28,000 from the safe if they would be so easy on this poor, lost, good and honorable boy.


  6. What goes around comes around if we are quick to destroy people's reputations our turn will come one day. Let us be mindful of that.


  7. I'M very happy you are out next time take care of you business, before you take care of others, you will learn from your mistake.If you go back to the media try not too be bias,if you go to school for that job you should know not to take side of no political parties.


  8. I don't know why he fight it. Take jail but don't pay bank no money. They robbing us blind our here; pissing in our eyes and cal;ing it train.


  9. By know all media personnel should take a lesson from all that. When is someone outside they quick to put something out now it's another colleague of theirs no show. Hope y'all learning them politicians taking you all for a ride. Rise up from that and do the right thing and be fair to all citizens when giving your story. Respect life what goes around comes around. Don't let the politicians take control of the media. I am very disappointed in the at Lucia media. They can be seen smoking and drinking on the job when they cover their party meetings. Rise up from that Miguel and groom your hair. You better than that.


    • What Nonsense are you saying, you ppl afraid to put you-all real Names out there there fear that ppl will know you all for the Nonsense that some of u post on here hiding behind fake names How is he not doing a good job in his reporting when he asked the questions that are affecting the ppl and the progress of our country men ,women and children , where as you for refuse to live up to your name and RISE UP TO ALOT OF THE CRAP THAT PASSES FOR GOVERNANCE IT IS COMMENTS LIKE YOURS WHO HAS THE COUNTRY GOING THE WAY IT IS . AND WHAT DIES HIS HAIR HAS TO DO WITH IT ? SO ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE WHO ALSO HAS PROBLEMS WITH RASTAS ASWELL ? ITS NOT HOW YOU WEAR URE HAIR THATS IMPORTANT WE NEED TO MOVE WITH THE TIMES SMH .


  10. I so love this reporter I am so happy you out . Just keep on doing the good work you capable of. Let God judge you and he have forgiven you .


  11. Hypocrites hear them now chein labar Too often youll forgetting if was a Uwp man thst did that you punks would make noise fire him would not accept his apology but today we prayed for u migs my Ass. remember ubalduds you'll had him everyday bfast lunch and dinner.


  12. ?⚖" Employers should sympathize "?" employees at these unfortunate circumstances.However" the grivence of the issue is up to the "? employees. For the notions of rehabilitation & Reformation of our scattered youth should begin at the calling from these levels.


  13. Good day Miguel,

    You have always been in my thoughts and prayers. In life we live and learn, and like you said you have learnt lessons from all of this, its now time to put the pass behind you and be the best that you can be. I am proud of your media colleagues who stood by you and never for once had any publicity that would bring disrepute to your character. Proud of the media community.

    Do not worry about those who jeer you. Remember the old saying: le bab camawad ou pwee defay, pwun glow ec woozay sawoo.


    • You all despicable SLP suckers always seems to amaze me. Don't you all have any shame? Listen up a thief is a thief is a thief no excuses you all 4king moron stupid HACKS. E say a voler twist it how you all want and he will do it again.


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