SurePay continues to provide more options for customers in 2014

SurePay continues to provide more options for customers in 2014

When SurePay launched its revolutionary bill payment service in late 2012, the company stated a mandate to become the one-stop convenient service for its Saint Lucian customers.

As the company charges forward in 2014, that mandate continues to prove true. On Monday January 20, 2014, Laborie Cooperative Credit Union Ltd. and Pan American Life joined SurePay bringing the current number of billers to eight. That number will soon increase again as the end of March will also witness Columbus St. Lucia (Karib Cable) joining the list.

“Columbus St. Lucia (Karib Cable) is pleased to partner with SurePay, as we continue to find opportunities to enhance service to our customers. This partnership with SurePay is expected to enhance the customers’ experience by making it easier and more convenient for them to contact and do business with us,” said Jesse Edwards, country manager, Karib Cable powered by Columbus.

In the ongoing effort to reach customers in every community, SurePay is now available at the Fond St. Jacques Credit Coop Society Ltd. branches on Church Street, Soufriere and Ti Bough, Fond St. Jacques, and the Saltibus Cooperative Credit Union in Saltibus and Piaye, Choiseul.

“We are really excited that our customers and partners have embraced this service and, by all indications, truly seem to want it to grow to our hopes. It’s a service that benefits everyone regardless of which side of the business one interacts with SurePay. At J.E. Bergasse we are both humbled and encouraged to keep pushing forward with SurePay,” said Theresa Belizaire, business development manager, J.E. Bergasse & Company Ltd.

SurePay currently offers the ability to pay Digicel, Laborie Cooperative Credit Union Ltd., LIME, Lucelec, NicNat Direct, Pan American Life, United Insurance, and WASCO bills, at 30 convenient outlets island wide. SurePay also operates in Barbados, the British Virgin Islands, Guyana and Trinidad.

To get your SurePay account, visit any SurePay collection point today. Registering is simple – just present your bills and identification, verify a contact number and begin enjoying easy payment transactions. Now you will never have to walk with a bill again when using the SurePay electronic bill payment service.

For more information please contact J.E. Bergasse & Company Ltd. at 456-6500 or via email: [email protected] and find us on SurePay… the convenient way to pay, FAST, SAFE & FREE!


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