Teens run away from Transit Home

Teens run away from Transit Home
From left: Brianna and Stephie
From left: Brianna and Stephie
From left: Brianna and Stephie

PRESS RELEASE – The New Beginnings Transit Home is an organization where we provide good care in a safe home environment to develop the full potential of each child focusing on their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and maintaining links with their families.

The following Children and Young persons have absconded from the home and therefore we request that you air the provided information in an effort to find them.

Name: Brianna Pierre-Louis

Age: 14 Years
Next of Kin: Sharlene Pierre Louis, Mother 730-0486
School: Ciceron Secondary
Original Place of Residency: Carellie Gardens, Castries

Name: Stephie Francis

Age: 15 Years
Next of Kin: Lydia Alexander, Mother 721-1038
School: Upton Girls
Original Place of Residency: La Croix

Please contact Mrs. Avice Charles-Inglis at 450-9089 or 285 2050 for any further information.


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  1. I Would Like To Know Where Brianna Is I'm Her Cousin If You Have Info Please Contact Me At 4855134


  2. They are not miss but taking cock the Brianna child is pregnant and said she was killing it ...Those children life two months now and is now they posting it shame on the home and they always running away always


  3. People you all think thats the first case? Not now them people taking our kids away from our homes. After weeks/months they coming out and say our children run away but by the first day we are supposed to be notified and we are not. Them Desruisseaux fellas, i say they working with the homes because thats not the first time.


    • What Human services looking for they will get..one set left about a yr ago and just returned.these left in March.We are in May and this is when the news comes out.They are told where they can find the children most times and they never bothered but the director on news asking to break the silence.I don't know whether it's the location of this place that has caused the government to forget about it. You have a set of frustrated children and carers while the management team do whatever.
      Something needs to happy right now.
      Carers and children of transit home are crying for help


  4. It is now evident that they are in Desruisseaux . Take the necessary action, including punishing those who have harbored them (minors).


  5. just come in desruisseaux blachard fast as possble and bring police cause i thing every guy has ... them


  6. This is Sharlene Pierre-Louis the mother of.Brianna Pierre-Louis the young child who ran away from the transit home this is my contact :723 - 6775. The number on the ad is no longer inuse please contact me. Thanks


    • I do not know where she is, but i am 99% sure he is alive, I just noticed her posting beneath this news post on fb. I checked out the fb page and it is the same photo that the is shown here. Here's the link to the page.


  7. These girls left the home almost a year ago.thought they had returned.why is this making news now? Why hasn't the director of human services gotten involved? To the manager of the home what is really going on in this place? Where are the social workers case workers of these children?
    Something needs to be done to tighten the loose screws within the division of human services.until then the children placed in their care will continue to suffer.


    • Think the children you are speaking about returned long. It was on the news when they left. So you're giving in correct information. But something should be done to ensure it doesn't happen again. The information being out is hopefully a step to get them back, safely.


  8. They are young the devil can easy influence them.but God said what you want bad for me it will turn good, have hope they will come back like the poetical son.


    • I dont know why y'all always think when someone goes missing is "Man" they go on take. Ridiculous


    • gosh, this are children 14 and 15 why would you say something like that even if it's the truth? OMG, have a heart they are children for crying out loud! if you don't have anything positive to say just shut up..


  9. i know them the live in desruisseaux. Just ask where is the endz they will tell urll and ask for the grattas


    • tsk tsk tsk Mary. There are numbers to alert the necessary personnel. Smh. You really should have tried your best to call. That would be best.


      • At least he is now giving the info. Please don't ridicule those who do that. So many numbers yet we see crime everyday, so who calls the police? And whats the risk to the person giving info, do you know? You have not fully understood the person's circumstances so you cannot tell them what medium should be used. SNO Please let us know if the authorities are successful at locating them, because I see too many things going on in our society especially involving children.


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