St. Lucians express disappointment with behaviour of tourists

St. Lucians express disappointment with behaviour of tourists
The visitors trying to open the elevator. They blamed the hotel staff of not doing enough to assist them.

A Youtube video showing the frantic efforts of vacationers at the newly opened Royalton Saint Lucia Resort and Spa to release an “18-year-old and six-year-old” trapped in the resort’s elevator has evoked more outrage than sympathy from bloggers.

The original two-and-a-half minute video was posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, but was removed about two hours after this article was published. (We have since uploaded the same video from another source).

However, an increasing number of St. Lucians have been contacting St. Lucia News Online about the video, expressing what they describe as their “disgust” with the behaviour of the visitors in response to the persons trapped in the elevator.

The callers to our newsroom said the behaviour of the tourists were unecessary and they should be made to pay for damaging property. One caller said the “security guard” who was threatened should be encouraged to file a formal police report.

According to the person who uploaded the video, “after almost 10 mins trapped everyone came to get them out after maintenance was called n no1 came”.

In the video, a group of persons were rushing up several flight of stairs. On their way, a woman was heard instructing her peers to “pull every fire alarm possible”.

“They have no cameras right? How do you break it?” she asked.

They ran into a woman who appears to be a worker at the hotel.

The worker said: “Don’t worry, don’t worry”.

But her response was met with hostility from one of the visitors who said: “No we are not worrying, it’s not your f–king kids. We have been having problems with you f–king people, f–k off.. She just stands there, she just stands there….. and he is just standing there… See he is just standing there, watching us.”

While the tourists tried to open the elevator, they were cautioned by another local woman, who said: “Be careful people, maintenance is coming…. Maintenance should be able to open it.”

When the male visitor and the crying female child were released, the male went into rage.

“This is f–king bullsh–… I will f–king kill you, you understand,” he said, turning towards a male who appears to be a worker at the hotel.

Below are some of the responses to the video:

“You people are so low class… 10 minutes? You should have waited for assistance. You should also be ordered to pay the damages to the elevator and the fire alarms you broke unnecessarily. Stay in America if you can’t act like decent human beings..”

“lol… I’m a maintenance worker in Manhattan, NY its only our job to fix or repair broken stuff… if the Building security trys to fix something and they get injured or injure somebody they can get SUED, FIRED or be throw in front a Judge… the hotel staff in this vid did nothing wrong too much over reacting”

“why would the man want to attack an employee for no reason.And what makes it even worse is that they cut off the part where the man is doing the wrong thing .smh I am offended”

“The security guard should file against that dick head for threatening him”

“AND I hope Royalton sues you all for the damages and sends yall packing immediately.. Truly disgusting behavior.”

“What did you expect the guards to do? Say abracadabra or join in on destroying their workplace? She came upstairs to you guys to make yall aware that maintenance was coming, gimme a break with this! TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR!”

Efforts to contact management of the resort at the time of posting this report was unsuccessful.



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  1. We have been subjected to these people looking down on us for YEARS! NO MATTER how much they move to the "islands" claim to like we "island people", these white people will always believe they are above us. Then they go back to their homes and OVER EXAGGERATE on how "bad" their experience was. I've worked with these people and seen how hey blow things up. They will see TWO ants on a wall and say "oh my God so much ants all over. we need an exterminator" Thank God the workers remain calm.


  2. Those people are poor trailer racist white trash who won a vacation. If I was the employee, the moment this Edomite put his hands on me, I would take a cutlass machete and hack the whole fucking family. They only came to st lucia because they won a vacation. The most racist people in the world are the poor white trash. There is no way this racist Edomite would assault me and get back on a plane. I wouldn't care about prison. I'm bleeding him out.


    • So you scorn racism but make comments about white people as whole in your argument. That right there is racism. Also you threaten to brutally attack the family theoretically. Sounds like you are no better than the people in this video and we all have your words right there to prove it. Get some help for your anger problems.


    • All I can say is that monkey know what fucking tree to climb, I would of hack his white racist POS, fucking pigs in a blanket, we need to start frying them wrinking tilapia's like bacon.
      One killed a young maintenance worker from Dominica on Anguilla in April and the trifling Government let him leave to go back to Connecticut, all for $3.00 an hour a fake smile and a $5.00 tip.
      Tourism is modern day slavery.


  3. I want people to take a look at these comments and realize how deranged anti-Americanism is. Loads of comments from people making incredibly ignorant, hateful comments about people from the US. The funniest thing about that? The tourists who did this are CANADIAN.

    Anti-Americanism is a mental disorder. People use Americans as a convenient bogeyman to focus their scorn and derision on and are so easily triggered into fits of hatred and bigotry that the moment they THINK they've seen an American do something wrong, even when it's not an American, they start saying stuff that would be considered bigotry or racism if it were directed at any other nationality.


    • What are you talking about, they are from Poughkeepsie, New York not Canada. I don't know where you got your information from but they posted more than just that video. They also posted reviews and trust me they are not Canadian. We wouldn't even let them return here after that crap


    • What are you talking about, they are from Poughkeepsie, New York not Canada. I don't know where you got your information from but they posted more than just that video. They also posted reviews and trust me they are not Canadian. We wouldn't even let them return here after that crap


  4. Saying that they overreacted is easy if you've never been in that kind of situation. A few years ago in the airport in Atlanta me and my 6 year old child were trapped for 10 minutes when an escalator broke down and let me tell you it can feel like an eternity.

    While I didn't do any damage to the escalator by the time it restarted I had already considered climbing down to safety.


    • You can't get stuck on an escalator...It becomes stairs. You are a new level of stupid. The most anyone has to wait when stuck in an elevator is 30 minutes and you are perfectly safe, more so than in your car or house.


      • Tell that to my terrified 6 year old. We DID get stuck, it didn't move an inch for over 10 minutes.

        When it did eventually start moving the 911 operator told me it was a miracle I had survived that long.


        • Can't you tell that the 911 operator was making fun of you. You disappoint me pretending the world is about to end with every minor mishap....too much tv. C'mon...get a life!!


    • There was an 18 year old in there not two tiny kids. For a whole 10 minutes...
      There is zero excuse for this behaviour.


    • Are you kidding me?! I can't believe this. Are you really that dense? If an escalator breaks down it's perfectly usable you moron


    • No you can easily see that they overreacted. While it's uncomfortable to be stuck for 10 minutes, it's not life threatening and it doesn't give them an excuse to act like degenerates.


    • Oh wow, you considered climbing down? Then I supposed breaking the door and threatening an employee is totally OK then, idiot.


    • The "guests" looked like a bunch of savages, either collected from a forgotten tribe somewhere in the rain forest, or kidnapped by a time traveler in Medieval ages. A lot of absolutely aggressive, erratic and pointless activity. Even more surprising is that it was a whole bunch of them, not just a single inadequate individual or two. I myself have been stuck in an elevator more than once, and while it is not pleasant experience, you know the procedure - talk to the operator and wait, the help is coming. Also these savages probably hadn't heard that it is extremely dangerous to leave the elevator stuck between floors. I just wonder where these people come from. It was the 21st century the last time I checked, come one!


    • Kids.. this is a lesson here of what happens when you watch too much tv. You become stupid and panic. Elevators don't FREE FALL when stuck and cars don't EXPLODE when in an accident. Now go do your home work so you don't write stupid stuff online.


    • Considering climbing out and terrorizing the whole hotel are two different things. This family is a bunch of maniacs who scarred the 6 year old for life and also jeopardized her life by escaping. You didn't do it yourself because you obviously aren't stupid enough to do more than consider it.

      They need to never get on an elevator again if this how they feel about getting stuck. One damn thing for sure is the little girl will probably be taking the stairs for life.

      Please don't excuse these animals. Its frustrating to see.


  5. As an American I'd like to apologise for this behavior. The US is a large county with many different types of people. Most Americans also dislike behavior like this and are ashamed of this type of American. Hopefully future guests from the US can redeem our reputation.


  6. I looked at the video. The guests are not really upper-class you can tell by the extras around the middle that are barely covered and the numerous tattoos. now with this out of the way, it appears that they were the ones to break the elevator to let the persons out. The security guard did look passive. I did not see maintenance in that clip working on the elevator to let the guests out. In such a case rather than going frantic or doing nothing; the guests could have been assured that help was on the way. Being calm and aloof are two different things. When people are stressed they will react. And it is up to the business to make it seem like something is happening. In such a case, with cell phones all over; the responsible people could have been checking in on maintenance to see where they were and also seeking to calm those stuck in the elevator.


    • Who knows, maintenance staff may already have been on site diagnosing and recifying the problem, they st weren't in he video.

      Elevator operation and control is located in a utility room above each elevator shaft or bank of elevator shafts. That's where the proverbial magic happens, and, typically, is where most maintenance and repair takes place.

      And, it is worthy to note that elevators have a built-in, mechanically independent, mechanical braking devce that automatically "puts brakes" on the elevator to almost immediately stop it if it detects free-fall, negating the many scenarios that we see in action movies of elevtors plunging to the bottom of the shaft.

      Lastly, one should keep in mind that the stoppage could have been caused by the riders themselves thinking that they were having harmless fun. Elevators will automatically stop if you lightly and repeatedly bounce up so as to get the elevator 'bouncing" up and down. It is very easy easy to do, try it. This utilizes what is called the "natural resonance" of the object. Elevators top if they bounce too much, for safety reason. "Natural resonace" is something that most all structures have. it's the reason that, if you live adjacent to a bridge, sometimes only certain trucks going over the neighbouring bridge, and only at certain speeds, will mysteriously make the dishes in your kitchen rattle.

      All that to say, they may have unintentionally brought it upon themselves, who knows.


    • With respect to your comment about the tattoo, many people run up a ladder of inference equating a person's social status to the number of tattoos.

      Personally, while tatoos are not my thing, I don't subscribe to that philosophy. Is it a mark of a person's character. I choose not to think so.

      The location of her tats are often referred to by detractors as being a "tramp stamp". Ironically, there is no such term for males that have tats, very biased and misogynistic in singling out females with tats.

      Teir actions on the video speak volumes, tats aside.

      My question is: Why would they be stupid enough to video their abhorrent behaviour? Were they dreaming in Technicolor that a North Americam news outlet would pick up their story and throw shade on SLU? If that was the reason, they are even more stupid than first thought.

      Someone should rip it and post it to YouTube with tag words including "St. Lucia", "tourism", "Nova Scotia", "hotel", "elevator" and "Trip Advisor". It'd likely go viral and the guests would be outed, it's a small world, and karma can be a {expletive deleted}.


      • Re: the tattoos. You can tell yourself that, but there's a strong correlation between tattoos and tackiness. Yes, someone with taste might decide to put a little tattoo to accent their own attractiveness, but the majority of people with multiple tattoos are tasteless, short-sighted, vapid fools.


        • There's a strong correlation between judgmental dipshittery and being a self serving asshole who thinks their opinion of "taste" holds any merit.


        • Do you not see the irony in calling someone else tasteless and short-sighted right after blanket judging an entire group of people?


  7. Shouts out to the staff that took the high road and proudly representing the nature of our country.

    Stuck in an elevator, no emergency, it happens every day worldwide. Lfe happens.

    The guests involved are nothing but American T-R-A-I-L-E-R T-R-A-S-H, the types whose house is on wheels, whose car is on blocks, and who see family reunions as a good opportunity for finding a date. I'm willing to bet that the loudest woman, back where she comes from, can tell a police officer to [expletive deleted] without taking her cigarette out of her mouth.

    And, factually speaking, if those barnyard animal wannabes had tried that back in their excuse for a country, they would have been charged by the police with public mischief (the fire alarms) public nuisance, uttering a threat, and willful destruction of property (the elevator).

    Good riddance Ameritrash tourists, smell ya later.


    • Calving, you have us rolling on the floor laughing dread.....'without taking her cigarette out of her mouth'.....guy you are on point and i completely agree. Thanks for that


      • ERW, check out , you might get a kick out of it.

        Unfortnately, and as I have seen fist-hand, wile somewhat over the top, much of ot is scarily close to reality, be it in rural America or rural Canada.


    • You know, as bad as their behaviour was in this video (and it looks to be very bad indeed) going on a stereotypical and prejudicial rant like that says a lot about the type of character you have and just the type of manners you posses as well. Look back at all the insults you just spewed about these people you have never met. Look at what you imply about Americans (also these people look to be Canadian so youre hitting pretty far from the mark here as well). All you have to go on is from a video. Well all I have to go on about you is how you speak about strangers on the internet. What does it tell the world about the type of person you are from this small window of perception? If everyone thought before they acted maybe you and these people would save themselves from embarrassment. From your comments i can only deduct that you are narrow minded, racist, poorly educated, unwordly, and ungentlemanly. Is this a fair conclusion of you? Probably not, thats why its best to keep stuff like that to yourself.


        • "Look" is a phrase that can be used colloquially to mean more than just what you see but what your other senses tell you. In this case it's their clearly Canadian accents. Also if you did use your eyes one of them is wearing team Canada track pants. "Looks" like you're the moron.


    • It's funny how you have this huge rant about Americans when the people who did that in the hotel were Canadians.


    • As an American, this is hilarious and dead on about these people. Please don't think we're all like this!! I promise, we're not 🙁




  9. We are not a racist people. We speak out of experience. Since this business of tourism started those who work in the tourism industry have suffered from the verbal abuse and racist treatment of the whites. Believe it or not, the whites are the worst amongst the visitors to our island. Over the years staff have been spat on, slapped, insulted, the list goes on.

    So if you whites don't like what you're reading change your manners. Because, I guarantee you we are fed up with your behaviour and what you dish out you will get it back.

    We have a wonderful justice system which takes its time in dishing out justice. We will have to settle in our Court.

    And those of you who want to defend them you're welcome, however I know if you have the opportunity to live in an all white neighborhood as a "mixed" west indian you will be singing another tune.


    • I am sure the majority of your tourist are white. With that being said this isn't a white thing. It's an American thing. Unfortunately uneducated whites in America live in their own white utopia world and really don't enteract with other cultures. That's why we have two Americas within our own country. One half really think they are the smartest and I would hate them too. But please be conscience that their are another half of white Americans that understand and respect other cultures. So please don't judge all from these ignorant people. Pity them. They really thought people were going to take their side.


      • The individuals in the video are Canadian. They are from Nova Scotia. It's best to verify before you spew tragic, racist hate.


        • Canadians, Americans, no difference in this behaviour -- you've just proven once again that racism exists everywhere be it white on black, black on white, yellow on black, black on brown, and all the other permutations and combinations.

          nova Scotia is not exactly completely tolerant --- look up the long history of racism in a Nova Scotia town named Coal Harbour... shameful yet socially tolerated, same crap, different country.

          It's reality.


        • You keep repeating that they're from Nova Scotia yet haven't provided a single source. I think you're full of shit like most people on the internet, so step up and show some proof or shut the fuck up.


          • Nobody needs to offer you proof of shit. They are parochial Canadians from eastern Canada. Anyone from a major city would know to wait for the elevator repairman. Only a goofy Canadian would ask for proof to derail the discussion about other goofy Canadian s. You're a stupid people.


    • There is a simple solution to racist white folk --- The PM could sign an Executive Order banning the travel to SLU of all caucasions from designated mainly caucasian countries, namely America, Canada, Australia, the E.U., and eastern Europe.

      Those caucasians that wish to visit could simply be pre-screened in an interview to see if they have St. Lucian values and recognize that Black Lives Matter.

      As a further statement of our intent, the RSLPF could be expanded so as to allow for dedicated teams of officers to start deporting caucasians living here back to their country of origin.

      Mixed race with caucasian blood currently residing on the island could be given a special passport that recognizes that they are not true St. Lucians, and requiring Residency Permits that can be revoked by a special arm of the island's judiciary at any time.

      "Make St. Lucia Black Again"? What could go wrong?

      Get real. Racism isn't restricted to whites. It exists in all corners of the world, like a festering boil. We St. Lucians are not snowflakes, we are not special, we are not unique. In fact, some of the most racist people I've met are homegrown pure blood quantum black St. Lucians.

      And, to paraphrase Michelle Obama, 'when they go low, we aim high'.

      Lead by example. Deeds speak. Take the high road and don't perpetuate the cancer of racism.


      • Now that's just being made a valid point earlier but now this is falling into the same mindset of a racist. We are better than this. We should never stoop to become what we abhor. That's why I expect to be impeached.


      • Sure Calvin we will all stop coming and your little island will wilt away and everyone will starve. But hey at least you rid yourselves of the White Devil!!

        P.S. The white trash in the video are Canadians


        • Well aren't you just being a little racist dick thinking the US is the only reason St Lucia exist.


      • What you are saying here is EXTREMELY racist. This is what Hitler did before WW2 and what Idi Amin did in Uganda. Deporting minorities and making mixed race people carry special permits. Not to mention tourism is one of your most vital economic resources this idea wouldnt fare well. You said " Racism isn't restricted to whites. It exists in all corners of the world" and you clearly demonstrate this to be all too true. very sad.


    • Maravillosa respuesta, hay que ser muy irracional para actuar así, no debieron vacilar, debieron obligarlos a pagar los daños ocasionados.

      Saludos desde Cuba


  10. Was this a life and death situation? Was anyone drowning or stuck under a car that is ready to explode or something? Was the elevator on fire???
    I would definitely be upset if my child were stuck in an elevator but I wouldn't destroy it to get them out because by so doing they may have just endangered the lives of everyone in the elevator..
    How dare dare they threaten staff that was trying to assist? Really, you want to kill someone for that, for an elevator that has an issue. Grow up, get a grip and learn about life. If you don't know that elevators have issues everywhere in the world from time to time and that once you enter one there are risks attached to it (just like everything else) take the stairs!
    I wonder what happened to the last car that broke down while he was driving it?


  11. Most of these comments are distasteful just like the behavior of the tourists. Some want to curse the tourist..How different are you???.. Some just like to follow the crowd. One person calls the tourists 'white trash' and another agrees without knowing why. I do not condone the behavior of the tourists neither do i condone bashing other races. Some are too closed minded to give an unbiased opinion on this incident.
    Hate on that!!


  12. White trash .they don't have no money almost they use is credit cards to go on vacation and stlucia think they have money.they more hungry than any thing.


  13. the should have payed for the damage that they course once i went to a hotel an stuck they for two hours maintainance got me out of of the elevator the did not even stay two hours,


  14. Its seems like no one here is aware of how serious of a matter it is to be trapped in an elevator!!! Put yourself in their place. To think that attempting to get persons out was not necessary it's just crazy. We are human beings and yet we have become so inhumane, this has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE! The aggressive behaviour was a bit too much but a situation like this ppl panic and are frightened. What would you do as a parent and a child iis un there???management and staff should have at least showed up and show some concern. You'll here talking all the crap about black and white... Have a heart and good conscious


    • They were trapped for 10 mins. I've been trapped for over and an hour in an elevator in Toronto. Their behaviour was abysmal not "a bit too much". They did not reasonably allow the company to respond to the emergency even though they were told help was on the way. I understand the fear and frustration however I would hope as a parent trapped in an elevator with a child your first instinct would not be to act as barbaric as this young man did. This may have nothing to do with race but the mistreatment of the hotel staff does beg the question.

      “This is f–king bullsh–… I will f–king kill you, you understand,” is never acceptable behaviour yet along in front of a child.

      The Royalton also needs to take accountability for the training of its staff. Perhaps a more intensive sensitivity training for security as this could have escalated quickly and dangerously


    • Have a heart?! It was ten minutes. And help was on the way. Children react as their parents react. When you are calm as a parent about a situation and talk normal the child will feel at ease. Yelling like morons, trying to turn on fire alarms and cursing and screaming won't open the doors. Or help the child feel calm. Plus the kid was in their with a freaking 18 year old relative or family friend who could also keep them calm for goodness sakes but chose to also yell and say curses. No one in that family gave a damn about the kid because they did nothing to make the kid feel safe and calm. They acted like lunatics when it was a simple stuck elevator and the child was fine it wasn't even a few minutes. If they were trapped for hours on end and one of them was a diabetic or claustrophobic that would be a real emergency but ten minutes and they were fine and likely had cell phones to entertain themselves with? The screaming and tearing the doors open is overkill. My parents always tried to stay calm with us anytime we got scared or in a uncomfortable situation they didn't screech and harass the staff for not stopping the world for us. That poor kid has to grow up in that trashy family I feel so bad for them. They will never know how to be normal and settled if that's the kind of behaviour this family reacts with every single time something happens that isn't good. For shame on this family. I hope the family gets charged for damaging the elevator doors and making death threats to the staff.

      Also if an elevator is stuck ripping the doors open like that when you are not a technician or a fire crew is dangerous!! What if there was a true malfunction in the elevator and it hanging half in the doors and half not. People have been killed by that. What if you pulled the family members out by the elevator shifted as you did that and they were still half in the elevator? This family needs to stop breeding now.


    • I keep seeing comments like this on various sites that the staff should have "shown more concern" and defending these people (wrong, remaining calm is important) I wonder if it's someone from the family.


  15. Its seems like no one here is aware of how serious of a matter it is to be trapped in an elevator!!! Put yourself in their place. To think that attempting to get persons out was unnecessary it's just crazy. We are human beings and yet we have become so inhumane, this has NOTHING TOI DO WITH RACE! In a situation like this management and staff should have at least showed up and show some concern. You'll here talking all the crap about black and white... Have a heart nnd good conscious


    • You make a point but do consider that though frightened, we as human beings are not animals that react out of instinct. This was clearly a mob scene with each person inciting the other into further chaos. Its acceptable for the parents to be concerned and even alarmed, but such deplorable behaviour of threatening to kill another, insulting staff regardless is unacceptable. Hotels do have policies and procedures in place for incedence of fire, impending hurricanes, and yes, stuck elevators. Get your facts sorted out before you condemn what you don't understand.


    • If this is allk the footage do agree that their behavior was a bit much but no one came to speak to them or reassure them that they would take care if the situation.


  16. Disgusting behaviour good old yanks making a scene again ain't as if the hotel was on fire and someone was trapped should invoice them for the damage and bar them from re-entering the island, can assure you when me and the Mrs get there in may we won't be causing any scenes like this..... 53 days nd counting


    • They are not "yanks". They are from Nova Scotia, Canada. Please verify before you spew racist hatred.


      • You're correct regarding the country of origin, but I didn't know 'American' and 'Canadian' were races?


  17. We will be visiting St Lucia in August and we are looking forward to visiting your country. I was always taught to treat others how you would wish to be treated yourself and I always try to do that.


  18. The guest who posted the video and encouraged the vandalism has been hoisted on her own petard when she got a whiff of what local people here think of tourists - most especially white ones. Reading the racist viciousness of the comments will let her understand where she stands in the pecking order here in Saint Lucia But I have a question: why when the mob descended on the elevator did the security guard in red say or do nothing? What, to coin a phrase, was his role? It seems this new hotel is very poorly managed if their policy is to let their unruly thuggish guests run rampant. Obviously, they are trying to rent out rooms in an unfinished delayed hotel. There is no supervision. This scene is the nightmare and the reality of mass tourism.


    • What could he have possibly done? It was a mob of irrational, destructive people. Could you imagine if he tried to stop them what they would do to him? He was even threatened in the video.


  19. Well this does not surprise me, after all Trump is their president. Well done to the St.Lucian for displaying a high level of dimplomacy and professionalism.


    • They are from Nova Scotia. Trump is not their President. Their Prime Minister is an exceedingly decent man, Justin Trudeau.


  20. As a frequent tourist to St Lucia I am appalled at the treatment and abuse of the staff here... these guests are the worst... and I bet they will try to go for some form of financial redress for their "stress" too!

    If I saw guests like that at a hotel I stayed in anywhere in the world I would want to move hotels! Well done to the staff for keeping their cool and I hope the hotel management charge them for criminal damage .


  21. I'm guessing 99% of our visitors are well behaved and civilized. But trash like these people should never be allowed to get away with this, even if its a one off incident. Please make an example of these rodents.




    • The individuals in the video are from Nova Scotia, Canada. Not white America. Be careful about your racist hatred.


  23. Wait a minute, when i saw the Clip, i thought it was a movie that they were filming. What is the Police doing about it. Will they just stay out of such behaviour. I guess its all about the Yankee Dollar. What about the local staff they verbally insulted and threatened. Should that go unnoticed, will these people get a slap on the wrist for damages, threats and vandalising property. Mister PM and Mister Fedee what say you.


    • These individuals are Canadians. From Nova Scotia. So it is not about the Yankee dollar. It is about the Loonie. Best check your facts before you spew racist hatred.


  24. Certain tourist should not be able to afford St Lucia. This is a classic example of the need - not to have two and three star all inclusive. Royalton pleas raise your rates to discourage this. They are better suited for the Dominican Republic or Mexico.


  25. These people saw a way to get a refund in their vacation. But little did they know..I highly doubt it!! ?


  26. Not white people y'all worship, while giving visiting lucians attitude for having two pennies.


  27. I have always said people should take a course to learn /know how to be a tourist/ how to behave on vacation.
    Shameful behavior from these adults in this situation. As parents they should have just been outside the elevator floor where their offsprings were and have them remain calm by telling them help is on the way.
    The useless panic was not helping the kids situation.

    The verbal abuse and threats, was a no no pal. Trashy behavior ppl. A bulletin should be sent out to warn hotels all over about these vacationers.


  28. Waiting patiently to see what action will be taken against these uneducated, arrogant, low - lives by both the hotel and St. Lucian authorities. These jackasses should never get away with this, but again we are a people of "words without action!"


  29. To all tourists from developed countries who are visiting Saint Lucia I would like to clarify some quick point:
    1. We have electricity so don't walk with your camping lamp.
    2. We have vehicles, we do not swing from branch to branch.
    3. We have people/companies that repair elevators on island.
    Saint Lucia is not in the North Pole?

    Anyhow... What if they lost a limb or something while opening the elevator door? What is the person that was trapped go hurt in the process?


  30. And by contrast Ryan Seacrest Gets Stuck in Elevator for 40 minutes -
    No big deal


    • Imagine that in the last video when they get out of the elevator the rescuers had a specific safety procedure to follow. They had to first cut the power before allow the people that were trapped in the elevator to get out. But those people--who know nothing about elevators and safety--just decide to do their own thing.


  31. Inr thing I must say about my people is that, u mess with one u mess with all. Bravo St. Lucians!!!! Yes im proud to be a Lucian.


  32. one thing i will say is talk is cheap,so the idiot was allowed to run his mouth,but if he became physical then that would of been a different case,the staff remained calm which was the professional thing to do,because with the tourist swearing,honestly that does not change the price of coffee


    • You write "the staff remained calm." I don't think the security guard in red was "calm". I think motionless,
      invisible, frozen, useless might be better words. Why have a security guard who does nothing? That is NOT the professional thing to do. He is there to protect the hotel and the guests: he did neither. St. Lucia is awash in security guards - one of our more useless professions in a country drowning in crime. Buy a statue of a security guard, put a cap on it and stick it in the corridor. The effect will be the same.


  33. Most of them are broke.make sure they pay before the leave the island, if they leave most of they pay on credit cards just put the damage on their cards.


  34. Just watching this video, I myself well vex there you know !!... I wish I was there let me tell these tourist Two HALLIE MARY in their MOD !


  35. They sound like punks from the UK. Uncivilized behaviour. Shame on you. Go to the US next time jokers



    If they get stuck in an elevator in their home country it's either maintenance staff at the facility that will perform the rescue or if worst comes to worst the fire department is called.

    The lady said the maintenance staff is coming to take care of it


    Lucians, Don't let these people bullshit you all just cause they think the white. PUT THESE IMBECILIC IN THEIR PLACE.

    GOD DAMN IT !! 1


  37. It would seem by the consensus in these comments, that St. Lucians do not like white people very much. White people probably should not come to St. Lucia.

    These people did a lot of very bad things, but not all white people are like this, though it seems in these comments that we are all lumped together.


    • WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Caribbean people in general are not racist we get a long with everyone. What makes me and lot of St.lucians mad is when people come to our country and try to be little our people. WE GONNA FIGHT BACK...

      We ain't stupid, this ridiculous rant was uncalled for. People get stuck in elevators all the time and the fire department come and get them out. Who are these idiots trying to dis our people?

      Nobody did anything wrong here, except these idiots going on a crazy excited rant, blaming everyone, verbally abusing the staff just cause they got stuck in an elevator.



    • 90% of you are racist m'fers and we know it. most of us have visited your countries and received the third class if not No Class treatment.

      You voted Donald Trump who is Hitler incarnated. Piss off

      If you believe that you are going to come to our country to f*** with us better think again!!!


    • That's right I am seeing way to much race being mention here , there is no need to mention the word white ppl as this could of been any race that did this , this is an individual thing not a race thing , btw the last time I lived and visit St.Luica there was many different races there there and also you all know you are all mixed with different race. So why you all going on with the white ppl thing , that's a plan from the devil himself to being racism.


    • You ignorance is disgusting. Not one of the comments indicate that St.Lucians hate white people. Most of the commments express disgust about this particular family. Their actions were very uncalled for. Most of us know if one is stuck in an elevator it can be hours before you can be rescued.


  38. If the children were safe inside the elevator car, and maint. was coming to correct the situation... why were they so animated and mad!?! The elevator stopped, the cable didnt break. Then to threaten an employee who was there trying to help... these people are low class. I do hope charges are pressed against them. These are the kinds of people that give tourists a bad name. We arent all like this. I have forged relationships with S.t Lucians over years. I am invested in the well being of their families. The people that act like this were raised with entitlement issues. Nobody ever corrected their tantrums and they got what they wanted growing up, so they believe its alright to act this way.

    Shame on the resort for not doing more to immediately kick them off the property, and alert the authorities to the threat on the employees life. Passive acceptance of that kind of behavior, fuels that kind of behavior.


  39. The re-emergence of Xenophobes, thanks to DJT. But will that change anything-low level tourism workers will still be forced to bow down and kiss their feet.


  40. A bunch of criminals your'll allowing on the island no desent people act this way people get stuck in lifys every day it s not a live or die situation it s just a little scary one you can not go to america or england and do that as black people so why allow them .and some one said with out the tourist we would be like haiti are they god or gods do white tourist even spend money when they come to the caribbean half of them have to take a loan to come on vacation those poverty stricken white people


  41. Expect the DSH horse owners to have more love for their horses than the locals who will be hired to pick up their poo poo.


  42. They should sue the hotel. Where's there emergency response team, these people "over reacted" because no one can do their job.


    • Smh....seriously? Emergency response?? Note to the unwise, a stuck elevator is NOT an emergency!!! May I recommend a little more reading and less TV.


    • The plain fact of the matter is that:
      (1) The hotel managed the situation properly by posting a security guard to monitor the situation, warn other, and be within voice communication of those stuck in the elevator.
      (2) The guests that intervened actually compromised the lives of those in the elevator by simply forcing the doors open.

      The hotel was clearly aware of the situation, as they dispatched a secuity guard to the scene.

      While the mechanicals of elevators are not rocket science, the elevator was stuck for a reason. By not knowing, nor being in any way qualified/trained to ascertain the cause for the stoppage, by forcing open the elevator they could have accidentally destroyed mechanicals necessary by professionals to actually open the doors, or to simply re-activate/fix the elevator to allow it to open as required.

      The guests that intervened have been watching too much trash TV, and perhaps had too mmuch booze for breakfast, one of the hallmarks of an obnoxious tourist. That is terrble, it really is.

      It is a very safe bet that the due to their recklessness, the elevator would have required further repairs due to their actions, and rendering out of service for an even longer time to both guests and staff.

      Had one of the guests had a medical condition requiring forthwith exrication, the Fire Service would have readily handled it --- that's part of what they do --- rescue.

      The best and most appropriate thing that that the Ameritrash cowboys and cowgirl first responder wannabe's could have done was:
      (1) Ensure that the management is aware of the situation and is in the process of getting something done.
      (2) Advise management as to any possible medical conditions of those trapped that might influence the situation and elevate the response.
      (3) Have a seat, stay by the elevator, and be there to chat and assure and comfort those stuck in the elevator.

      Let them go back to their small American town where family reunions are seen as opportunities for finding a date.

      The man and woman in the video seem to be the type where she has said to him "Come move this transmission so I can take a bath."

      Rest assured that they own a home that is mobile and 5 cars that aren't.

      Heck, they probably think that the French Riviera is foreign car.

      They're probably home safe now enjoying BBQ'ed Spam on their grill made out of a truck hubcap.


  43. We have to slow down and put things into proportion. We cannot judge the vast majority of tourist whatever their skin colour on these disgraceful characters. Luckily the vast majority of tourist are hard working individuals who just want to enjoy a couple of weeks in the Caribbean sun. Lets not wish bad on the tourist industry which employs so many on the island.


  44. We should have extreme vetting for those tourist from America or better off a total ban on these verbal terrorist!!


  45. I bet you the hotel management won't do Jack S to these tourists.

    Actually what they will do is financially compensate them and then offer them FREE accommodation for a future holiday.

    Royalton management will be very cautious and not try to reprimand them, they will even go as far as telling the security guard to bring charges against the guest and give him a lil back hander.

    Keep saying we need to focus ALOT MORE on our agricultural industry and be less reliant on some of these red kneck good for nothing people.



  46. The people in this video are idiots. You are just as bad.

    73% of the working population is within the tourism industry: hotels, taxi drivers, excursion companies. Stores and restaurants are directly impacted by travel.

    If the "crackers" stop coming St. Lucia will fall into extreme poverty. Look up Haiti and see how hard life can be without tourism revenue.

    You are no better than the people in this video. Fortunately the vast majority in St. Lucia are great people!


    • My people being exploited and disrespected is the kind of business we don't want, there are other ways to make money. And the time is yet to come when those we elect will make better decisions. Tourism, though it brings money also brings with it many maladies that we don't need.


  47. smdh first one stabbing our taxi drivers now these insulting people and damaging property and want to kill people.


  48. That would never happen in the US cause they would be charged for damge to property and threats. ... But am sure the hotel won't do shit cause that's what we do kiss white asses


    • I was just in your beautiful country as a tourist amd would lile to tell you that although this kind of fuckery happens, not all tourists are to be put in the same category. These people to me look like a bunch of animals. I am canadian not american and would never conduct myself this way. 10 minutes is not enough time for repairs to be made to begin with and although the safety of the people stuck is #1 of importance these people (the americans) seem not to care about safety at all. I never met one single person in St. Lucia that was disrespectful and feel shame for them. They should not only be responsible for the damage but banned from ever stepping foot in your land again.


      • Your comment is incredibly hilarious because the people who did this were actually Canadians, not Americans.


    • The hotel will do nothing because it is from these louts they make their MONEY. Hideous bottom of the barrel hotel, hideous bottom of the barrel clientele. Next year they will beg the same bunch to return to torture dolphins and the year after to gamble at a Chinese racetrack in Vieux Fort. When you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. This is gutter tourism. Saint Lucia simply beautiful? What happened?
      And incidentally, g.w, the mob was a mixed race affair.


    • It's got nothing to do with kissing white ass it's got everything about attracting white trash to the island, these cheap all inclusive hotels that are bringing cheap drunks to the island when they should stay at home in there trailer parks.
      Just look at the state of them & they way they talk to the staff we don't want or need them here.


  49. i am glad this happened and all hotels should take note alot of these tourist especially the white ones think they are GODS when they in people country some of them have the most disgusting behavior attacking staff and insulting them but the bigger picture i would like to highlight is after all of this the hotels have this stupid notion "the guest is always right" and most times they dont tell off the guest because of fear of bad business and they dont stand by their staff.i can rember a guest spat at a worker in a sandals hotel and nothing was done about that. there are instances of guest making racial slurs and remarks because they a racist towards the workers, trust me its disgusting in the hotel industry, behind all these smiles you have no idea what some have gone through just to keep a job.


    • No, black people treat white people as if they are gods. I hate when I go somewhere n see how black people treating their own but always rushing to serve the white people first and give them the best seats.


    • I am a white tourist and just returned from your beautiful country and would never conduct myself in such a way. We all have jobs to do and nobody should be treated in a way that makes another feel disrespected. If I ran that hotel thpse people would have been out on there asses same time! My employees are what keepy business running and they are number one priority. Sorry that this happens and it should not reflect on app of us as we are not all the same


    • @ G.W whoever you are you just summed up the hospitality industry. it's unfortunate but these situations are all too common for hotel workers.


    • These racists comments have to stop why you all mention white ppl in almost all the comments why all the racism, the last time I lived and visit St.Lucia , (yes this is my beautiful birth country ) I see lots of different races living there so why you all mentioning white ppl when this could of been any other race , btw most of the ppl are mixed with different races so don't feel so high of yourself while putting down someone else as we are all equal. This is an individual thing not race.


    • Wish you could resubmit your post daily so that it's always at the top. You said it all. Hotel management is well aware of the inhumane treatment some of the staff occasionally endure. However thanks to this stupid woman who thought the world would rally behind her has brought this situation to light. Royalton your staff and they will support you, respect them and they will honor you. Its not the other way around!!


    • Totally agree with the no Dolphin circus here but these people could not afford to pay to go there anyway they get off the taxi get drunk then go home cheap cheap people that should not be here' we need our hotels to stop marketing to these sort of people & bring back the one with class'manners,money.


    • You cant! What does this have to do with a dolphin park? Someone would have forgotten that there were stupid people of your sort...the dolphin park will be built and it will thrive!


    • its not to "own" them a dolphin park. Somebody have a business idea like watersky/islandtours/car rental... in other words the business want to melk the cow (tourist) to make a $$$ on them.


  50. This behavior was totally unwarranted and uncalled for. The hotel management and staff members should have these guests arrested and charged for disorderly conduct, obscene language, threats and damage to property. They should also be required to pay damages and emotional distress to the staff member who was threatened. This is down right disgusting behavior, they deliberately engaged every fire alarm possible in order to disrupt hotel operations.
    They would never get away with this type of behavior in their country yet they believe it is OK to come here and verbally abuse the people of st. lucia.


  51. I understand that the tourists were disrespectful, that they were rude and out of line and just plain disgusting, but that does not make it ok for anyone to be bashing all white people just based on the behavior of these people, let's not become as disgusting as them and remember a small group does not mean every single one is that way.


      • And that's based on what? You realise that's racism right? I'm not white but I can see it's not right to judge all white people based on the actions of some. There are plenty that are not racist, plenty that know how to act and plenty that are not like these tourists. Would you be happy if a few lucians went overseas and made fools of themselves, like those that have gone and smuggled drugs and got caught or those that have killed people (and we both know that has happened) and then the rest of the world said that all lucians are drug smuggling trash.


  52. The original video was deleted by the woman who posted it, but if anybody is interested in seeing it, I figured that would happen and downloaded it, it's now re-uploaded on my youtube. Just look up "Tourists at the Royalton over-reacting" on youtube by Ina Cognito. I felt like there should be proof of their abusive behavior because they're probably going to try to spin it and say bad things about the island and the resort.


  53. With Royalton hiring more foreigners than locals which should not be I don't give a dumb what happens in this hotel what there trying to say St Lucians not classy enough to serve those pig like people


  54. You people will turn around and say Lucians are negative and have bad behaviour. Disgusting behaviour, they should be shipped out straight away, we don't have to tolerate this behaviour. Totally UNACCEPTABLE.


  55. This kind of behavior is among the fallout of tourism. Yeah, you get germs, psychos, destruction of the eco system etc. I am not surprised...only disappointed. As we rush madly into tourism, take a moment to consider a future where agri-businesses takes a lead.


  56. I think the hotel should press charges against these people. It's the arrogance of these people who feel they can come to black Caribbean islands and do what they want with their racist views. If u don't like the island what are you doing there. If u did this in America or another country you will be arrested. If you set of the fire alarm, you cannot use the elevator because if there were a real fire you could get trapped.


    • Where is a statement from the direction/owners of the Royalton? They don't care who stays there, what goes on. They are in it for the money. They don't care who fills those beds. And the staff, all confused new hires, have no idea how to confront/control a mob - the guests. Tragic.


    • I am a born St.Lucian and I don't look at colour so why say black Caribbean , the Caribbean is a mix race where do you get black from? Most of the ppl living there are of mix race btw . Only uneducated ppl cry racism


      • My dear we are black. The mixture adds flavour though.And since when one has to br educated in order to identify the behavioural habits of a racist.


  57. St. Lucians. An elevator malfunction is not an extraordinary event. Do not allow these low wage white trash people to belittle and degrade us. Im pretty sure if this elevator had broken down in the building where they live, they would have waited patiently for it to be resolved. This overreaction reeks of some kind of perceived supremacy that justifies their arrogance. I wouldnt be at all surprised if this trip was financed by a recently acquired walmart credit card, because welfare payouts will never be enough to pay for a trip to our beautiful island to mingle with our beautiful people. St. lucians are naturally a loving and forgiving people, so you are most welcome to visit after you've learned how to be civilized, and received adequate training on good manners. don't forget to pay off the walmart card. i hear the interest is quite high. This is by no means a reflection of us. it is a reflection of you and your uneducated ignorant white trash self


    • Just wish I could give more thumbs up for your comment on these pure trailer trash so called tourists! They must have received a huge discount to come to this new hotel and they couldn't wait to file their taxes to be able to afford such luxury in St. Lucia! That's all they do up here, wait to file every new year for all their 12 kids off tax payers backs! Would be nice to investigate if any of them on unemployment or disability benefits to have Uncle Sam get them! So pissed and great job to the staff for staying calm and classy!!!


      • Obviously you don't know anything about taxes. When you work on the books you pay taxes. At the end of the year after all deductions you might get a refund for overpayment of taxes from your pay or you end up having to pay taxes because you underpaid your taxes for the year


  58. These people are disgusting they should be charged for criminal damage, making threats and use of insulting words
    Acting as if its the first time someone got trapped in an elevator everyone known you just sit and wait for maintainance ripping the door like that could cause both you and the trapped person to get injured


  59. So I'm assuming you would like all the "crackers" who live in St. Lucia and cause no one any harm to get out as well with this racist ideology?


  60. So much over reacting. For being trapped in a lift?!!! I thought they were physically trapped like with limbs caught between floors or something! That would have been understandable. But they were just actually inside the lift (like safely inside too) and it stopped working, guess that never happens in America huh???!!!!! Americans always have to be so dramatic. Hope they never visit my beautiful island ever again. ????


  61. As someone who lives in North America and have been stuck in an elevator several times, this is unwarranted behaviour. Admittedly being stuck in an elevator can be a scary thing especially for a child. But I have never seen anyone who was stuck in an elevator react this way in North America. Clearly these tourist believe because they are of the caucasian variety and in the land of the "poor and inferior minded" that they should be treated like Kings and Queens and feared like generals. I say lock them up for disorderly conduct and threatening bodily harm. This is not the way they would be have in the US so why should they be allowed to behave this way in St. Lucia. It is time for us St. Lucians to stop feeling ourselves inferior to anyone!!!


  62. I've had my fair share with these fuser working at Royalton and they have nothing but a pain in the ads from the time they got here.


  63. Where was management? And why they allowed this to happen and not call the cops? There was a lot of serious threats being made by the guest, people get stuck in elevators every day... big deal!!!!! Just wait like any other place or country where elevators are use .... wait and they will get you out!!! I hope the hotel press charges, it's time white pigs like those respect our staffs , when they in their country, they don't worth shit , some of them work like dogs to pay for the trip, sometimes is on a credit card they paid for the trip and to come and acting like animals as they are is unacceptable


  64. if you get trapped in a elevator just keep calm and seat on the floor til maintenance comes. All hysteric behaviour will only make the air inside bad.
    perhaps a little note inside would help to instruct passengers in case of a failure.


  65. What restraint these workers have..kudos to them for staying calm and not allowing themselves to react in the manner i know they would want to react if someone is cursing and insulting and threatening u..way to stay professional.with that being said.boy i would curse these people from their head to their toes..they would die and resurrect again when i was done with them.Even their parents who are dead would hear and feel these curses.Absolute nonsense.Fearing for your children and panicking gives u no right to act like a wild animal.Pls dont ever come back. We dont want these kind of people to grace our beautiful island.Go do that bullshit in your own country pls and thanks


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