“Aggressive” Castries shooting victim had an “imitation firearm”

“Aggressive” Castries shooting victim had an “imitation firearm”
None of these firearms were involved in the incident mentioned below. However, according to nj.com, one of these firearms is fake. Can you tell which one is fake or which one is real?
None of these firearms were involved in the incident mentioned below. However, according to nj.com, one of these firearms is fake. Can you tell which one is fake or which one is real?

(SNO) –– A man who was shot by a police officer at Lanse Road, Castries yesterday had an imitation firearm, law enforcement sources have confirmed.

According to a reliable source, police responded to a report around 11 a.m. on Monday that a man was brandishing a firearm and threatening to shoot and kill members of the people.

“Police did not receive a report that a mentally challenged man was branding a toy gun, a water gun. The report received is that a man was threatening the public with a firearm that was in full view of the public,” the source said.

When the police arrived at the scene, they met an adult male, indeed, brandishing a firearm. They reportedly told him to freeze and put away the firearm, but this fell on deaf ears.

“He was acting in an aggressive manner, cursing and pointing the firearm at the officers. The firearm looked real. The officers had all right to shoot to kill at this time, because no officer can tell at that point whether the firearm was real or not,” the source said.

According to the source, the officers tackled the suspect, in an effort to disarm him but he continued to put up a struggle. It was during this time, that one of the officers allegedly discharged a round into the leg of the suspect.

“This did not stop the man from fighting the officers who were still trying to disarm him. Even with the shot to the leg he still continued to fight,” the source added.

Reports are that the officers discharged another bullet, hitting the suspect in his chest.

The suspect was identified as Mervin Beharry. He has been admitted at Victoria Hospital in stable condition.

The officers sustained minor injuries, according to reports.

Another source said the officers should be commended for their initial restraint.

“Their actions were admirable, because even after being threatened with a firearm that looked real, and no one could tell if it was real or not unless they inspected it. But how could you inspect a firearm during such a situation when the person is acting aggressively?” the source said.

“A water gun is a toy. He had an imitation firearm that can only be determined by an armorer and that has not been done. When a man pointing a gun at you and fighting with you, you believe you will examine a gun? The whole point of an imitation firearm is that it looks just like the real one.”

Reports are that the suspect was also mentally challenged. But from initial appearance, that did not appear so, according to reliable sources.

“He did not appear retarded. He was not retarded,” one of the source said.

Imitation firearms are illegal in Saint Lucia, and many countries.


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  1. Wait to me this ain't making sense..
    An officer shot him in the leg and he kept fighting ??
    Fighting how ?? And with who??.
    If he got shot and fighting wouldn't he open fire if the gun was real?
    Cause story said he was aggressive and getting shot wouldn't make it worse?


    • He is a gud boy, some may say he is retarded but to me he is a gud boy, so what if he go around with his toy gun robbing people? That's not a crime in St.Lucia because he is mentally unstable like daddy said, so what if he even take it to the beach and used it about 4 times to rob our guests/tourists? He just robbed them so far he ain't killed none yet, like I've said he is a gud boy., the police should never have shot this gud boy coming towards them brandishing a toy gun


  2. The police are human being too, if they feel that their lives are threatened by an armed individual, they will react. Period. Heard that is a something he has been doing a long time. Robbing people with a toy gun, did that to many people on the beach. His father knew that he goes around with toy guns, so why did he not take them and discard then. This is what happens when parents fail to put their foot down on children from an early age. Sparing the rod and spoiling the child. They grow up to be a menace to you and society. Its time parents, whether teenage parents, lay down grounds rules for their children, letting then know that you the parent/parent is in charge, not vice versa.


  3. Seriously people, what do you expect the police to do in such a situation. Imagine you're the police officer with what appears to be a firearm pointed at you.


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