St. Lucia shines at Cultural Festival in Taiwan

St. Lucia shines at Cultural Festival in Taiwan

2017-05-08-06_44_42-press-release-may-8-2017-docx-google-docsPRESS RELEASE – St. Lucia students currently studying in Taiwan represented St Lucia at the First Caribbean and Latin America Cultural Festival which was held in Taipei on Saturday evening May 5th 2017.

The events which was organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan and the Embassies of Diplomatic Ally Countries of Taiwan from Caribbean and Latin America, featured song, dance, and other cultural traditions of Latin American and the Caribbean and also of Taiwan. The participating countries were Belize, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, St Kitts/Nevis, St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines.


For its part, St Lucia presented a Masquerade Dance, featuring Papa Djab, Ti, Djab, Mary Anset, Acrobat, Masquerade dancers, and Pie Banan. The presentation was well received by the over 900 patrons in attendance. Mary Anset, Pie Banan dancers and Papa Djab in particular thrill the audience with their performances.

St Lucia also took part in the exhibition where local products from St Lucia were on display to include spices, rum, souvenir dolls and straw baskets among others. Food samples were also served to include sea moss drink, bakes and accra, and tamarin balls.


The Embassy of St Lucia in The Republic of China (Taiwan) which coordinated St Lucia’s participation would like to express its gratitude to June Frederick of the Folk Research Center for assisting with the costumes and other pieces needed for the presentation.


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  1. The Embassy of St Lucia cannot be in China(Taiwan) contemporaneously, when China & be Taiwan are two separate countries with separate Self Determination and Representatives. Get it right, the peoples may look the same; but the countries are counted or accounted for differently.


    • Yes and no. Taiwan is still considered part of China even as it has its own governance and representation. It is still not recognized by the UN. The talks between the two are still in progress. Remember all the noise the media made when President elect Trump called the president of Taiwan. It is still a sensitive matter, who knows how it will be resolved. Anyway, congratulations guys you did a great job representing Saint Lucia.


  2. The government of St. Lucia must be careful of the numbers of foreign nationals freely entering the country. These people kill. us for our organs as they know it is superior to theirs. Black people are being killed all over when bodies are recovered all vital organs are missing. St Lucia take note.


    • Where did you get this from? When did this happen? What news or other article is your source? This sounds like extreme paranoia well on the borders of xenophobia, with a little hint of the Black Superiority nonsense. "Black" people & other people of colour, do not usually and should not stand for that type of vain self flattery & paranoia because of the nasty history we have had with the European (and other) exploiters during slavery. Be careful not to self-inject yourself with that type of (un) intellectual toxin, then to spread that around ... and before a wink of the eye you turn your own people into a xenophobic and self-indulgent people, like some of the European stock, who cannot even apologise for or see their wrongs. In Other Words: THE CHINESE & TAIWANESE ARE BOTH WELCOME & OK, like everyone else is.


  3. Awwww..that make me feel great..congratulations to The culture group who participated in that festival..handshake to u all..Proud St.Lucians..United we stand....Divided we fall..But always One Love


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