Soufriere residents warned to be on lookout for ‘dark, square-face’ gunman

Soufriere residents warned to be on lookout for ‘dark, square-face’ gunman

A man who was robbed at gunpoint on his way to Jerusalem waterfalls has disclosed his ordeal on Facebook while warning residents of Soufriere to be on the lookout for the dark-skinned bandit who has a “square face, pointed chin, no facial hair, small dread-locks down to under his shoulders and is 5’6″ tall”.

The victim, 29-year-old Shanir Alfred, who is originally from Choiseul but lives in Castries, took to Facebook on Tuesday, May 28 around 8 p.m. to report on his robbery.

He told St. Lucia News Online that during the robbery, a shot was fired but he was unharmed except for a “few bruises and a cut” he received from holding onto the gun.

Alfred said he was among a group of people who went to the falls, but he “strayed from them a bit” and was nabbed by the gunman who made off with his bag containing a wallet and 100-plus dollars in cash, identification cards, and other cards, along with clothing and a chain.

“I reported the matter to the Soufriere Police Station,” he said, adding that no one has been arrested to date.

Prior to the interview with St. Lucia News Online, he wrote on Facebook: “My fellow facebookers, help me use social media for a worthy purpose. Today I was robbed at gunpoint on my way to the Jerusalem falls. Luckily i got in a scuffle with the assailant and one shot was fired in the scuffle. I was unharmed aside for a few bruises and a cut I received from holding on to the gun.

“I am begging all persons from Soufriere and those who frequent the area to be on the look out for dark skinned man with a square face, pointed chin, no facial hair, 5’6″ tall, small dread locks down to under his shoulders. I know its not much to go on, but he might be frequenting the areas which tourist visit the most in the Toraille area and surroundings. please inform the police if you know anyone who fits this description who most likely has been in trouble with the law..Please i urge you……This is not a hoax or joke. I want this idiot found and his shady business stopped.”


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  1. Soufriere is not that big an area so why isn’t it so difficult to catch this criminal? Do ‘some’ Lucians now don’t care about the reputation of St Lucia to the idea world and tourism?

    If St. Lucia is to develop and prosper, everyone has a responsibility to help weed out this idiots. Whoever is covering up for this guy is helping him only at the cost of the country’s beautiful reputation.


    • Look it up, because u seem surprised at the description. SMH, as one of the previous comments stated: Focus on the message.


      • i saying what i want. i find some of yall are a bit to stupid and dont know when someone is being sarcastic and no i am not surprised my dear. smfh


  2. The guy is trying to inform his fellow Lucian's, about the dangers lurking around the places that were intended for us to enjoy. FOCUS ON THE MESSAGE!!!. Thank God U made it out of that ordeal alive, young man. Hope this assailant is apprehended soon, before he takes a life this time. (I do agree that having the pic up wasn't necessary though).


  3. He looked like he is focused on getting his wealth somewhere and is deep in the game. What is it worth to gain the whole world and to lose your soul? My dear people, when you really look at it, we dont really need much to live a happy life. You need a clean house, fresh food which you can grow yourself, a good partner, if thats not possible , get yourself a pet, and internet to pass the time. A little job that helps pays for these things and keep dinner on your table is not a bad idea to make sure u sleep properly at night and don't go into an early grave like the many in that life. life is short, no matter what big things you acquire, you cannot go with any of them. they stay behind. think of that before doing stupidness with yourselves. a man's riches cannot go with him in the after life, stop chasing it all cost to your soul!


  4. You actually putting the man life in even more danger .By giving so much details and putting up his photo .Like he is the one that people should be looking for .Think man ..SMH..


    • Imagine before I opened up the article I read the title and I see the pic of a dark-skinned man scowling. IMMEDIATELY thought that was who I had to be on the lookout for.
      Now supposing I did not read and I saw him in town and I alerted the authorities.

      But it is a good thing he shared his story. He was brave to warn his fellow men and he must be applauded for that.


  5. Got a feeling Selfie Alfred never took his face away from that camera to identify the gunman.. as it seems Selfie Alfred gave his own description on this police report.. haha. Just my 2 cents.
    But on a serious note- If he didn't rob his own self, we all should stay vigilant. ( *you all - )


  6. Is a good thing I read the story because that title accompanied by that photo seem to give the impression that this is the alleged gunman. AND the pic gives off negative vibes. I think either the title should be changed or remove that pic.


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