Saint Lucia’s tourism figures reveal ‘fifth record-breaking month for the year’

Saint Lucia’s tourism figures reveal ‘fifth record-breaking month for the year’
Soufriere Bus Terminal and Organic Produce Market at Old Trafford as part of the Development of Village Tourism
Soufriere Bus Terminal and Organic Produce Market at Old Trafford as part of the development of village tourism.

(PRESS RELEASE) — Tourism officials on Saint Lucia remain optimistic over robust signs of a continued growth trajectory for the vital tourism industry. Figures for the halfway point of 2019 continue to show strong demand for Saint Lucia as the important sector again recorded significant growth.

Stay-over arrivals for June 2019 peaked at 34,040, up 9% from June of last year. This means year to date (YTD) growth has increased 6.5%, up from 6.1% last month. This figure also marked the 5th record-breaking month for the year.

Contributing to the growth for the month of June were increases in the island’s main source market the United States, which saw a 17% increase, Germany 31%, the rest of Europe 9%, the Caribbean 7%, and Canada with an increase of 20%.

Commenting on the increases Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) Beverly Nicholson-Doty says the growth can be attributed to multiple factors, among them is increased airlift from the US, directly attributed to a second AA flight out of Miami that brought on 5,264 additional seats. Additional seats were also added on by JetBlue from JFK and Boston.

Airlift out of the Canadian market increased with an additional 256 seats from West Jet and Air Canada combined.

Other factors contributing to the increases were the hosting of a series of events which attracted regional travelers namely Football competitions and a music concert featuring Jamaican reggae musician Sizzla Kalonji. Decreases in visitor arrivals were however recorded from the UK – 15% and 21% from the rest of world.

Nicholson-Doty says given that there’s still a slew of exciting destination marketing initiatives to be rolled out for 2019 along with the ensuing winter season, Saint Lucia looks well poised to meet and indeed surpass the record 1.2 million visitors it welcomed in 2018.

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  1. In one hand the tourism industry being used for political agenda only to prop up the figures to so income while why very government insinuations support white collar crime at the behest of tax payer labor.


  2. well well
    we should expect this news from any party that is in power.
    election is around the corner


  3. Why doesn't the banner headline say what this extra good news is estimated to grow our GDP, and by what percent? The ministry of tourism has no depth or skills for that? What are celebrating?

    The main in the street may have guessed this increase already. What is needed most is a firmer grasp of what it all means for average Saint Lucian. Put the Saint Lucian in the middle of it all. And if the tourists are coming but not spending? What an empty boast and cruel joke this all is.


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