St Vincent: Man says he killed preacher during same-sex encounter

St Vincent: Man says he killed preacher during same-sex encounter
The body of Ian Enoch, centre, was found in a hut in Argyle, left, while his abandoned vehicle was found in Calliaqua, some six miles from where his body was found.
The body of Ian Enoch, centre, was found in a hut in Argyle, left, while his abandoned vehicle was found in Calliaqua, some six miles from where his body was found.

(IWITNESS NEWS SVG) – A 25-year-old man has told police that he chopped Spiritual Baptist cleric Ian Enoch, resulting in his death, during a same-sex encounter Friday night, well-placed sources have told iWitness News.

The body of Enoch, a well-known figure within the travel industry, and a bishop in the Spiritual Baptist faith in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, was found at Argyle on Saturday, hours after his wife reported him missing.

A source who saw the body told iWitness News that Enoch’s pants were halfway down, he had a condom on his penis, and a chop to the face and neck.

The body was found inside a hut at the Cayo Village, the reconstruction of a Carib Cayo settlement, a few hundred feet outside the seaward perimeter fence of the international airport at Argyle.

Police had mounted a search for Enoch after his wife reported to them on Saturday morning that he had not returned home after going to a restaurant in the Villa area Friday night.

As a result of the search, Enoch’s vehicle, a red Suzuki, registration number P4664, was found parked in Calliaqua, along the main Windward Highway, some six miles from where his body was found and about a mile from Villa.

The vehicle was abandoned and was damaged, suggesting that it had been involved in an accident.

Police would later learn that there was a link between Enoch’s death and the Georgetown man they had taken into custody hours earlier.

Around 2 a.m. Saturday, police met a man walking in the rain in the Glen area.

A police vehicle at the scene in Calliaqua, where Enoch’s abandoned vehicle was found.

They became further suspicious when he told them that he was from Georgetown, an east coast town, located 22 miles from Kingstown, and was going to walk to there from Glen — a distance of about 17 miles.

Glen is located about two miles from the area in Calliaqua where Enoch’s vehicle was found.

After the reports of Enoch’s disappearance began to circulate, the Georgetown man that police had taken into custody asked to speak to one of the police officer.

He told the officer that he knew where Enoch’s body was and could explain how it came to be there.

The man took police to Argyle, where the body was found in the hut.

iWitness News was reliably informed that the man told police he had chopped Enoch, resulting in his death at the hut the previous night.

He is said to have told investigators he and Enoch had arranged to meet for sex a second time after their first sexual encounter, which he reportedly said was non-consensual.

The man is said to have told police that Enoch had drugged and raped him the first time they were involved.

He further told police that he had made up his mind to kill Enoch during their next sexual encounter, the source told iWitness News.

iWitness News understands that the man told investigators that as part of his plan, he brought along a sharpened cutlass.

He is said to have chopped Enoch at some point during their encounter Friday night and wrapped his body in a sheet that had been brought along to facilitate the sex act.

Enoch’s widow and other members of the Spiritual Baptist faith were among persons gathered outside the Calliaqua Police Station around 1:45 p.m. on Saturday.

They began to disperse after a senior detective came out and spoke to them, but the nature of the conversation, beyond the detective expressing condolences, was not clear to iWitness News.

Enoch’s death is one of two recorded in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this weekend.

On Saturday morning, Ottley Hall resident Maxwell Nash, originally of Chateaubelair, died on the beach in Rose Place, located at the western end of the city of Kingstown.

He is said to have been stabbed repeatedly during an altercation with another man, who has since been taken into police custody.


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