Six to contest “Curves with Confidence” Pageant in Soufriere tomorrow

Six to contest “Curves with Confidence” Pageant in Soufriere tomorrow
The contestants. See other photos below the story with their names.

Six curvaceous ladies will take centre stage at the “Curves with Confidence” Pageant slated to begin this Saturday, May 13 at the Morne Coubaril Estate in Soufriere.

The event is the brainchild of the Alexander Family Foundation and Events, incorporated in August 2016 by Maylisa Alexander and her husband Gary Alexander from Myers Bridge, Soufriere.

The show starts 7:30 p.m. The entry fee is $40.

Ticket outlets are Eroline Foods, Cooljoint Disco, Purity Bakery, and Xquisite Nails and Spa.

The contestants are:

* Darnally Estava, residing in Reunion, Choiseul – representing Cool Joint Disco

* Kisha Francois, residing in Soufriere – representing Dot Com Sounds

* Shenelle Henry, residing in Anse La Verde, Canaries – representing Liberty FM

* Ellen Cox, residing in Soufriere – representing Impression Boutique

* Lyncia Antoine, residing in High Street, Canaries – representing Mampa Agency

* Natalie Felix, residing in Palmiste, Soufriere – representing Sugar
Beach, A Viceroy Resort

According to the organisers, the pageant was created to shed light on a number of social issues that women, particularly curvy women, are faced with.

“In society today, there is a great pressure on young women to look and act a certain way. The growth of social media has swayed women in a particular direction of thought. We want to put on a fun-loving show bringing women of all ages and sizes together to promote self-confidence, personal empowerment and independence. We want our children growing up to understand the importance of self-esteem and loving oneself,” the Foundation states in a press release.

Proceeds from the event are expected to assist 25 underprivileged children from Fond St. Jacques, Choiseul, Canaries, Bouton, and Soufriere with hampers, and school supplies.

According to a release from the organization, Alexander Family Foundation and Events is a new brand for community events which will help in assisting the less fortunate in the western part of the island.

“Our organization was founded and created to bring communities together to promote and to bring about awareness issues facing the youth and citizenry throughout challenges for community cohesion. Alexander Events aims to bring western communities together in an enthusiastic and fun-loving way through a variety of different events that target the western demographic. We successfully launched the organization during the New Year period with a family fun fair in the Soufriere region that was aimed at providing a safe environment for families and most importantly for children to come together and enjoy time out with each other. The contributions raised were to provide hampers for less fortunate families and a printer for an institution in Soufriere.”

The Alexanders would like to acknowledge and extend their gratitude to assistants Junita Mondesir and Mrs Antoine, as well as the chaperones, Charlee, Risha, Shanfar, Pearline, Porcha and Gemme.


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  1. Remember chaperon for number 1 contestant how would u feel if your chaperon did u why u did to that contestant what goes around comes back to hunt u afterwards u pretender as u are hypocrite


  2. I see big breasts but not really any curves to speak about. Perhaps we should put some real nice big ladies with curves next times. Lane Bryant models on the Internet do make you drool. These have curves to speak about. Lovely curves.


  3. Women who are weighty often conceal their shape so as not to draw attention to their silhouette. In our social minds’ eyes, slender women are considered beautiful and clothes are more flattering on their figures. But beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and this misconception has distorted the image of what is womanly. If you want a clothes horse to display your grown a curvaceous woman will detract you from the cloth and cut as I have witnessed men drooling lustily with all their senses on fire at the sight of a well-endowed, confident, curvaceous woman in a stunning outfit. Slender sisters no matter how attractive do not have such an impact.

    But this is not about just curves and femininity. Women and usually the matronly types are often the backbone of many communities, organising, caring, sharing and are seldom cast in the limelight. This event is done in good spirit for them to shine as well as combine raise funding and entertaining their community. I do not think any of these women have set themselves to be role models of health or beauty and we should appreciate the spirit in which the event is held. I hope a great time is had by all and much funds will be raised for the various good causes.


    • Slender ladies don't have men drooling over them, the way men drool over curvaceous women???????????

      On what planet you from?
      You probably have not travel to many places.

      Some men drool lustily over all women no matter what they shape or size.

      Hell some men are smitten if women can engage them in witty conversation.


  4. I. Don't know. What. To do i need. Help
    Person. responsible. For. This. action. Is giving. ME attitude. When. I complain. To him


  5. Omg...St Lucians please learn to ignore people comments. 15 out of 23 comments thus far are in response to my first comment. Try to formulate your own opinion on the article and stop waiting on someone to post a comment to prance on them like hungry hyenas. Fe mwen chayy


  6. comment one n two make me sick...learn to help others rise n not belittle them n bring dem down...useless people!


  7. So we celebrating obesity now? Hope the stage is fortified with steel so that there are no mishaps on the evening.


  8. Yea sure. Let's glorify the gwess. Would love to see the swimsuit section of that pageant. Lord have mercy.

    Why not have a weight loss pageant instead.


  9. The name of the show is Miss Curves with Confidence and not big and beautiful. This show is for plus size women from size 12 and this young lady the you think is meg is a size 14.


  10. finally some women that have meat on them and not meg ones with no front or back and starving themselves.

    yum yum yum yum yum delicioso.


  11. She isn't as full as the other women, but she defineatly has some curves & confidence. If she did not meet the criteria for the show then she wouldn't be going up..... DUUUUUHH!!!!!


  12. I'm from the uk to see they giving girls with shapes pageant contest to show big can be beautiful and they can hold their self . Congrulation to all of them they are all winners black is beautiful


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