Saint Lucians convicted for drugs in Martinique argued that there was no evidence against them

Saint Lucians convicted for drugs in Martinique argued that there was no evidence against them

(SNO) — Three Saint Lucian men have been sentenced to four years in prison by a Martinique court in connection with a drug trafficking matter, according to Martinique 1ere.

The men, who are between 28 and 41 years old, were sentenced on Wednesday, Dec. 19. Their sentences were accompanied by a 10-year ban from the French territory.

Martinique 1ere further reported that the St. Lucians were arrested at sea, between St. Vincent and St. Lucia, by the French Navy on November 17, 2018. The trio were chased by Navy soldiers after they were observed sailing in a go-fast with “suspicious behaviour”.

In a panic, the men were seen throwing several bales of suspected drugs overboard, Martinique 1ere reported.

The contents thrown away were never recovered and the St. Lucians argued that the bales contained sand, and they were fishing in the area. But the prosecutor said, according to Martinique 1ere, that tools required for fishing were not found on the men’s vessel and that dogs trained for the detection of narcotics “demonstrated the recent presence of products”.

The operation was reportedly carried out in close collaboration with the French Navy, OCRTIS (Central Office for the Suppression of the Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs), and the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Fort-de-France.


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  1. They should have had a knowledge of the French legal system. Whereas our system is adversarial where attorneys plead their case, the French system is inquisitorial and its more like an inquest where a determination of the truth is sort. Therefore they may need no physical evidence to convict you as long as they think that the have a good grasp of the truth. The questions they would ask would be why would you throw something in the water with approaching law enforcement? Most likely you would be doing or think that you are doing something illegal. No fishing equipment but you claim you were fishing: Thats lying to authorities. The dogs as we know would stand the true test since they would be unbiased and gave the authorities the answer they needed.


  2. Shudda gotten 10yrs imprisonment and 10yrs ban... Them drugs are one of the reason crime is so high in the Caribbean... i am certainly sure the judiciary took that into consideration and all other logistics and risk involved in chasing, capturing and processing them ...Its about time St Lucia judiciary operate in similar fashion...


  3. What authorities does the French have to apprehend these persons out of their jurisdiction. The men were between St. Lucian and St. Vincentian waters. Question does the French have such authority? If so they have the rights to arrest fishermen for fishing in this area also. What is the world becoming?


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