Smugglers Cove Hotel workers accept five percent wage increase

Smugglers Cove Hotel workers accept five percent wage increase

The management of Smugglers Cove Hotel and the National Workers Union have agreed on an interim wage package that will benefit over 200 workers employed with the hotel.

By majority, the hotel workers agreed to accept the five percent general wage increase. Their acceptance of the upward adjustment was based on the fact that the company has struggled and the hotel is currently in receivership.

The parties agreed to continue discussions which previously started under the former management, with the objective of putting a fundamental agreement in place. The NWU has also pledged to continue its full cooperation with management aimed at creating the kind of environment that would make it possible for workers to discharge their responsibilities with excellence.

Meanwhile, the NWU is soon to meet with management of Anse Chastanet Hotel as well as Rex/Royal St. Lucian to conduct negotiations.


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  1. The NWU are great. They have squeezed 5% out of a company which is in receivership and cannot pay its creditors but give their staff a raise.

    What the article fails to say is that they have clearly gotten a commitment from Smugglers to not dismiss any staff. Good job.


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