SALCC teaches English to Cuban medical personnel

SALCC teaches English to Cuban medical personnel
Cuban medical personnel
Cuban medical personnel

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC), as a goodwill initiative, has organized a series of workshops to teach English to Cuban medical personnel who are on the island to assist with the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The four-week workshop runs from June 1 to July 3 and will be administered via the Moodle online learning platform.

The workshops organized by the Modern Language Department at the College seeks to enable the more than 100 Cuban medical practitioners to communicate with local doctors, patients and the community at large while they are in St. Lucia.

Participants will be engaged in three-hour classes from Monday to Thursday.

They will receive a certificate upon completion of the programme.

The College recently strengthened its online learning platform to facilitate the transition from face to face that was forced by the protocols established during the onset of the pandemic. The College had also been redesigning its programme offerings, one of which is the English as a Second Language (ESL) programme which will be offered to all non-English speakers in St. Lucia and abroad.

With over 40 years of friendship between Saint Lucia and Cuba, this gesture of free ESL workshops offered by the College seeks to express profound gratitude to the Cuban Medical Brigade for their assistance during these unprecedented times.

The programme has been endorsed and supported by the Ministries of Health and Education as well as the Cuban Embassy.


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