Ti Carro is Saint Lucia’s new Calypso Monarch

Ti Carro is Saint Lucia’s new Calypso Monarch
Ti Carro speaking to the media.
Ti Carro speaking to the media. (HTS video still-mage)

Ti Carro has been crowned Saint Lucia’s Calypso Monarch for 2019, winning the competition with a total of 791 points.

The winners were announced shortly after 3 a.m. Sunday.

Ti Carro, the moment he is crowned Monarch. (HTS video still-mage)

Walleigh snatched the first runner-up spot (second place) with 765 points.

Last year’s Monarch, TC Brown, got second runner-up (third place) with 736 points.

And third runner-up (fourth place) with 728 points went to four-time Monarch Menell.

Immediately after being crowned, Ti Carro performed the song ‘Remote Control’ and dedicated his victory to Saint Lucians and his daughter: “Thank you, thank you. I love you, I love you with all my heart… this crown is for you.”

Asked by a reporter how he feels about winning the competition, the first-time Monarch replied: “I ready to sleep and get up to believe this.”

Nine finalists competed to try and dethrone TC Brown — Ambrose The Juice Man, Chocolate, Educator, Menell, Ready, Taker, Teddy Boy, Ti Carro, and Walleigh.

The competition was held at Carnival City, The Sab in Vigie.


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  1. Congratulations King Carro. You deserve this crown the most. Your two songs were well delivered and you clearly put the most into them


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