SLP calls on gov’t to make a definitive statement on St. Jude

SLP calls on gov’t to make a definitive statement on St. Jude
Construction site of new St Jude Hospital.
Construction site of the new St Jude Hospital.

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on the government to immediately make a definitive statement on the future of the St.Jude Hospital.

The SLP notes the conflicting positions by the Allen Chastanet led administration on the reconstruction of the hospital since assuming office.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party is horrified by the statement made by Heath Minister Mary Isaac on September 14th, 2017 which was broadcasted island wide on the complete demolition of the hospital which was actively under construction when the UWP assumed office in June 2016.

SLP spokesman on Health Hon Moses Jn Baptiste also notes the hundreds of Saint Lucians who have either called or written to express their shock at the recent announcements by Mary Isaac.


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  1. For a group of people who make pappyshow out of manifestos, they now come arxking for a definitive statement? SLP, the umbrella body, belongs to the collective, shootshating clubs of Saint Lucia. Every bar stool. Every rum shop. When is your next round, superior bright S-L-P?


  2. By the look of the structure, this look like something I would draw when I was two years’ old lol. First to begin I would not demolish the building. This is like taking our money “tax payers that is” down the toilet. Why not turn it into a multi trade school for the youngsters and make it affordable to all meaning “the have nots”. And currently why did it take so DAM long to make that decision. I can just look at this crap of a structure and tell you this is not a medical facility. Going inside would be just a waste of my time. You politicians need to really kick it up a notch, meaning stepping you’ll game up. And STOP WASTING DAM TAX PAYERS FREAKING MONEY. I am talking to both sides.


  3. What is all this "spokesman on health, spokesman on this ir that" kinda thing. He is a minister, he speaks for the nation's interest. Or should be. Period. Yall trying to make news more juicy with all kinda bullock. He wasnt elected to be no spokesman. He a district rep. Chooops


  4. Bah! Humbug! You all were in there and had lies for definitive statements. SLP, you are now in misery with your mountains of lies. Misery loves company.


  5. If the plan is truly to demolish the structure would it not be prudent instead to repurpose the structure and begin a new one elsewhere to replace the destroyed St. Jude Hospital? Demolishing this one would be an utter waste of what we keep hearing are limited resources. Waste no want not.


    • Dem have problem wid the language, like me. Dem should use the building for something else. Build another hospital, one big piece at a time. They can fix even this one like this, one big piece at a time. Offer basic care and build on that. We doh need no big splash. Just care. No flash.


  6. SLP should be very ashamed of themselves to publish bullish. After so many years you'll were in office,get millions of dollars from foreign countries for aid you all pocketed every penny too take care of you all personal business and now you all want to blame the UWP government. Hand them all the money's back to finish with repairs and you Moses can talk fork again.


    • Stop talking nonsense.....a government has proposed demolishing a building on which 100 million was spent and you are not appalled by such a decision. This administration is robbing the country and you want to talk about Kenny. It must be noted that the the hospital design was approved by the current administration and Kenny retained the Engineer hired by the UWP.

      Kenny is not in power so move on. Chastenet appears clueless. All his decisions are in designed to benefit. Everything he touches gets destroyed....Are you too blind to see the pattern.

      You cannot defend such a poor decision so like a blind fool you go on the offence even manufacturing facts to justify such a rubbish.
      decision. This is about DSH and giving the lands to Teo is King. I have no doubt you are corrupted and collecting from the backdoor.

      KENNY IS OUT,.....Chastenet the IDIOT is now in charge and has you to show that he is mentally competent to run a country....I suggest that you and him checkin at the wellness centre.

      Dumb is as dub does.....



      • Give and take....u see anything close to a 100 million spend there?pawol diwi doo..kenny and all those salpwops need to extinct.


      • Did the government make a proposal to demolish the building? I don't think you did well in English. This is the type of spinning that gets us into trouble. Who does the government propose to?


    • If I could give your comment 100 'Thumbs Up' I would!
      Not one word from them through all the years of construction! Apparently the contractors were not able to read plans as the construction to date is way out of hospital standards.
      However, the UWP administration is also continuing the fiasco! So much money was spent for an audit - what happened to the report; what actions will be taken from the findings of the report; was there even a plan/scope as to why the report was required - so what the hell was the fuss about the audit report in the first place!
      Unfortunately, we the tax payers are the ones who will continue to suffer, because no administration have the balls to ensure that the funds for projects undertaken are properly accounted for and utilized properly.


    • Talk on issues that you know. The millions that were donated were donated under the uwp administration btw 2009 and 2010. The St judes reconstruction began under the uwp administration. It is because of the corruption of we St Lucians that St judes is in that mess. It begins with the first contractor on the project. Get your facts before you comment gibberish. Both administration needs to be blamed for not having St judes completed.


      • So when was elections? So if a hospital was started in 2010 and UWP left office in 2011 you want to tell me that they are responsible for the incomplete hospital? The same goes for OKEU.
        It is said that a drowning man will catch at a straw but you people are too desperate to make Kenny appear infallible. Many of you will not have a problem to make him Supreme Leader Ken Un Anthony. History may not be repeated. Its not like the last time when you people made King appear that he was responsible for all Kenny's sins. Theres a new sheriff in town and his name is Allen Chastanet.


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