Saint Lucia’s anti-gay laws having “negative effect” on tourism — U&S responds to article

Saint Lucia’s anti-gay laws having “negative effect” on tourism — U&S responds to article
Blind Date producers send two bisexual male contestants to Caribbean island where gay sex is ILLEGAL | Daily Mail Online

Saint Lucia’s main LGBTI rights organisation, United and Strong (U&S), has responded to media reports that two bisexual contestants of popular UK show ‘Blind Date’ were warned during their prize-winning trip to Saint Lucia that ‘homosexuality is illegal’ on the island and gay sex can get them 10 years behind bars.

The gay tourists were tense during their entire trip and organisers of the show have apologised for sending the men to the ‘wrong island,’ according to numerous reports coming out of the UK.

Responding to a request from St. Lucia News Online for a comment on the situation, United and Strong said in a written statement: “From the organization’s perspective we believe that the article brings to light the plight of the LGBTI community locally, but also highlights the negative effect our laws and legislation have on the tourism product.”

The organisation went on to say that as a country which is heavily dependent on tourism “the existing laws creates an atmosphere of fear, shame and to some extent disgust for potential visitors”.

“Unfortunately it is also the everyday struggle for local LGBTI community members who are citizens and nationals of St. Lucia,” United and Strong also stated.

Blind Date producers send two bisexual male contestants to Caribbean island where gay sex is ILLEGAL (Source: Daily Mail)

According to media reports in the UK, ‘Blind Date’ fans are furious that the bisexual men — Jordan Shannon and Jesse Drew — were sent to Saint Lucia where gay sex is illegal.

“I didn’t know this until I was told on the way to the hotel. I thought: ‘What the f**k?’,” Jordan reportedly told The Daily Star.

Jesse reportedly “couldn’t relax” after the hotel security guard advised him of “island rules,” the newspaper further reported.

“The hotel security woman told me how most gay men were in the closet there as homosexuality is illegal. It’s 10 years in prison if caught,” he added.

“Jordan and Jesse returned safely to the UK following the tense trip,” the newspaper stated.

A Channel 5 official has reportedly admitted to the mistake of sending the men to Saint Lucia.


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  1. The sad thing about this is that some od u homophobic ppl are the same ones whos husbands family members and children Booling undercover


  2. Grow up and evolve Saint Lucia. Be more accepting, stop the hate and open your mind. Some Saint Lucians undergo depression because they are bullied for being gay or lesbian. Happiness is for ALL! Equality knows no boundaries. Make Saint Lucia a true paradise with no tags and labels.


  3. Everybody live their life to please themself. My issue with these gay people is that they want to enforce their lifestyle on people and expect that you must accept it. It is others rights too, if they don't support your gayness. You cannot force people to accept you for whatever reasons. They put themselves in all facets of society to promote their lifestyle. Don't you think it is also an infringement on others rights too when you want to force them to accept what is against the norm ? So many gay people come to St.Lucia and enjoy their vacation without any form of harassment or prosecution, I see them all the time in the malls, supermarket and all about the place. If you are so proud of what you doing, why worry about a few words, most times spoken behind your backs ? @ outcry, we maybe stuck in Victorian times, but at least we are a people who can identify with morals. And to me that's the best thing compared to your 21st century corrupted and polluted part of the world.


  4. The world is watching the level of stupidity as a citizenry we express regarding an issue that can negatively impact our already fragile economy. We are merely confirming to the world what gay folks locally and potential gay visitors can be subjected to. Are we listening to ourselves or even hear the negativity echoing.

    Live and let live, stop the hate, treat others as we would like to be treated. Wake up St. Lucia.


  5. U&S all of you are sick mofos you'll take how much cal already and bam you'll adopt that salaptay and is people you'll want to endorse that.
    Fire burn all you salop woy.


  6. oh shut up. as much as we not promoting gay there is nothing wrong in spending vacation in saint lucia so many people that come here. chewps


  7. So how de baby go be born? Aren't men on earth primarily to ensure the survival of their species? Well if not i guess everyone could be irresponsible and gay. If we cannot have rules governing same gender sex then why should we have governing same species sex? Why should we have rules that prevent same family sex? Should we change the whole world or even end our existence because of the desires of a few perverts?


  8. Hey, i cant relax in the US or UK because I am black and being black is not even illegal in those places. I guess they wouldn't be in the news if they were sent to Indonesia where it is still illegal. Remember that being gay is not illegal it is being caught bulling that is illegal. I am sure these two guys bull their belly full in St. Lucia. Did they have separate rooms? That question wasn't asked as to whether they had sex, but somebody has to wash the bed sheets.


  9. Oh stop you all BS whole bunch of hypocrisy going down. St.Lucia have more gay men and women than Barbados which was the capital of fags. They come from all class from the high class to the low class stop making people think we we are that pure all of you condemning others about their sexual preferences must be munching more carpets. I know it is wrong but leave them to Jehovah let him be the judge not you all bloody hypocrite.


  10. Jesse reportedly “couldn’t relax” after the hotel security guard advised him of “island rules." I am unsure what Jesse wanted to do. He always had the privacy of his hotel room. Unless he wanted to do the bum-bum thing in public. That, is not tolerated for straight or gay.


    • Can you RELAX when you (being a person of difference: race, sexual orientation or religion) are targeted as a figure of hate and ridicule? It was a serious mistake to send modern, 21st century, liberated, young men for a romantic time to 5 star rated, homophobic, Saint Lucia which is stuck in the Victorian Times and proud of it! What a prize! What the country lack in historical places; it does not lack in antiquated attitudes.


  11. They were definitely sent to the wrong island. They were also deliberately sent here to start some shit. We will die without them. Our culture needs to remain as is. Go somewhere else.


    • What culture do you want to stay the same the culture of guys who like to come on social media or see gays on the street and go straight to bashing them but yet still when night time they doing more gymnastics with another guy than a proud gay person
      St.lucia is full of hyprocracy all them man that fast to bash gays are just afraid they true being get notice so they go out to demonize it in another land of b**l!!!!


  12. Gay agenda pushing their degeneracy on us. Sigh why aren't we allowed to make our own decisions and take a stance on these things. Please don't submit to this degeneracy.


  13. this was all a fix. go into an island who dont legally support gay marriage and apply pressure on them because they love tourists! learn the tricks of some of these white people. they have an agenda to make bullahs of everyone. even their own countries fed up with them. there is a reason why Trump will be their president and the politics are a mess in these countries right now. reminds me of the bible phrase where it said that those who hate them and whom they hate will rule over them. they dont like Trump cause he dont support all their crazy sheet.. sodom and ghmorah was destroyed because men had lust for each other and the women too. just remember that. Go away with your nasty people will not win in Jesus name.


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