SLP leader promises at least one university graduate per household when SLP returns to power

SLP leader promises at least one university graduate per household when SLP returns to power

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Addressing the Annual Youth Conference of the Saint Lucia Labour Party Youth Organization ‘SLPYO,’ Political Leader of the SLP Hon Philip J Pierre has promised that an SLP government’s education policy will ensure there will be at least one university graduate in every household in Saint Lucia within a reasonable time when the SLP returns to power.

The SLPYO conference held on Sunday 29 July at the Grande Riviere Secondary School brought together youth delegates from constituencies island wide. The Conference heard reports from the outgoing executive and plans on the way forward.

The Party Leader urged the youth to dismiss the notion that all politicians are the same and look closely at the record of the politicians that offer themselves for public office. He promised that the SLP will consult widely with young people during the preparation of its next election manifesto.

A new executive lead by Ms Shermine Perpie was elected. The Conference was addressed by Parliamentary Representative for Dennery North and SLP 2nd Deputy Political Leader Hon Shawn Edward, Parliamentary Representative for Laborie and SLP 1st Deputy Political Leader Hon Alva Baptiste and Hon Moses Jn Baptiste, Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort North and SLP Chairman.


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  1. It's good promise but i remain skeptical and i hope my fellow lucians remain as skeptical as they are now in three years. Because alot of them fell for promises such as " i can handle the crime situation" ,"6.28 hidden fee on gas ", " total removal of vat" and "visa free travel to US of A".


  2. "Any realistic vision of change must be based on the notion of empowerment of people with education" The words of Michael Manley. just like you Pierre the rabble rousers curse at him for this vision so Manley created (JAMAL) the Jamaica Movement for the Advancement of Literacy free secondary and tertiary education for Jamaicans. Every one knows what Fidel Castro vision was for his people in regards to education, as a matter of fact countless St Lucians are benefitting from that vision today. Prime Minister Pierre at the very least you have "vision" to uplift your people especially those at the lower level of the economic ladder. Where or what is their (UWP) plan on education ?? Based on the comments here speaks volume for the quest for such an initiative . Pierre when they go low you go high you are doing it for the love not for the likes.


    • Who nearly devalued the Jamaican dollar trending almost to a parity level with the Guyanese dollar? The Jamaican dollar was worth at one time at least a few cents more than the US dollar.

      Empty rhetoric does not cut it. Nor does foolishness. Neither puts food on the table. Today we see the tyranny of the ignorant in all parts of the world as social media is manipulated to bolster control by the ignorant everywhere. Watch the US. Watch the UK. The population in the UK was bamboozled into voting for Brexit. A hard Brexit is facing the UK

      In the USA the false religion is taking over like in the Middle Ages. Soon the pastors and judiciary as in the period back then will find 'sound' logic to execute or imprison non-believers.


      • And what does the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar had to do with Manley's Vision on education Poindexter ?? Just like St Lucia, when he ask the upper class to pay their fair share of taxes, they all packed up and flee to Miami and Canada, leaving a huge deficiency in taxes revenue subsequently hurting the country GNDP and GNP. Did you forget the blockade on Jamaica by the US due to Manley's affiliation with Fidel Castro at the time ? The impact that had on small developing nation at the time was overbearing and outright blasphemy. Today you see the same theatrics been played out in Venezuela that was cast upon Jamaica. If St Lucia was to face such detrimental economic consequences as Jamaica did back then where would she be today ? The notion of empowerment thru education is never an empty rhetoric pray tell; rather it's a good sign of visionary leadership an ESSENTIAL QUAILTY one needs to lead a nation, as Mr. Pierre clearly and continuously demonstrates on a daily basis.


        • This is such solemn nonsense! First, every programme has a cost. There is an emotional cost. There is a financial cost. Every dream has to be paid for with hard cash. There is a domestic component and a foreign component.

          Lacking the necessary leadership skills that some constantly and simplistically conflate with cheap pathetic empty rhetoric, he found himself without followers.

          Leaders have followers!

          Did Manley ever wake up from his reverie? Maybe that dream was only a steam cloud rising from his morning coffee. Give him credit, though. Yes. Give him credit for his dream.

          He had a dream. Jamaicans found themselves awake in the middle of a nightmare. They fled.

          Listen. Next time, try to apply a tad more intelligence to your comprehension of political events happening around you.


  3. One promised to get Lucians into the USA without visa, now the other promising college graduates in every house. Lucians wake the hell up. What are these graduates going to do with those degrees? And yes you still need visas to enter the USA.


  4. Pip you will be making your own university where the SLP jack ahses and jennys can graduate en-masse with a degree in bull-shitting and arrogance and ignorance. What a brillaint idea from the Stupid Lame Party.


    • There seems to be no limit to the absurdities gushing from the SLP. I am embarrassed. Do we still vote such flawed people into government? Are there many more in government?

      Is this the "government in waiting"? Is it?

      Do we have a real future with such persons waiting in the wings? Is gerontological decay rampant within the senior ranks of our parties both inside and outside of Government? Are there too many instances of persons having repeatedly, just too many successive "senior moments"? This country is at risk.


  5. Having a university diploma is not what that is required. It is Jobs, Jobs Jobs and the technical skills required to fill them. When most people leave university they can hardly obtain meaningful employment in St. Lucia as the market is already saturated. What we need is investment and expansion in our private sector which will be the engine of growth in creating new jobs and new fields of work and encouraging entrepreneurship. The demands of the private sector will then have a positive effect on the public sector where more personnel would eventually be required to provide services (customs, security, taxation, policies etc.). More money in our pockets to do more things, that is what is required. Not handouts such as giving one member of a family a scholarship, which have would to come from taxing us again, and where it can be manipulated to give preferential treatment to some citizens.

    We will resist such myopic and vindictive policies. GROW THE ECONOMY SO THAT ALL COULD BENEFIT. Shows that either you have not understood or want us to remain broke as a country. Come back again.


  6. Hahahahahahah. Sakway bavah! Pierre, how can you promise that? You don't even believe it yourself.


  7. Pip you think we are jackasses? How do you intend to do that when either you don't get back into power or if you do get back which is highly unlikely, you will only stay for five years. Man stop insulting the intelligence if St Lucians. By what policy exactly?


  8. Remember the promise of immediately
    That word had a new meaning when it wasn't kept
    Now a new promise of reasonable time
    What is reasonable time
    Time waits for no man
    This is pure desperation by the slp


  9. How can you promise at least one University grad per family? Just how do you plan to do that?
    I can understand you saying that you would like to see more youth attend and graduate University but to promise it is quite another fake promise.


  10. That's an attention gathering announcement. It falls far short of being a plan,. It is just like the made-for-politics show with the SLP laptop giveaways.

    On average, it takes about 15 years after entering primary school to make an undergrad-ready candidate. About two years before the next election, and with no state of readiness for mass-produced undergrad education anywhere in the school system, what does this all amount to, anybody?

    Did somebody say 'just hot air'?


  11. "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

    Not and original idea(Barbados) but a very good idea.


  12. Wow, if young people believe that headline I have lost hope for the future. Over 40 thousand households in St Lucia. Who is paying for these degrees?


  13. Thats bull shit-ry. The next thing I expect to hear, is SLP giving every father an annual supply of enhance to help their sex life.


  14. WOW. Well we were well on our way till the PM and his gov't in 2004 decided to STOP gvn Luicans financial stipend to study in Cuba. EVERY other CARICOM gov't held up to the agreement with the Cuban gov't and supplied their students with a stipend. Imagine the Cuban gov't, after gvn us the free education would continue to gv us a Stipend but Our then PM and his gov't was not gvn us anything. Anyways Pip whoever believes you may not be aware who was in power in 2004. Choops tan. hape hape hooray.


  15. what shate you coming and talk there you asshole anyone want you for pm? and when they come back they cant get a job


  16. Yea right you old fool......P T Barnum said it, there is a sucker born every minute. They all voted for Pierre and Kenny. Now they are sitting around waiting for the big pay off,blissfully unaware that they were conned. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time Abraham Lincoln. The damage the SLP party has done will take the UWP party many many years to clean up, wake up St.Lucia please smell the coffee and the white rum.


  17. What is that supposed to do for the country? Instead of focusing on entrepreneurship to bring about a mindset that could bring that country forward he focuses on the accomplishments or lack thereof of country bucks like himself in the labour party who did nothing with their degrees except use politics to gain more arrogance in their position. No Mr. Pierre we dont need anymore of your fellow party members who are so-called doctors who can manage nothing, not even their ego. No more of these failures running our affairs.


  18. Whaa! A chicken in every pot. Get real! First one assumes that there is university material in every household. Then, some people are better with their hands, and thus likely gravitate towards technical jobs.
    Looks like Bernie Sanders have come to SLU. By the way, can the country afford it? I guess that's the least of the problems. Maybe he just BSing the audience.


  19. Mr. Pierre, like you predecessor, you miss the whole point of education. You have a degree plan and not an education plan. This country NEEDS education. Degrees pushes Saint Lucia up the United Nations HDI. That is hollow because, if there are no occupational benefits, you create a class of people who feel entitled to government jobs having invested in a piece of parchment called a degree.


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