Three injured in Marigot vehicle accident

Three injured in Marigot vehicle accident

Three persons were injured in an accident in Marigot at around midday Monday.

Reports are that a minibus ran off the road, injuring the driver and two middle-aged passengers.

A resident in Marigot told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that people in the area heard a loud noise. Upon arrival, residents observed that the bus crashed into an embankment.

The driver, who sustained more serious injuries, said he experienced brake issues, residents alleged.

No further details available.


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  1. I have to use the buses but I am scared stiff most of the guys drive too fast in vehicles that are falling apart, there was an accident the same as this in the exact same spot about 18 months ago, brakes went and the bus hit the side of the road and turned over. Please get strict on the testing of buses, its our lives that are at risk.


  2. Come on bus drivers check d bus 4 problems at least one day a week coz is people lives u'll carry in side d buses including yours all day all week stop putting money first b4 life.


  3. Honestly I am expecting more accidents to be reported before the end of the long weekend.


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