SLP notes the “arrogant and mudslinging response” of Ubaldus Raymond

SLP notes the “arrogant and mudslinging response” of Ubaldus Raymond
Philip J Pierre, leader of the Opposition and SLP spokesman on Finance, Economy, Infrastructure,Ports, Transport and Public Utilities

Statement by Hon Philip J. Pierre, Leader of the Opposition, on the Recent Sale of Government Bonds, 7th August, 2018

The Saint Lucia Labour Party makes no apology for requesting answers to questions that concern the tax payers of Saint Lucia. We will always give special attention to the hard earned savings at the NIC of the pensioners of our island.

We note the arrogant and mudslinging response of Ubaldus Raymond. In his usual style he attempts to attack and vilify the opposition for asking pertinent questions on behalf of the people of Saint Lucia.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party will never be silenced with intimidation, threats or vindictiveness of the UWP.

Having heard Raymond’s response, the Saint Lucia Labour Party requests answers to the following questions:

1. What are the names of the persons, companies or institutions that purchased bonds in the most recent sale of Saint Lucia government bonds?

2. Did the Saint Lucia National Insurance Corporation purchase additional shares in the latest sale thus increasing the NIC holdings of Saint Lucia Government Bonds?

3. Did the Saint Lucia National Insurance Corporation rollover any of the Saint Lucia Government Bonds that they had originally held in the most recent transaction.

4. Did the Saint Lucia Government purchase $5million worth of their own bonds in that latest sale of bonds?

5. What is the balance on the sinking fund at 30th June, 2018?

We request the Minister of Finance to answer these questions so that the public of Saint Lucia can have an accurate and truthful picture of the situation regarding the earnings of the pensioners of Saint Lucia.


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  1. No he can not be trusted.

    This was proven in a Court case months ago in addition he himself keep exposing his own lies just by speaking.

    Gone are the days one would have bend over backwards, jump through hoops to try and retrieve a previous radio or television broadcast.

    St Lucias' (if not the region) two TOP investigative journalist Christopher Hunte and Richard Frederick keep catching him in his lies week in week out.


  2. We're asking the wrong questions. We're so used to following blindly and feeling helpless, that it's hard to see that "we" the people are the ones to blame for allowing this &hitshow to continue. The PM stood by his man, sad, pathetic, repulsive and degrading, but hey...birds of a feather type vibe.

    If people really wanted him gone, we would have demanded it. We would have stood outside parliament and demanded his immediate removal. But we're as corrupt as a society so that wouldn't happen. I hear many people make excuse for this man's actions. We have this passive attitude in SLU and it's to our detriment. I can care less who it is, but you can't act in such a deplorable manner in such a PUBLIC office and wake up in the morning and it's business as usual. He should have resigned. That is what people with honor do when they mess up. It shows how selfish his motives are. We all make mistakes, but this isn't your business bruh. You're representing the country. Your actions matter.

    The questions asked by the opposition are in keeping with their role as the opposition. Pensioners have a right to know what the status is of the NIC's books.


  3. Pierre, Pierre, Pierre, what response were you expecting form the "scoundrel " ?? There should be no surprise ! The only way he [they] can fight a good defense is with a duty offense as we all know them to be. The facts are the facts so they can't deny it so because they cant deny it they can't debate it. Like I have told you don't call no fowl by throwing corn make them squabble over the first five and when they get " bumptious " you throw the other five at them. Always have the banana peel under their feet.


  4. I still cannot understand how a reckless individual could have his private parts exposed on the internet and a Prime Minister still has him representing the country in any capacity.
    You have to question the ability of a person who is so lacking in decorum to be capable of being conservative and judicious in handling matters of the people money.

    It also brings into question the character of the leader of a country who abandons any kind of moral code to allow such an individual to represent the country in any shape or form.
    Can such a PM be trusted? If he fails so glaringly with such an obvious matter then what lurks behind closed doors with governance of the country?


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