Transformation coming for rural fisheries sector

Transformation coming for rural fisheries sector
Signing of an agreement to improve fisheries sector
Fisheries minister Moses Jn Baptiste and Takashi Nishimura of JICA signed an agreement on Tuesday to improve St. Lucia’s fisheries sector

The livelihood of fisher-folks at rural communities stands to receive a much-needed boost.

This comes in the wake of an agreement between the Japan and St. Lucia governments.

Officials from both parties met on Tuesday morning to sign the minutes of discussion on the preparatory survey for a project entitled “Improvement of Fishery Equipment and Machinery in Saint Lucia”.

The project is considered very timely to facilitate the work of the Fisheries Department.

Advisor at Division of Rural Development Department for the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Takashi Nishimura explained that under the project, the Japanese government would donate machinery for the management of fisheries facilities. It would also cover repairing of related machinery already provided by the Japanese.

The signing follows a visit by a Japanese delegation, which conducted a survey on the availability of fisheries equipment and machinery on island. The project is likely to be implemented in May of this year.

Speaking at the ceremony, minister responsible for Agriculture, Food Production, Fisheries and Rural Development, Moses Jn Baptiste said his government is committed to improving the marketing and distribution of local fish and fish products.

“However, such efforts need to be complemented and supported by improvement in equipment and machinery to ensure efficiency of the processes involved,” he noted.

Japan and St. Lucia have shared diplomatic relations for 20 years through  JICA. This has seen the execution of many  fisheries development projects in the country.

“It is indeed comforting to know that the Japanese government remains committed to the development of fisheries and fisher-folks, thereby improving their livelihoods and the social and economical wellbeing of valuable groups, particularly in rural communities in Saint Lucia… This project is a great initiative for the fishermen of St. Lucia, especially in the rural communities as farmers have diversify into the fisheries sector, Jn. Baptiste stated.

Communities to be considered to benefit from the project include Vieux Fort, Dennery, Castries, Anse La Raye, Soufriere and Choiseul.

They will benefit from replacement of old refrigeration systems, installation of solar panel and ice-making machines, supply of fisheries research vessels and motor vehicles and an improved submerged type fish aggregating device (FAD) on the south and west coast of the island.


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  1. all very credible if the local communities will benefit from this project,but as we all know,there is no such thing as a free meal,just be vigilant and build our fishing industry.


  2. What's wrong with Whaling? True they are mammals and intelligent. However so are pigs and I love pork. Don't be fooled by American propaganda. The issue is not whether whaling should be done. The issue is how can it be done sustainably.


  3. Japan remains committed, because we remain committed in supporting their twisted claim of slaughtering whales in the name of science...nothing is free.


  4. Good news - but I hope this isn't a precursor to them dredging the seabeds as they have done around parts of the Pacific. No whaling either please.


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