Sandals Resorts International completes $12-million upgrade

Sandals Resorts International completes $12-million upgrade

(SNO) — Sandals Resorts International is reporting the completion of a $12-million upgrade at its Halcyon Hotel here in Saint Lucia.

The hotel will see upgrades of 76 club rooms as well as the installation of a 540-feet swimming pool.

Mark Harding, senior project manager at Sandals, boasted that its pool is the longest in the region.

“We think it is the longest pool in the Eastern Caribbean,” he told reporters during a tour of the facility last week. “We’ve done quite a bit of research, from St. Thomas going back down to Trinidad and haven’t found a longer, so I think we have bragging rights to say we have the longest pool in the Eastern Caribbean.”

General Manager of the facility, Christopher Elliot, said all ground floor rooms have been transformed into concierge, meaning they fall into the “Club Sandal Service” category.

Meanwhile, Tourism Minister, Dominic Fedee said the project peaked at 120 jobs which he stated “speaks to the compassion and humanity of Sandals”.

He said the company has invested “untold sums” into the human capital in Saint Lucia.

“Many of their employees have graduated with degrees and master’s degrees in various certification programs and it is just an amazing company for them to work for,” he remarked. “So Sandals doesn’t only invest in concrete and invest in tourism products but it invests in humanity.”

The Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort is expected to be opened to guests by December 1.


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